Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 228

Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Be Less Inflated Like Me

Lu Ze, who was initially baffled by the thoughts of the others, immediately looked toward Nangong Jing when she called his name. His eyes lit up.

Academic credits!


How exciting was that!

Upon seeing Lu Ze’s excited appearance, Nangong Jing chuckled.

“Student Lu Ze performed extremely well among the freshmen during the test. From the beginning, he had defeated prodigies from the prodigy barracks at the military drill. Then, he captured a blade demon race prodigy with strength close to the aperture opening state on the 25th planet. As such, we were able to obtain information regarding the unique situation on that planet and even locate the spirit goldmine during the mission period while killing two aperture opening state experts of the blade demon race.”

Nangong Jing continued, “The battlefield only became even more exciting and extraordinary afterward. Lu Ze’s area had not incurred a single casualty, and this was the lowest death count tabulated in the period. Furthermore, we were able to destroy the blade demon race’s main base, which provided us a huge advantage in the battle for the spirit gold…”

After every few sentences divulged by Nangong Jing, the faces of the students present became weirder.

Captured a blade demon race prodigy that was close to the aperture opening state?

Killed two aperture opening state experts?

Destroyed an entire base?

Oh, everyone was aware of the last battle, since they were able to observe through Lu Ze’s battle clips.

Even so, everyone present did not dare to believe all the battle achievements that Nangong Jing had announced.

Are we in a dream?

Is he really a first-year student?

Is he not a fourth-year student?

Did this guy actually use some reversing age G.o.d art technique?!

With such power, let’s not talk about the first years, even the second and majority of third-year students will feel inferior, alright?!

Were all of the new students such eccentric monsters now?

At this moment, Lu Ze looked toward Nangong Jing in antic.i.p.ation of the reward to be announced, but in the end, he felt embarra.s.sed from all the gazes upon him.

Especially those older female schoolmates, can you all keep your fiery gazes to yourself?

I am an upright and good person!

Nangong Jing revealed an understanding smile as she looked at the crowd staring at Lu Ze in silence.

She was equally as stunned after organizing Lu Ze’s battle achievements the night before.

Although she was already aware of Lu Ze’s outstanding performance, she was still startled when she organized all the information by herself.

This brat was really capable.

“Lu Ze’s rewards are 300k academic credits, five bottles of level five cultivation serums, and three hours in the dao enlightenment room.”

Nangong Jing paused at this point and smiled at Lu Ze. “This is your first choice. You have another choice that I think suits you better. I have applied for it with the school and whether or not you want it will be up to you.”

Lu Ze was startled. “What choice?”

Nangong Jing smiled and replied, “The Wings of the Wind Divine Art. Now that you’re on the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List, although it isn’t very dangerous inside Federal University, unexpected mishaps might happen. Only people who are capable of running fast enough can survive, and since your wind G.o.d art is relatively strong, you should be able to cultivate it.”

Lu Ze: “…”

At this moment, he realized that this female drunkard truly looked like a young and good-looking ultra-beauty!

Is this how it feels to be moved?

Not good, screw this emotion!

In truth, the cultivation resource or time in the dao enlightenment room was nothing compared to G.o.d arts to him.

After all, his light orbs were as effective as the other rewards, or maybe even better.

But G.o.d arts were different, he had good G.o.d arts comprehension, and every new G.o.d art would increase his strength by a large margin.

However, he was definitely not a match for all the big bosses that dropped G.o.d arts. If he wanted to obtain G.o.d arts from the pocket hunting dimension, he reckoned that it would still take a long time for him to do so. How could it compare to him getting one now?

Furthermore, the wings of the wind divine art was extremely practical to him. Who knew if he could rely on such divine art to escape from all those big boss beasts that chased after him?

If he could truly do so, his confidence would definitely overflow.

Regardless, Nangong Jing’s actions had moved him and made him have an extremely favorable impression of her.

Her thoughtfulness for him actually made him emotional.

While Lu Ze was grinning from ear to ear due to the excitement, the others stared at Lu Ze with envious eyes.

They were so jealous to the point that their faces became unrecognizable

They were clearly on the same battlefield, but why is this guy able to obtain a G.o.d art instantly?!

That was a reward worth more than a million academic credits!

Wasn’t the difference too great?

Margaret’s rewards were already extremely abundant and although everyone was envious, they felt that it was reasonable. But Lu Ze was just a new student, but the rewards he obtained were even more exaggerated. This was too unbearable for them.

And Teacher Nangong actually specifically requested for a change in reward for him?

This caused many guys’ expressions to change.

Ignoring the fact that Nangong Jing was a drunkard and had a bad temper, countless guys still had a crush on her.

After all, she was extremely beautiful, strong, and even protected students at crucial moments. Nangong Jing’s merits and shortcomings were equally obvious.

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze’s foolish smile and was speechless. She puckered her lips. “Stop smiling there like an idiot. Which one do you choose?”

Lu Ze laughed and replied, “I choose the G.o.d art! Thank you, Teacher Nangong. Teacher Nangong is the embodiment of wisdom and beauty, knowing what I require the most. I do not know how to repay Teacher Nangong at all.”

Although choosing this reward meant canceling out the other rewards, one G.o.d art was sufficient.

Upon hearing his shameless words, the corners of everyone else’s mouths twitched, they became somewhat dumbfounded.

Does this guy know what shame is?

Nangong Jing became embarra.s.sed by Lu Ze’s praise. She rolled her eyes at him. “You’re already on the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List, but your personal strength is still too noob. It’ll be a waste if you die. Furthermore, this is something equivalent to your rewards, so there is no need for repayment.”

This time, it was Lu Ze’s mouth that twitched.

Her words were truly too hurting.

But it was a fact, his personal strength being too weak was a fact.

Lu Ze nodded his head. There was no longer a need for words as he quietly engraved Nangong Jing’s kindness to his heart.

With the wings of the wind, he would be much safer in the pocket hunting dimension with the increase in his abilities and speed.

He promised himself to find the opportunity to repay her when he became stronger.

After that, Nangong Jing continued with the reward presentation. “First year, Lin Ling…”

She paused for a moment as she recalled Lin Ling’s departure due to personal matters.

But every student’s experience had to be narrated, and Lin Ling was not an exception. This was not only to give the person their due credit but to encourage the others as well.

With that, Nangong Jing continued her speech, “Student Lin Ling performed well too. She entered the black scaled beast nest alongside Lu Ze in the 25th planet and discovered the spirit goldmine. Not only did she help immensely in this, she even performed extremely well on the battlefield…”

As Nangong Jing continued to speak, countless students started to look toward Lu Ze’s direction.

They naturally remembered Lin Ling, after all, she was a new student aside from Lu Ze that had gained a victory during the military drill.

But what baffled them was the absence of Lin Ling today.

Although they were confused, no one said anything. After all, they were not familiar with Lu Ze and naturally would not probe into it.

After recounting all the battle merits, Nangong Jing began with the rewards.

“Lin Ling is awarded with 2ok federal contribution points.”

Although it was incomparable to w.a.n.g Wenze and the other third-year seniors, Lin Ling’s reward was bigger than the second-year students.

After all, they had relied greatly on her G.o.d arts in the nest and had performed exceedingly well on the battlefield. Additionally, with the academic credits she had gained after leaving the battlefield, such a reward was not out of the ordinary.

Of course, Lu Ze himself felt that the reason for her great reward was due to him carrying her, ok?

He thought that he should ask for a treat when she returned to school!

Right then, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He suddenly recalled that he had 10k academic credits?

From defeating that certain person during the military drill?

Lu Ze could not recall the person’s name but knew that the latter was interested in Lin Ling and even had a ferocious glare. In the end, he was sent spiraling up into the air, it was truly awesome.

After defeating that person, the female drunkard seemed to have rewarded him with 1ok academic credits.

If that is the case, I’m not penniless anymore, aren’t I?

Lu Ze suddenly felt confidence brewing in him, after all, his second-year senior schoolmate’s highest reward was only 10k points, so wouldn’t that make him a small nouveau riche?


Nangong Jing continued with her announcements, “First Year, Xavier…”

Following that were the reward announcements for Xavier, Ye Mu, and Xuan Yuqi. As they were the members of a team and performed almost on par, all of them were rewarded 9k academic credits.

Although it was far less as compared to Lin Ling, it was already considerable for their performance.

After all, they had performed mainly on the battlefield. They were primarily spectating and commenting at the start and perhaps went to save the miners. The rest were academic credits from after leaving the battlefield, otherwise, they would not have earned as much.

Aside from them, none of the other new students had partic.i.p.ated in the battle on the 25th planet. Adding to the fact that they were new students, the planets they were dispatched to were relatively safe with only small scale friction between races. Naturally, their academic credits rewards were not as high.

The highest was only 3k academic credits, and the majority earned a few hundred.

Nangong Jing called out every name, and whoever heard theirs all heaved a sigh of relief while revealing smiles.

No matter how little their academic credits were, they were not eliminated. That was good news to them.

Right then, Nangong Jing suddenly paused before speaking up again. “Next will be students that did not pa.s.s.”


All the remaining students had a change in expression and cried out uncontrollably.

There were actually so many that failed?!

Lu Ze turned and looked at the ugly expressions of the new students. After counting the number of people, his facial expression also became queer.

Mom! There were actually 12 of them?

There were a total of 50 new students, so many actually failed?

That’s too much, right?

Nangong Jing looked at the skeptical expression of the crowd and sneered. “I will explain why.”

“Mike Manning, Li Wenhan, Ella March, Sun Qingxin, and Nelly Miller, the five of you are a team, yes? Your team didn’t earn the recognition of your officer and performed leisurely at best. Malin Garland and Karin Kawai received the officer’s recognition, but the five of you not only remained ill-disciplined, but you also disregarded the statutes and remained arrogant and conceited. You were all particularly fussy. Do you think the battlefield is your home??”

“Same goes for Wen Yanqing, Yi Xiaomeng, Bart Fink, you guys are a team as well, right? Your team did receive the officer’s recognition. Your first independent mission was just to help out at the mining area, and you guys actually had internal strife just from that? How did you guys do it??”


As they continued listening to Nangong Jing ramble on, the students, including the new students, all looked toward the few selected individuals.

Their original ugly expressions became pale white upon receiving the stares from the crowd.

They were just recommended to enter Federal University and thought that they would walk the path to become the peak existences of the human race. How could they accept it when they heard that they were being relegated in the next moment?

Lu Ze’s expressions changed like a chameleon. He became speechless.

To be recommended into Federal University meant that they were prodigies, but there were still a few prodigies that had their egos inflated by their surrounding people because of their innate talent, resulting in them feeling superior to their peers. At present, it was their egos that had appeared on the battlefield.

So, people shouldn’t be too inflated.

Lu Ze thought to himself, be less inflated like me.