Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 227

Chapter 227

Chapter 227 I’ve Lost This Time

Nangong Jing didn’t care about the comments from the people below, she proceeded with the announcements. “Fourth-year, Gui Yuping, his performance on the 25th planet was remarkable. He had provided support to the juniors and protected them well. He was also successful in bringing back news of the spirit metal mine and performed outstandingly in the subsequent battles.”

“The rewards this time are 100k academic credits, a heaven crystal fruit, and an hour in the dao enlightenment room.”

Gui Yuping who was seated in the front row revealed a smile as well.

Although compared to Margaret, this bit of reward was merely half of what she got.

But this was already considered a very huge reward-don’t you see the envious and jealous glances of the others, huh?

With the reward this time, his strength would improve drastically!

“Fourth-year, Isaac…”

Following that, Nangong Jing began commenting on the merits and achievements of each of the fourth-year students on the battlefield while giving out the rewards.

As the seniors of the Federal University’s elite cla.s.s, they had gone through four years of admission tests, plus other various a.s.signment training. Under a situation like this, it was rare for anyone to have poor performance or be demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s. At most, their performances would be both good and bad.

In fact, those who were demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s were usually freshmen or soph.o.m.ores. This situation rarely occurred after reaching the third year mark.

After all, with the unequal distribution of resources, there were simply too few students who were still able to catch up after three years.

If there was, it was the awakening of an especially strong G.o.d art, and if this happened, the Federal University would naturally pay attention to grooming that person.

However, it was clear that there had been no such exception this time.

Even if the battlefield where the fourth-year seniors were at was not as intense as the one in the 25th planet during the later stage, it was still the worst warzone of the Xiaer system. Seniors with the worst performance would receive at least a reward of 30k credits, making all the soph.o.m.ores and juniors become very envious of them.

After giving out the rewards to the senior students, Nangong Jing began to give out the rewards to the juniors.

“Third-year, w.a.n.g Wenze, his performance on the battlefield of the 25th planet was remarkable as well. The reward this time is 50k academic credits.”

Seated in the third-year area, w.a.n.g Wenze felt many people casting him envious looks, and he smiled slightly.

50k academic credits—this was even higher than some of the fourth-year seniors!

His strength wasn’t the strongest among the entire third-year, but the reward he got this time was the greatest.

After all, the 25th planet’s spirit metal mine event was simply too unexpected that third-years who went from the beginning had an advantage.

He was simply too lucky this time!

Nangong Jing continued, “Third-year, Xilin…”

The announcement of the admission test results went on and all of the students realized that the rewards of those people who appeared on the battlefield of the 25th planet earlier were generally quite bountiful.

Quite a number of people felt their stomach aching all of a sudden.

Too unfair!

Who’d have known that this would happen?!

This was simply too unfair for those students who followed the rules on the battlefield!

The announcement of the third-year test results ended. There wasn’t any student who was demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s this time as well.

In Nangong Jing’s opinion, it was clear that the third-years this time performed pretty well.

After that, Nangong Jing continued to announce the results of the second-year students.

Second-year students didn’t go to the 25th planet, so all the students were on the original battlefield, and their performances were according to the rules.

The student with the highest reward merely received 10k academic credits.

However, at least most of the students had pa.s.sed the test. There were a couple of nervous ones who heaved a sigh of relief after they heard their rewards.

It was great that they weren’t demoted. With their resources in the elite cla.s.s, as long as they weren’t demoted, it was still acceptable even if their rewards were slightly lesser.

When the announcement was almost over, Nangong Jing stopped quietly, and then, she looked up at the second-year area, expressionless and very solemn.

Suddenly, the second-year area went silent. Everyone looked strangely at the two young men whose names were not called out yet, some had a complex expression, but there were also a few people who took pleasure in their misfortune.

Those two young men felt everyone’s eyes on them, and their expressions turned ugly as they gritted their teeth and lowered their heads.

“Second-year, Sang Zihua, Donald Luther.”

Nangong Jing’s stern voice resounded, causing those two young men to tremble without speaking

“Due to the unplanned missions, your team ended up entering the enemy’s siege, resulting in three of your teammates getting severely injured before you guys fled back? Are you guys so great, huh? If the battlefield had not been chosen according to your strengths, your dead bodies wouldn’t even have made it back this time.”

Nangong Jing’s words caused those who didn’t know what happened to look at these two young men with strange looks.

Lu Ze looked at his two seniors in shock.

Terrible, these two seniors were actually more unrestrained than he was!

This was a little too strong ah.

He felt that he was considered very unrestrained. He didn’t expect that he would actually lose to others?

‘Tsk, seems like I’ve lost this time.’

After saying all that, the gold light in Nangong Jing’s eyes flickered, her breath was slightly undulating, causing those two students to tremble even more severely.

Nangong Jing’s fist was not a joke at all. With just a punch, you wouldn’t be able to breathe.

At this moment, the handsome Luo Bingqing, who hadn’t spoken a word, then glanced plainly at those two seniors and said, “Nangong, just go straight to the punishment.”

When Nangong Jing heard that, she scoffed and said indifferently, “If you guys didn’t end up helping your teammates block a few waves of attacks, got seriously injured and were on the verge of dying, I would have abolished all of you directly this time!”

After that, she said plainly, “Two of you will be demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s, there is no reward for this test.”

When Nangong Jing said that, Sang Zihua and Donald Luther shuddered. Their faces became slightly pale.

Compared to not receiving rewards, being demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s was more painful.

Just that drop made it hard for one to accept, not to mention the differences in various privileges and resources between the ordinary and elite cla.s.s.

They were in their second year and were dropped to the ordinary cla.s.s—how embarra.s.sing is this??

The two people’s heads went blank, and they didn’t know what to say at all.

Nangong Jing glanced at those two students whose faces were stunned, then said plainly, “With your innate strengths, continue to work hard this year, and you may have a chance of getting back into the elite cla.s.s next year. If you guys want to give up on yourselves, that’s up to you too.”

After speaking, she didn’t look at the reactions of those two people anymore.

There’s always a price to pay for making mistakes, and this price was already very low since they managed to redeem themselves at the end by doing something good and helped their teammates escape.

Otherwise, with her little explosive temper, she would have beaten them to death.

At this moment, it was already the last tip for them. What happened after that would depend on them.

Not everyone was able to grow through adversities, but every elite must have the ability to do so.

After that, Nangong Jing turned and looked at the freshmen area. She saw Lu Ze’s shocked expression.

She didn’t know why, but she always felt that this fellow must be thinking about some weird stuff in his head.

She didn’t think much about it and said, “Next will be the freshmen’s test results.”

With that said, she smiled. “Since it was the first time the freshmen went on the battlefield, my expectations weren’t high.”

Nangong Jing’s words let some nervous freshmen heave a sigh of relief. Since she said that her expectations weren’t high, then they had definitely got through.

After that, Nangong Jing continued, “As long as you have received the senior officer’s approval and your team had completed a task independently, it is considered a pa.s.s for the entire team. Of course, some teams would have people who drag others down and we understand that, so for teams that weren’t approved but had good individual performance, we will still let you pa.s.s.”

When Nangong Jing said that, the relaxed atmosphere turned anxious once again.

Sensing the tension in the air, Lu Ze looked around and realized that many people’s expressions changed; he thought that it was weird.

This expectation didn’t seem high, did it?

After all, freshmen were led by veterans on the battlefield to carry out their missions and teach them essential survival tips on the battlefield.

Until the senior officer thinks that they have fully mastered the key points of survival on the battlefield, then they will be left to carry out their duties independently.

The first mission of Lu Ze’s team was also carried out with second lieutenant Miki, but since Lu Ze was so strong that he could actually independently capture the blade demon prodigies who were close to aperture opening state, second lieutenant Miki gave them the approval.

If not for the appearance of the spirit metal mine on the 25th planet, Lu Ze’s team was basically unrivaled.

This was because in the 25th planet, apart from the underground black scaled beast nest, they have not found the ferocious beast with the aperture opening state, even the blade demon troops weren’t as strong as an elite from the aperture opening state.

It was for this reason that, on the second mission, Lu Ze and the others were a.s.signed to operate independently as a team.

In Lu Ze’s opinion, the situation they encountered was so unique that just one mission could get the senior officer’s approval. It seemed like such a huge encounter didn’t happen at other freshmen’s battlefields. Getting approval within a month and completing a mission as an independent team wasn’t considered very hard, right?Hence, Lu Ze really didn’t understand the change in these people’s expressions.

Not just Lu Ze, even Ye Mu who was next to him, Xuan Yuqi, Ian, and the others didn’t understand either.

After all, they didn’t find that this request was too challenging.

However, at this moment, they obviously wouldn’t be so dumb to ask other people why their faces looked so awful.

This was a little too hurtful.

Nangong Jing swept her gaze across everyone in the heavy atmosphere and couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright, don’t pull a long face, most of you pa.s.sed, and there are only a handful of students who didn’t. Right now, I will begin announcing the admission test results of the freshmen.”

She turned to look at Lu Ze who seemed confused.

“First-year, Lu Ze.”