Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 229

Chapter 229

Chapter 229 This Fella Is Really Mean

The conference room was silent. The crowd looked at the few prodigies who had a ghastly expression. Some people looked at them with a complex expression, some were gloating at their misfortune, and there were others who heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, if one ever had a teammate like them who were so ignorant, that would be the most unlucky thing

In the future, if they were in the same cla.s.s, everyone would have to come into contact with one another more, and n.o.body would want to be thrown into a pit for no reason.

Other than becoming teammates, freshmen didn’t really have much contact with one another, and their teammates had already been defrauded by them, so there weren’t many people who would even sympathize.

At this moment, Nangong Jing concluded calmly, “Students who failed the admission test will be demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s.”

She paused before continuing, “Four days later, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p will arrive at the Federal University. You may move around freely during this period of time and freshmen can also get to know each other. Alright, dismiss.”

The moment Nangong Jing was done talking, many freshmen’s eyes lit up and turned toward Lu Ze.

It was without a doubt that Lu Ze was the strongest student in this round. They even felt that the second-year seniors weren’t as strong as him.

In the future, everyone would be learning together in the same cla.s.s, so they naturally wanted to get to know him.

They watched as Nangong Jing and Luo Bingqing left the conference room, and the originally silent crowd could finally breathe easy. The relaxed atmosphere returned.

Even those two soph.o.m.ores who were demoted had countless people comforting them; they had spent a year together, after all. Although an accident happened this time, it didn’t mean that they had to sever all ties.

Of course, other than the 12 freshmen who were demoted, this entire atmosphere was unfitting for the rest.

Hence, they immediately stood up and walked out.

The others also stood up one after another, got out of the conference room, and walked toward the dormitory.

On the way, there were quite a number of freshmen who went up to get to know Lu Ze and the others; Lu Ze also smiled and nodded as he introduced himself.


Just as everyone was about to reach the dormitory area, there was a loud noise up ahead.

The blast from the collision of spirit forces surged along the corridor, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

Lu Ze’s expression froze-could it be that an enemy snuck in?

With that thought, he immediately used his mental power to scan ahead.

After understanding the situation, his expression became strange.

And the rest looked at one another after they understood the situation as well.

It was actually Mike Manning and Ella March, who were just demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s, fighting near the dormitory area.

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth twitchedweren’t these two people still teammates just a while ago?

This speed of falling out was a little quick, wasn’t it?

The other ten people were not around anymore. It was obvious that they didn’t want to get involved.

Just at this moment, Gui Yuping and the other seniors couldn’t help but laugh. “As expected, it has begun.”

When the freshmen heard what the seniors said and saw that they didn’t seem bewildered by the scene, they were stunned. The seniors even looked like they were reminiscing.

Gui Yuping saw the confused looks on the freshmen’s faces and smiled as he explained. “Every year, this will happen as there will be freshmen who didn’t pa.s.s the test and couldn’t take the gap in expectation. We have seen this for four years already, some chaps even place bets on this.”

After hearing his words, Isaac was speechless. “You make it sound as though you’ve never partic.i.p.ated in the bet before.”

After being exposed, Gui Yuping smiled in embarra.s.sment, then changed the topic. “This is considered very normal; after all, young people, they have more extreme temper, not to mention that they’re so gifted? Being demoted all of a sudden, it’s normal that they can’t accept it. They’ll be fine after a fight.”

Lu Ze was somewhat unconvinced. “If they continue fighting like that, wouldn’t they destroy the interior of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p?”

These two students were not considered weak, and both had abstruse martial state level two strength.

Usually, with this level of strength, as long as they stand firmly and fight steadily, they would definitely be able to pa.s.s. It was clear that they had issues with their temperament.

However, this was their own problem, and Lu Ze was not related to them in any way, so he obviously wouldn’t care too much.

He was only a little worried. With that destructive force, wouldn’t they destroy the interior of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p?

If they weren’t careful and destroyed a critical circuit, then the s.p.a.cecraft might fail or even explode, wouldn’t they freeze in the cosmos?

If he ended up freezing, the federal would have lost a morning sun, right?

This was a super huge loss to the federal, and his heart was aching so much that he couldn’t breathe.

With that thought, Lu Ze suddenly panicked.

Margaret saw how worried Lu Ze looked and burst out laughing. “How could the Federal University’s s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p be destroyed so easily?”

While she was talking, a third-year senior in front had already gone over to separate the two people.

Seeing the nasty expressions on those two people’s faces, n.o.body said a word and merely walked past them.

This little episode didn’t affect the others much. Margaret suddenly said to Lu Ze, “Oh right, I have to thank you, junior schoolmate, for what happened this time. If not for you, I might not receive such a huge reward.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Senior schoolmate is already very strong from the start. It’s normal that you received a reward like this.”

Margaret smiled when she heard that. “Junior schoolmate really knows how to praise people. If there’s anything in school that you need help with, you can come and find me.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Thank you, senior schoolmate.”

Lu Ze was still very pleased with himself, after all, Margaret was one of those at the top of the food chain in the senior batch; it was definitely a good thing that he could look for her for help if he needed it.

Everyone chatted casually as they entered the dormitory area. Then, they returned to their own rooms and began training.

After all, they still must make good use of their time and try to improve as much as possible during their time at the Federal University. Subsequently, they would need to work hard again during their military service. By then, they could consider joining the race towards becoming a young duke.

This was the goal for most elite cla.s.s students, and a well-known figure like Margaret already had the possibility of fulfilling it.

Back in the room, Lu Ze sat cross-legged on his bed and opened his eyes again after cultivating for a while.

He wanted to ask Nangong Jing when would the wings of the wind divine art be in place.

After all, the improvement brought about by a divine art was simply too huge for him right now. The earlier he gets it, the earlier he would be able to comprehend.

With that thought, Lu Ze pulled out his handphone and sent a message to Nangong Jing.

Previously, in order to explain the admission test, Nangong Jing has added his contact. He didn’t expect that this would be useful now.

After some time, Lu Ze received Nangong Jing’s message, and his expression became weird after he read it.

This person actually asked him to go to her room?

She wouldn’t hatch a sinister plot against him, would she?

Cough, it was impossible. He didn’t even have to think about it.

Lu Ze shook his head and went out of the dormitory once again. On the way there, he asked a few staff where Nangong Jing’s room was and attracted quite a few weird stares in the end.

After some time, Lu Ze finally arrived in front of Nangong Jing’s room.

Lu Ze knocked on the door gently and cleared his throat. “Teacher Nangong, I’m here.”

“Come in.”

The room door opened automatically, and Nangong Jing’s dazed voice came from the room.

Lu Ze entered.

His gaze swept across the room out of curiosity and realized that her place had one bedroom and a living room. In the living room, there was only a simple sofa and coffee table.

At this moment, Nangong Jing was seated on the sofa, drinking alcohol. She seemed to have drunk quite a bit and after she sensed that Lu Ze has entered, she turned to look at him in a drunk and hazy state.

After looking straight at Lu Ze for a few seconds and just as Lu Ze thought she was going to beat him up, Nangong Jing turned her head and began gulping down on her alcohol once again. Then, she sighed with satisfaction. “Ha… how amazing. It was simply too torturous not being able to drink and having to maintain that sternness in front of the students just now.”

When Lu Ze heard that, the corners of his lips twitched-he recalled that he was a student as well, eh?

Where’s her sternness??

This atmosphere was already very soviet, alright??

Just as Lu Ze was cursing in his heart, Nangong Jing pointed at the sofa by the side in a daze and said, “Take a seat.”

Lu Ze went over and sat down.

The second he sat down, Nangong Jing stared at him directly with those intoxicated eyes once again. He got quite fl.u.s.tered.

Just at this moment, Nangong Jing suddenly revealed a kind smile. “Come, let’s go to the virtual reality. Let me see how much you have improved during this period of time. If I’m satisfied with your speed of improvement, I will give it to you right now.”

It had been a long time since she beat him up, and this fellow was looking at her weirdly just now—he must be having some weird thoughts.

As an outstanding educator, she had a reason to educate this fellow properly.

Nangong Jing forcefully found an excuse for herself, then she looked at Lu Ze with a clear conscience.

When Lu Ze heard that, he was shocked.

This fella is really mean, she actually wants to beat him up again!

And she was going to use the divine art as bait —she was blatantly luring him.

After that, he recalled again that he was very strong now, but yet, he didn’t really know exactly what level his combat power had reached.

It wasn’t really a bad thing to be competing with this violent drunkard now, huh?

Then, Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing and had his guard up. “Tell me first, what level of power would you then give it to me?”

When Nangong Jing heard that, she scratched her head and took a few gulps of alcohol again, then said, “When your power reaches 30 apertures.”

Nangong Jing thought to herself, ‘I have set a small goal for him previously, and he actually managed to hit it in the end.’

‘This time, I cannot look down on this boy’s talent. More than half a month had pa.s.sed, with this boy’s talent, he might have already reached 20 apertures; I’ll just set it at 30 apertures, this would allow me to beat him up for a slightly longer time.’

As for the divine art, if Lu Ze didn’t ask, she was planning to give it to him after arriving at the school. But since he asked, she could just buy it first then apply for compensation after that.

A million over academic credits meant nothing to her anyway.

When Lu Ze heard Nangong Jing’s request, he pretended to be in a difficult spot and nodded pitifully. “Teacher, you must go lighter on me.”

Actually, he was very pleased with himself on the inside. Just 30 apertures, his power was definitely higher than that-he’s getting the divine art for sure!

And this person wouldn’t have a reason to beat him up anymore!

Hahahaha, I am truly a genius!