Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 222

Chapter 222

Chapter 222: You’re Done ?

“Ze? Are you there? You haven’t come out for seven days. Are you okay?”

Lu Ze heard the sound of a gentle knock on the door in his dreams. Ian’s weak voice also followed.

Then, he could vaguely hear the voices of other people.

“Hehe~ I know why he’s working so hard.”


“Is Ze scared of being surpa.s.sed by Lin Ling and getting beaten up by her?”

“… Sounds right!”


“I think Ze has always been very hard working.”

Lu Ze: “…”

It was time to let Ye Mu taste how it feels to spin into the sky.

Scared of getting beaten up by Lin Ling?

What a joke!

He was very strong now!

He opened his eyes and rubbed his head. Perhaps due to the sleep, the heavy sensation on his head had pretty much dissipated.

Instead, his head was very clear. He was in a better state than at any time.

It seemed his brain got even stronger…

Lu Ze felt great. He was indeed a prodigy!

At this moment, the knocking sound could be heard again. “Ze? Are you there?”

Lu Ze answered, “Yes, I’ll come out soon.”

He eased up after breathing slowly. It seemed his improvement can only wait until nighttime to be tested.

Thinking about this, he got up from his bed and stretched. His bones cracked.

Then, he walked to the door and opened it.

Ian was standing there. Seeing Lu Ze was fine, Ian breathed a sigh of relief.

Inside the living room, Xavier, Ye Mu, Xuan Yuqi, Tianyuan Qianhua, and Jessica were all sitting on the couch.

They smiled, seeing Lu Ze come out.

Xuan Yuqi said calmly, “You haven’t been out for seven days. We thought something happened to you.”

Lu Ze became dazed.

Seven days?

He remembered the last time Ian knocked on his door, it was the fourth day.

Another three days had pa.s.sed?

Time went by so quickly.

This was due to his cultivation level being low. If it was higher, would 100 years pa.s.s when he closed and opened his eyes?

He smiled. “Nothing, I just had some enlightenment, so I’ve cultivated a little longer.”

“Oh s.h.i.+t, you had another enlightenment?!”

Ye Mu looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, please don’t tell me you’ve made a progress again…”

Lu Ze smiled. “A bit.”

Seeing Ye Mu’s reluctance to accept it, Lu Ze felt that he shouldn’t crush Ye Mu now.

Xuan Yuqi said, “Ze had received more federal contribution points than all of us. There’s nothing surprising about his improvement.

She was speechless, but she antic.i.p.ated such things.

Ye Mu was distraught. “That’s true, but it’s hard to accept.”

He finally had some improvements and thought the gap between them grew closer. However, this guy improved again.

Other people felt crushed too. It didn’t seem they were cultivating the same thing.

At this moment, Lu Ze took out a large pile of beautiful food. The aroma permeated in the room, making Ye Mu and the rest dazed.

Lu Ze started eating.

It was really good!

Alice’s food was the best.

He had been so busy cultivating these past few days that he hadn’t eaten at all.

Seeing everyone’s sullen expression, Lu Ze smiled. “What time is it? Have you had dinner? It’s really good.”

Everyone: “…”

The atmosphere fell silent for a while. Ye Mu picked up the chopsticks first…

Lu Ze ate a piece of meat and then said, “By the way, how’s the situation at the 25th planet?”

Xuan Yuqi elegantly ate her food and answered, “The situation is rather stable. The other mine hasn’t been noticed yet. It’s pretty much fully excavated. It’s a huge harvest. However, it’s hard to excavate and transport from the original mine. In the beginning, senior schoolmate Margaret could use her G.o.d art to bring spirit metal out. Then, the blade demons sent a reconnaissance-type being, and things weren’t so easy anymore.”

She continued, “By the way, the entrance test will end in four days. Then, there will be new young dukes and prodigies from the prodigy barrack to replace teacher Nangong and senior schoolmates. We will return to university then.”

“Is the entrance test about to end?”

Lu Ze became dazed. He just realized it had been almost a month now.

They were special new students. They only spent ten days on the battlefield. The rest of the time was spent in the base.

What could they do?

Lu Ze was certain that if he was on the battlefield, there would soon be blade demons hunting him.

With his current power, it was suicide to enter the battlefield. Was he such a person? Clearly not!

So he stayed in the base.

Now that the test was over, he could return to the inner region of the Federation. He could do whatever he wanted at Federal University.

He felt great.

Ye Mu said too, “By the way, Lu Ze you’re viral again.”


Ian nodded excitedly. “Yeah, the Federal Times made a report regarding you again. It was about you being the youngest 1st lieutenant in the history of the Federation. You’re famous in one battle.”

Tianyuan Qianhua smiled. “You’ve realized Ye Mu’s dream.”

Lu Ze’s face was strange. “Ye Mu’s dream?”

“Being young, handsome, and powerful. Being valued by the federation. You’re a 1st lieutenant. Although you don’t seem so reliable, you’re still the dream of countless young girls,” Xuan Yuqi said.

Lu Ze just realized it was this.

He morosely ate a piece of meat and looked up at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle.

So he was handsome to this degree already?

He was like the firefly in the dark night, constantly emitting light.

Ye Mu was lifeless. Lu Ze was his ultimate dream now.

He was worried. Would Lu Ze’s young duke t.i.tle be ‘Playboy Young Duke’?

If so, what would his t.i.tle be?

“By the way, there were originally fans of yours who called for you to be anointed as young duke, but the Federation didn’t respond. It seems you won’t become a young duke this time,” Tianyuan Qianhua said.

Lu Ze nodded. “I’m still too weak. This is right.”

He knew that young dukes would need at least a mortal evolution state power.

Then, Lu Ze ate and chatted with them about what happened these few days.

Then, everyone went back to their rooms.

There were just a few days before they returned. They would use this time to cultivate.

Lu Ze suddenly realized that he was so immersed in cultivation that he hadn’t messaged home for a few days.

Thus, he opened his phone.

Beep beep beep beep!

Lu Ze looked at the string of messages that Lu Li and Alice sent.

Lu Li: Brother, are you there?

Lu Li: Brother, the battle was so intense last time. Did your doll break?

Lu Li: If it did, Li still has another one here. I can trade with you.

Lu Li: Brother, did you see it?

Lu Li: You’re over. ?

Lu Ze: “…”

He immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

Oh, it was over.

That demon seemed to be in a fit of rage. What was she planning to do?

The last message was sent half an hour ago. Lu Ze felt he could still save himself.

Lu Ze’s hands went in a flurry and replied as quickly as possible.

He finally realized what time was life meant.

Lu Ze: My cutest little sister. I was submerged in enlightenment these few days and just finished solitary cultivation. As soon as I got online, I came to reply to my cutest little sister. I promise it was unintentional that I didn’t reply. I protected the doll well. It’s not broken, don’t worry! We don’t need to switch.

After pressing the send b.u.t.ton, Lu Ze felt relieved.

Very well! He replied in a second! He successfully borrowed a few seconds from the heavens!

Now, he just needed to wait for the reply.