Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Chapter 230 This Loss of Blood

When Nangong Jing heard the words and saw Lu Ze’s hesitant gaze followed by his resolve to try, she couldn’t help but feel joy inside.

However, she nodded her head with a gentle expression. “Don’t worry, Teacher will be very


Both of them looked at each other and felt pleased with themselves; they both thought that their plans had worked well.

After that, Lu Ze looked at the living room and said, “Teacher, where is the virtual reality


Nangong Jing gulped down the remaining alcohol in the bottle, then casually tossed the bottle towards a corner. The bottle drew a huge arc in the air and finally landed stably in the corner with a pile of bottles—it didn’t even shake at all.

Lu Ze looked in the corner. There was a total of six bottles lined up neatly in two rows.

His mouth spasmed—this person actually drank six bottles of alcohol in such a short time?

You don’t even drink this much water, do you?

He really didn’t know where all the alcohol in this person had gone.

After Nangong Jing tossed the bottle to the corner, she stood up. “Get up, I’ll get the stuff out.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he stood up from the sofa and walked to the side.

Nangong Jing kept the sofa into her storage ring, then retrieved two virtual reality pods from it.

Looking at two black virtual reality pods side by side, Lu Ze’s face stiffened. He looked at the flushed-red and drunk Nangong Jing speechlessly.

‘So this person actually had it all planned!’

Thankfully he was stronger now, otherwise, he would be beaten up again for sure.

Lucky, very lucky.

After adjusting the virtual reality pods, Nangong Jing and Lu Ze entered and connected to the network inside. Then, both of them appeared on the huge virtual martial arts platform.

Nangong Jing wore a black bodysuit that outlined that slender hot figure of hers, and her beautiful black hair cascaded down to her waist; coupled with a delicate face, she was as attractive as a black lotus.

Of course, if this person’s face didn’t look drunk, it would have been better.

As an advanced civilization’s invention, virtual reality could perfectly replicate both motion sensing and situation perfectly.

Lu Ze realized that his G.o.d art could also be used here, except for the small pocket hunting dimension and mental dimension which cannot be used.

As Nangong Jing’s opponent, Lu Ze was dressed in a white bodysuit-he looked das.h.i.+ng

The two of them were hundreds of meters apart. Lu Ze looked uneasily at Nangong Jing, who was still in a drunken state. “Teacher, could you not use too strong force, yeah? We agreed on 30 apertures, right?”.

Nangong Jing clenched her fists slightly when she heard that. “Of course, I mean what I said. Don’t worry. It’ll only be 30 apertures for sure.”

As she spoke, a gold light flashed in her eyes, and a smile of excitement surfaced on her face. She tapped the ground with the tip of her toe and disappeared instantly as she charged toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was somewhat speechless when he saw Nangong Jing’s excited smile.

‘This person isn’t a s.a.d.i.s.t, is she?’

Nangong Jing used 30 apertures of power, and Lu Ze naturally wouldn’t burst into full strength either. A hint of light flashed in his eyes. Subsequently, a green breeze appeared behind him.

Suddenly, a surging force poured out from Lu Ze’s body. The breeze gushed all around, causing Nangong Jing’s long black hair to dance in the air as she got near him. At the same time, it also caused Nangong Jing, who was initially flus.h.i.+ng red and excited, to be slightly taken aback.

‘Something feels off, eh?’

Lu Ze’s sudden burst of strength had awakened Nangong Jing from her drunken stupor.

“There’s something wrong with this script, this fella’s strength was already close to 30 apertures!’

‘How could it be?!’

‘This chap is improving too quickly eh?’

Just as Nangong Jing was in a daze, Lu Ze smirked and clenched his right fist as he attacked Nangong Jing’s belly.

There were green wind blades on top of his fist, they whistled as they rotated and were very sharp-they looked really painful.

Lu Ze did not show mercy to the opposite s.e.x at all. You must be joking, this violent woman didn’t need his mercy at all. It was already a blessing that she didn’t beat him up.

The surging force swayed the air and let out a thunderous tremor.


Nangong Jing came to her senses at this moment. She looked at this fist coming towards her belly and curled her lips into a smile as a gold light flashed across her eyes.


A beast’s roar echoed from within her body, then her right hand swiftly blocked Lu Ze’s fist, and strands of gold light flashed around her fair and slim palm. Her body was like jade.


Their fists met, and the collision of terrifying forces reverberated. The aftershock became wild winds, but there wasn’t a crack on the ground.

Nangong Jing hastily blocked Lu Ze’s fist. With her toes pointed to the ground for support, her left fist swung and greeted Lu Ze’s face.

Lu Ze was fuming. ‘Hey! You don’t hit people on their faces when you’re fighting!’

He was only aiming for her tummy, alright?

He didn’t even dare to hit her chest, afraid that this violent woman would rage.

Lu Ze raised his left palm toward Nangong Jing’s left wrist.

In the end, the moment he came into contact with Nangong Jing’s left wrist, he was rid of his strength, and Nangong Jing’s fist continued to swing without a drop in strength.

The wind from her swinging fist surged and gave Lu Ze’s face a piercing pain. The light beneath his eyes flashed, and his strength increased once again. The tip of his toes touched the ground, and his body disappeared.

After that, Lu Ze’s body appeared behind Nangong Jing. His right leg turned into a black shadow and swept toward the side of Nangong Jing’s slender waist.

Nangong Jing felt the momentum, a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes, and she couldn’t help but use the strength from her entire body as she swept past Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt a tightness around his chest, then his body was sent flying by Nangong Jing’s strength.

Nangong Jing didn’t continue attacking after she sent him flying, she merely looked at him in surprise.

She had slightly increased the amount of strength used for that attack just now, it was already over 30 apertures of power.

So she naturally didn’t continue.

But she didn’t expect that Lu Ze’s power had already exceeded 30 apertures, and it seemed like this fella hasn’t used his fire G.o.d art??

Which means that this fella’s power might be way over 30 apertures??

This increase is too quick, isn’t it??

At first, Nangong Jing even thought that this fella’s rate of improvement had slowed down; she didn’t expect that he actually improved so quickly that she couldn’t even process that information.

Lu Ze flew backward over a hundred meters before stopping. He rubbed his slightly aching chest and couldn’t help but sigh.

When he saw Nangong Jing looking at him in shock, Lu Ze smiled. “Teacher, I’ve met the requirement, right? You can give me the divine art now, yeah?”

Nangong Jing did not reply, she suddenly disappeared, and before Lu Ze could react, he felt a strong force around his neck.

Then, he was enveloped with a faint fragrance and felt something soft against his left cheek.

This, this feeling is…

His brain had not reacted yet when he felt an intense pain on his forehead, it was so painful that his tears were on the verge of coming out

-it felt as if a huge b.u.mp had grown on his head.

After that, Nangong Jing’s voice that was burning with a frenzy of rage came over. “Brat, how dare you trick me!”

As she yelled, Nangong Jing couldn’t help but reach out and flick hard on Lu Ze’s forehead with force; it hit right at the same spot just now.

Adding more pain on top of the initial painthis wasn’t simply a problem of one plus one.

“Ahhhhhhh~ Teacher, Teacher, stop! My head hurts!!”

Nangong Jing held Lu Ze by the neck with her right hand, and Lu Ze could only move his arms, he could not escape at all.

He was determined to train well—he will remember this feud for life!

Hearing Lu Ze’s shouts, Nangong Jing finally let him go.

The second Lu Ze got his freedom, he immediately pressed on his forehead.

‘Ss, what a huge b.u.mp.’

‘It hurts so badly!’

It was so painful that he didn’t even have the time to figure out exactly what that soft thing was before his entire being was shocked by the pain.

Tsk, this loss of blood!

Thankfully, his physical body was strong enough. Coupled with his G.o.d art, the b.u.mp on his forehead disappeared in just a few breaths.

Lu Ze raised his head and looked at Nangong Jing

In the end, he saw that this woman was p.i.s.sed off as she stared at him with arms crossed which made him overjoyed.

I got my divine art!

“Cough, Teacher, can you give me the divine art, then?”

When Nangong Jing heard that, she felt a painful sensation in her heart and wasn’t happy about it.

Although she intended to give it to him from the start, she just didn’t feel very satisfied as she didn’t get to give him a good beating.

It feels really good beating this chap up.

But this thinking merely appeared in her head for a moment. She raised her brows and stared straight at Lu Ze. “Young man, you should have some sort of G.o.d art related to cultivating, don’t you? Otherwise, it’s impossible for you to improve so quickly, even your G.o.d art has become stronger.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he didn’t deny it. “That’s right.”

Things such as G.o.d art, awakening, and understanding were personal.

Even though Nangong Jing was drunk, sloppy, and even wanted to beat him up, she had always taken good care of him, so Lu Ze didn’t intentionally hide anything from her.

After hearing what Lu Ze said, Nangong Jing’s mouth twitched-she didn’t expect that this fella would really have this aspect of G.o.d art.

Also, from this fella’s speed of improvement, the level of this sort of cultivation-type G.o.d art should be quite high, it might even be stronger than her G.o.d art.

At this moment, Nangong Jing suddenly recalled that blue-haired girl.

Alice’s G.o.d art belonged to the top G.o.d art in the universe. Unfortunately, it was not awakened; otherwise, when Alice grows up, she would be of great help to humans.

Her father also held on to that glimmer of hope and went out to look for awakening energy.

Too bad she wasn’t strong enough, otherwise, she would have helped too.

After all, she knew Alice since she was little, and she had always treated Alice as her own little sister.

With that thought, Nangong Jing didn’t think further.

She would get agitated when she thought too much about Alice’s issue.

After that, Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze and said, “Actually, your performance on the battlefield had already been noticed by the higher-ups. Knowing your experience, they had already guessed that you might have awakened some kind of powerful cultivation G.o.d art.”