Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 231

Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Teacher, You Need to Listen to My Explanation!

The higher-ups naturally had engraved Lu Ze’s experience in their minds. All of the videos on Lu Ze was merely just a show for the outside to watch.

In the beginning, when Lu Ze was being recommended into the university, he had yet to enter the eyes of the higher-ups. Federal University only thought that Lu Ze should have awakened some sort of unique G.o.d art related to cultivation.

It was only after witnessing Lu Ze’s performance on the battlefield did the higher-ups begin to pay more attention to Lu Ze.

After all, he was a fourth level prodigy who had the power of aperture opening state, and only two months had pa.s.sed.

The time frame was too short, and thus, the only reasonable explanation was him having a G.o.d art.

Furthermore, it was definitely an extremely strong G.o.d art.

As a result, many higher-ups surmised that the G.o.d art Lu Ze had awakened from the very beginning was an extremely powerful cultivation type G.o.d art.

It was comparable to the G.o.d art related to the rapid growth of the physical bodies that some prodigies of the elf race would awaken.

This was also the reason why Lu Ze was directly promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Prodigies were too important to the race, especially for a prodigy like Lu Ze, they will always obtain preferential treatment.

What Lu Ze was unaware of was the fact that countless higher-ups were actually quarreling awfully over him.

But in the end, after considering various reasons, all of them agreed for Lu Ze to remain in Federal University’s elite cla.s.s.

After all, he was currently still too weak, and staying there would give him the opportunity to grow.

Lu Ze nodded his head, “My G.o.d art is indeed related to cultivation. It requires my personal strength to improve as it increases.”

After all, if he wanted to obtain even stronger light orbs inside the pocket hunting dimension, he had to improve his own strength in order to hunt stronger beasts.

And although he had improved greatly in two months and had substantially strengthened himself, there were still stronger beasts within.

The universe was too huge, and there were more than one or two planetary state races. Top grade races were even stronger, and thus, the human race placed more emphasis on such prodigies.

Lu Ze never thought of hiding his abilities, nor was he able to conceal them forever.

He would only obtain benefits just by hiding the truth of the pocket hunting dimension and explaining it as a G.o.d art.

As the pocket hunting dimension could be covered up so well to the extent of concealing his training time, Lu Ze felt extremely settled and had no worries about it getting exposed.

Upon hearing that, Nangong Jing nodded her head and patted Lu Ze on the back. “If that is the case, our Federal University has gained plenty from this. Right, how strong are you exactly? Let me take a look.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up upon hearing Nangong Jing’s words. Indeed, there was a need for him to thoroughly understand his present strength. If he himself was unsure of it, then who knows if someone might go overboard in courting disaster?

But he looked at Nangong Jing and replied, “I have indeed improved my powers recently…”

Nangong Jing immediately understood Lu Ze’s meaning and rolled her eyes. “I’ve seen all sorts of things, isn’t it just a mere increase in strength? Bring it.”

Lu Ze immediately felt that Nangong Jing was undoubtedly a young and tyrannical duke.

With that, all the power in his body burst forth

—fire G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, 1st body G.o.d art, and the sixfold increase strength G.o.d art. All of them started to stir.


A raging aura immediately surged from Lu Ze’s body.

When Nangong Jing saw the wind, flames, lightning, and dark clouds gleaming around Lu Ze, her eyes opened wide uncontrollably along with her mouth.

She had never witnessed such a scene before. This increase in strength was too much, wasn’t it?

But upon recalling her own words, she forcibly suppressed her surprise.

Sensing Lu Ze’s raging power, she frowned slightly and spoke, “Come, attack me.”

Lu Ze nodded his head. “Then I’m coming, Teacher, be careful.”

Nangong Jing waved her clenched fist at him. “You stinking brat, c.o.c.ky now, aren’t you? With that bit of strength, you won’t be able to move me even if I stand here stationary.”

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

That’s too heartless, right?

But he did not say a word. Slightly bending his knees, he stepped forward.


The ground that he was unable to fracture the last time actually had spiderweb-like cracks all over. Lu Ze’s body transformed into light as he disappeared from his original spot.

He appeared at Nangong Jing’s right and unleashed his right fist with all the various G.o.d arts revolving around it and emitted a palpitating aura.

Lu Ze looked at the faint smile on Nangong Jing’s face as a flicker of light flashed in his eyes. He smirked and his expression turned ice-cold as he performed a twist and unleashed a punch.


Another reverberating explosion came out. The remnant power of the fists streaked in the air as a burnt smell was produced by the combustions. Winds swept about in chaos by the tornado alongside the flashes of thunder and lightning

This fist was enough for third-year students to feel overwhelmed.

But this powerful fist was gently stopped by Nangong Jing’s deft hands. The surging power was completely locked down without a shred being leaked.

Lu Ze maintained his stance as Nangong Jing’s jade-like hands grabbed onto his fist. The two glanced at each other as the tension came down.

Lu Ze: “…”

Seeing the indifferent smile on Nangong Jing’s face, he looked at his fist that was halted. Lu Ze could no longer maintain his ice-cold expression.

So awkward!

My all-out fist was actually grabbed, just like that?

Lu Ze was at a loss, am I too noob?!

When he saw Nangong Jing’s indifference, he had planned to show off his strength.

But in the end, he did not even have any strength to use against her!!

Lu Ze was once again forced to acknowledge the fact of his noobness.

Following that, he looked towards Nangong Jing and gave an awkward laugh. “Then, Teacher, what do you think? How’s my power?”

Nangong Jing slowly released Lu Ze’s fist and glanced at him in disdain. “Just 101 apertures of power, too noob.”

Even though she had said that, Nangong Jing’s heart was filled with shock.

It had to be known that Lu Ze’s power right after leaving the 25th planet was merely over 10 apertures.

That meant that in a short span of 10 days, Lu Ze had gained over 90 apertures of power. This was far faster than what she had ever obtained.

It seems that there isn’t anyone in history that could improve so quickly, right?

When Lu Ze heard Nangong Jing’s reply, he could not help but reveal a smile.

That could not be considered his full strength yet, after all, he still had a sevenfold and eightfold increase in the strength G.o.d art, as well as the protective 1st s.h.i.+eld he had yet to utilize.

If it was a real battle, his true power should reach 120 apertures, that was even higher!

That meant that in a short span of dozen-odd days, he had increased his power from six apertures to 120 apertures!

I am truly a prodigy!

Lu Ze immediately recovered from his disappointment.

I am simply too strong!

Right at this time, Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze and asked, “Are you able to maintain the speed of your improvement?”

Upon hearing that, Lu Ze scratched the back of his head. “No, there are times when I can improve quickly and times where it slows down.”

If he could, he wished to be able to improve that quickly, but it all depended on whether or not the dimension gave him face or not.

When will I be able to encounter a severely injured G.o.d art beast? That is the time I can fly.

Otherwise, he would have to continue running on the ground, but his running speed would gradually increase.

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes as though slightly speechless. She then asked, “Is your control over this G.o.d art not too stable? Why is it inconsistent and became faster recently?”

Lu Ze scratched his chin and puffed up his chest. “Who knows, maybe because my stances while training recently became more suave?”

He can’t explain that he actually picked up leftovers in the pocket hunting dimension, right?

Nangong Jing’s face gradually revealed a smile that looked as though she was about to beat someone up.

When Lu Ze saw her expression, he immediately felt the need to change his reason.

His mind moved quickly, and he pondered on it earnestly. After a.n.a.lyzing it calmly, his eyes lit up—there was another good reason.

“It must be because I was severely injured on the battlefield, so maybe my G.o.d art will erupt and work extremely quickly after recovering from serious injuries.”

Lu Ze felt that the reason was logical.

Nangong Jing’s lips twitched when she heard that.

Didn’t this fella know that Nangong Jing had watched plenty of action anime from the earth era because of G.o.d arts?

Her smile gradually became gentle. “If that is the case, then let Teacher help you activate your G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze was startled upon hearing that and looked at Nangong Jing’s gentle smile suspiciously. “How does Teacher plan to activate it?”

Does she have some sort of luck attribute abilities?

This would increase his chances of encountering severely injured beasts in the pocket hunting dimension?

“Simple, I’ll beat you until you’re half dead, then you will recover by using the recovery G.o.d art. Won’t that make the state of your G.o.d art explode? I have the utmost confidence in my control, so relax, I won’t kill you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He opened his eyes wide and stared at Nangong Jing in disbelief.

You can actually think of such a method?

It was truly a blind spot!

He did not expect that the violent woman would actually think of such a thing.

But as she was constantly thinking about beating him up, the idea was in no way weird.

He looked at Nangong Jing’s antic.i.p.ation and immediately blurted out, “Wait a minute! Teacher, you need to listen to my explanation! In fact, I don’t know why, but I can a.s.sure you that it isn’t because of being severely injured. Believe me!”

He was not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t and naturally would not want to be beaten.

Nangong Jing was originally joking, so when Lu Ze explained it as so, she no longer pursued the matter. Regardless, Lu Ze’s rise in power was a good thing.

Following that, she changed the topic. “Let’s head out, I’ll buy you a divine art.”

With that, her figure disappeared from virtual reality.

Lu Ze was startled. The divine art had not been bought?

But since Nangong Jing was already out, he followed along.

Outside, Nangong Jing taught Lu Ze how to register on a brand new website called Dawn Network

This website was an internal website shared by all the prestigious schools in the Dawn System.

As countless rewards were for public use in the schools, for example, the dao enlightenment room, all the academic credits were drawn up and formulated in accordance with the collaboration between the various schools.

Of course, every school had its own resources, for example, qualified teachers and unique resources distributed to the students, etc.

The website used his ident.i.ty as an account. After registering, Lu Ze found that his ident.i.ty was already a first-year student of Federal University’s elite cla.s.s.

It also stated his 10,000 academic credits, which was his military drill reward.

At the same time, there was a mail that had not been opened. He checked the sender and saw that it was Nangong Jing.

At this time, Nangong Jing stopped moving after using her own academic credits to purchase the wings of the wind divine art for Lu Ze. Her plan was to explain to the school and apply for Lu Ze’s reward to be compensated as academic credits that would be transferred to her.