Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 224

Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Set a Small Target First

Lu Ze put his phone away and entered the pocket hunting dimension once again.

His spirit force cultivation had reached core martial state level two, and he cultivated that divine art. Lu Ze felt he was invincible now!

He appeared at a place covered with gra.s.s that was more than three meters tall.

As soon as he landed, he instinctively used the chi stealth technique and carefully scanned the surroundings with his mental force. When he didn’t find a powerful boss, he felt relieved.

Lu Ze had decided to test his newly learned divine art.

His eyes focused and a black metallic color appeared around his body. Then, a rune flashed, and a translucent black crystal membrane formed around his body.

Lu Ze reached out his palm and looked at the crystal membrane.

He was shocked. He had seen this before. It was used by that black tiger boss that day.

So the black tiger boss knew divine art?

Lu Ze rejoiced. Luckily, the boss was extremely weakened. Otherwise, he could only stare if the boss used this divine art.

He clenched his fists and entwined his fingers. Accordingly, the crystal membrane merged. When he separated his hands, the black crystal membrane separated too. It was like a smart


Lu Ze touched his chin. He was planning to test the defenses of this black crystal membrane.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and a vibrant green wind blade appeared on his hand. It was emitting a sharp chi.

He raised his left hand and use his right-hand wind blade to slice through the black crystal on his left hand.


It sounded as if metals collided with each other. After the wind blade flashed and clashed with the crystal, it flickered slightly, turning into a wind that blew in many directions. The surrounding gra.s.s was torn, and traces of cracks appeared on the ground.

Lu Ze looked at the perfectly fine black crystal membrane, and his eyes lit up.

This was good!

With the increase in his power, even if he just used wind G.o.d art, his combat power will not be less than seven apertures.

This meant that his divine art could easily defend against a power that was seven apertures and below?

Then, Lu Ze started to conduct more experiments. He tried the fusion of wind and fire G.o.d art, along with the lightning G.o.d art, 1st body G.o.d art, and strength G.o.d art. He slammed them all toward his black crystal membrane.

When he used six times the strength G.o.d art, wind, and fire fusion, as well as lightning G.o.d art, he finally completely shattered the black crystal membrane and injured his left hand.

Lu Ze looked at the membrane slowly disappearing in the air, and his eyes flashed with a rune. His left hand was covered in the black crystal membrane again.

It was completely new.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with excitement.

He didn’t expect this defensive divine art to be this strong!

The divine art was only related to the relevant G.o.d art, physical power, mental force, and spirit force cultivation level of a person.

This meant that Lu Ze’s strength G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, and lightning G.o.d art wouldn’t provide a buff to this membrane.

Despite this, this membrane completely stopped his almost full-powered attack!

This increase was too huge!

And, as long as he had power left, he could regather the membrane whenever it breaks.

With his current power, if he just used this divine art, he could last a few hours, but in battle, he couldn’t just use this divine art.

Despite so, this was a very powerful defensive measure.

Lu Ze put away the membrane and used the regeneration G.o.d art to repair his left hand.

He had thought of a name for this divine art.

It would be called…

1st s.h.i.+eld!

The G.o.d art corresponding to this divine art was ist body G.o.d art, so calling this divine art ‘ist s.h.i.+eld’ was the best.

Lu Ze nodded with satisfaction.

With the 1st s.h.i.+eld, he could go a little wild although he wasn’t the wild type.

Then, Lu Ze used eight times the strength G.o.d art.

Under that extremely cerebral active state after using that purple orb, Lu Ze finally made some improvements on his strength G.o.d art.

However, he still wasn’t able to learn nine times the strength G.o.d art.

Lu Ze bit his lips. A black light flashed, then wind, fire, and lightning, as well as the crystal reappeared.


Eight times the strength G.o.d art!


Thunderous sounds came while the land trembled. A crater then appeared on the ground. The land within the surrounding one kilometer couldn’t handle Lu Ze’s uncontrollable power, leaving out spiderweb-like cracks.

Lu Ze’s face was calm as he sensed his state.

A strong power surged from Lu Ze’s body and even started tearing his body apart. Good thing his body was strong enough. It was a little painful, but he wasn’t injured.

He stood there for a few seconds. When his body became familiar with the eight times increase in power, he slowly lifted his right leg and stomped.


A huge deep ditch with a range of ten kilometers appeared on the ground. The soil was splas.h.i.+ng around, and then, they were crushed in the air by the power Lu Ze leaked.


Lu Ze’s breath turned into a wave of wind that blew across.

He subdued his power down, and the terrifying pressure disappeared from him.

Lu Ze wiped the sweat from his forehead and started panting heavily.

That was tiring!

If he did that, he would at most last three minutes.

This was because his spirit force cultivation level improved. Originally, he might not even last three minutes.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt disappointed. He didn’t expect he would last this short. He was still too weak.

This couldn’t do. He had to cultivate!

After recovering a little, Lu Ze looked at the huge ditch he created.

The time period was short, but it was really strong

Lu Ze even suspected that his full power might exceed 100 apertures.

He was extremely strong!

If he didn’t use the opportunity to kill the black tiger boss, how could he improve so quickly?!

His current combat power wasn’t too weak even among the fourth years, right?

At least, it wasn’t far from Gui Yuping.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze suddenly wanted to set a small goal for himself.

Before the end of the 1st year, he would raise his combat power to mortal evolution state!

With this goal in mind, Lu Ze was even more motivated.

Three days later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes when the sunlight shone on his face.

The red light faded from his eyes.

During these three days, he used the remaining four red orbs from the tiger, and his spirit force cultivation level reached core martial state level eight. His pure physical combat power was near aperture opening state six apertures.

Compared to Ye Mu and the others, Lu Ze’s spirit force cultivation level had far exceeded them.

Even if they used federal contribution points to buy things, their increase wouldn’t be as great as Lu Ze’s.

Lu Ze had obtained quite a lot in the pocket hunting dimension these three days too.

He gained three wind, three lightning, and one regeneration G.o.d art orb. He also gained a 1st body G.o.d art crystal orb.

After he became stronger, he could finish all the aperture opening state beasts that devoured G.o.d art shards with one punch.

He hadn’t even encountered one that would allow him to punch twice.

It was due to this power that he could get so many G.o.d art crystals so quickly.

Lu Ze felt his steadily increasing power and smiled as he got up.

He looked outside.

There were s.h.i.+ps flying in and out.

This entrance test was about to end. All the students had to return to the base today. The prodigies from the prodigy barrack would continue fighting instead of the Federal University students.

Tomorrow, they would leave the Xiaer system and head towards the Dawn system, the solar system known as the Academy System.

All the famous schools of the Federation were gathered there.

The best teachers in the entire Federation, as well as the future pillars of the federation, were all in there.

Federal University and Emperor Capital Academy were the two best universities there.