Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Chapter 223 The Daily Life of the Three

A minute after the message was sent, Lu Ze still did not receive a reply.

Lu Ze pondered about it. Anyway, he already sent the message. Being scared at this point didn’t embody the renegade mindset of a transmigrator.

Plus, he was an excellent youth. It was time for that cold guy to sit and move herself.

Then, he opened a private chat with Alice.

Alice: Senior schoolmate, Senior schoolmatedo you still have enough food? Do you need more?

Alice: Senior schoolmate, Senior schoolmateI’ve learned quite some new dishes lately. Most of them are what senior schoolmate likes. I think senior schoolmate should eat more vegetables. That would balance your diet. Don’t worry. I will definitely make the flavor that senior schoolmate likes!

Alice: Senior schoolmate, Senior schoolmate~ I feel my G.o.d art has been awakening very successfully. Soon, Mother won’t need to stay inside me to suppress it. After she takes back the fire seed, she can awaken. It’s all because of senior schoolmate. How should I thank you?”

Alice: Senior schoolmate? Are you not there?

Alice: Are you busy, senior schoolmate?

Lu Ze’s eyes almost went teary after seeing this.

Alice was indeed an angel.

She tried so hard to prepare food for him. She was so much better than that dark-hearted Lu


Did her source flame awaken successfully?

Her mother has slept for a long time. If she could wake up, Alice would be very happy?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze thought back to the day when Alice was crying at the gra.s.s field.

His eyes looked soft. He grinned and replied.

Lu Ze: It’s so great that aunty can wake up. Congratulations, Alice. Also, the supply in the food storage is getting low. Please provide a.s.sistance, junior schoolmate! Lastly, as long as it’s food made by you, it will taste great whether it’s meat or vegetables. I’m fine with


Lu Ze waited for a while. Alice didn’t reply too.

He thought it was probably because they were cultivating too.

Thus, Lu Ze didn’t wait for a reply.

He couldn’t get into the pocket hunting dimension in the day, so he sat on his bed to cultivate again.

This time, he used a red orb dropped by the tiger boss.

He swept the orb with his mental force, and the orb’s powerful force nourished his body.


There was a piercing bone-cracking sound. Blood immediately seeped out of Lu Ze’s body.

He frowned as his face went pale. His body s.h.i.+vered.

The power contained in the orb was stronger than he had imagined. Despite the improvement of the strength of his body, the power still managed to injure him.

He used regeneration G.o.d art to recover while digesting the energy.

Subsequently, he rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he used the G.o.d art orb first. Otherwise, he would definitely explode.

This wasn’t the pocket hunting dimension. If he died outside, his death would be permanent.

Good thing he was smart.

He also made up his mind that he would always strengthen his body first before digesting an orb with an unknown level.

That way, it would become much harder to die.

But, the benefits were clear. The energy inside the red orbs was too pure. They were much stronger than those smaller red ones.

He could feel his spirit force cultivation going up like crazy. His already strong body was further refined, making it stronger.

Abstruse martial state level seven.

Abstruse martial state level eight.

Abstruse martial state level nine.

… core martial state level two.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, he felt the powerful spirit force flowing in every corner of his body and grinned.

His spirit force power had now reached level 2 of core martial state!

So strong!

This red orb was too strong!

It was on a completely different level from the lower level orbs!

Lu Ze’s eyes were full of excitement. He still had four remaining red orbs. Once he consumed them, his spirit force cultivation level wouldn’t be so far behind.

His power would increase by a huge level!

Lu Ze got up and looked at the condensed blood on his body. He still felt some fear.

If he chose the wrong step before, it would be completely different now.

The black tiger boss was too strong. Based on the energy from the red orbs, its power was at least four to five hundred apertures or even higher.

Lu Ze shook his head and entered the toilet. He showered and washed the blood off his body before taking out Alice’s food again.

As he ate, he remembered sending a message to Lu Li and Alice in the morning. He took out his phone again.


Sure enough, they replied.

Lu Ze quickly opened Lu Li’s chat.

Lu Li: So you were in solitary cultivation… in that case, did you become stronger, Brother? Congratulations.

Lu Li: Is the doll not broken?

Lu Li: Nevertheless, we’ll still swap.

Lu Ze looked at the last message. It was an hour ago.

She didn’t do anything strange. This made Lu Ze breathe a sigh of relief. If she did, she would say it.

Then, Lu Ze was confused. The doll was fine, why were they still swapping?

Lu Ze: Of course, I got stronger. I’m very strong! And, the doll isn’t broken, so why are we swapping?

Lu Li replied instantly. She seemed free.

Lu Li: Haha, you took an hour to reply to me. Don’t tell me you were in solitary cultivation again!

Lu Ze: You guessed it correctly. I really was.

Lu Li: …

Lu Ze didn’t know what to reply to her.

At this moment, Lu Li was in her room. She rolled in her blanket and only left her head and hands out.

She gasped.

Stupid Lu Ze…

He grew stronger again!

She had been working so hard, but she didn’t feel like she was catching up.

It seemed she needed to learn her G.o.d art faster.

Lu Li: We don’t have to swap. But I feel there are many things I can tell dad.

Lu Ze: …

His mouth spasmed.

Was he that easily abused?

If his heart hardens, he would wipe the floor with her first.

Lu Ze replied.

Lu Ze: Li what are you talking about. Since you want to swap, of course, I will agree. We’ll swap when I get back.

Lu Li: Hmph, good. I’m going to cultivate.

Then, she put her phone away and then covered her head with the blanket. She couldn’t help but laugh.

The panda doll that brother wore close to him for a semester…


Lu Ze became dazed. Lu Li was this hard-working too?

That was good. He wasn’t going to disturb her.

Then, he opened Alice’s messages.

Alice: Senior schoolmate took so long to reply. I thought something happened to you.

Alice: Is there not enough food? It’s okay, senior schoolmate, I’ll make some more these few days and s.h.i.+p it over to you. There are many new dishes. You will definitely like them

Alice: And thank you, senior schoolmate. If it wasn’t for you, perhaps, both mother and I wouldn’t be around… but that’s in the past. I will work hard! I will help you in the future!

Alice: So, how does senior schoolmate want to be repaid?

The time of the reply was the same time as Lu Li’s. It seemed their schedules were very similar.

He was speechless. There was a group chat, but they wanted to private message. He had to reply one by one. So tiring.

But seeing Alice say she was going to send him new food, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up immediately. He felt very touched.

Alice was an angel indeed!

She even asked how he wanted to be repaid…

He didn’t really want anything. He just wanted to help that little girl who was crying on his shoulder under the night sky.

Lu Ze: Sorry, I’ve been cultivating these past few days. I was in cultivation just then. Alice, I’m very strong now! I’ve improved again!

Alice: Hehe, congratulations, Senior schoolmate. The youngest ist lieutenant in Federal history. Senior schoolmate is so amazing!

Lu Ze smiled and kept typing.

Lu Ze: If Alice’s G.o.d art fully awakens, that would be powerful. Of course, I don’t feel I will be worse than you.

Alice read Lu Ze’s message in her room and blushed.

She smiled and replied.

Alice: Mhm, I will follow senior schoolmate. Go, senior schoolmate! By the way, senior schoolmate, do I mail the spirit food to Federal University?

Lu Ze: Mhm, I’m going back in four days. You can send it straight to school.

Alice: Okay, you will definitely like the new food!

Lu Ze: Since you’re saying this, I’m very hopeful.

Lu Ze was drooling right now. He really wanted to know what food it was.

The two chatted for a while, and Alice said she was going to cultivate too.