Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 221

Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Can’t Even Stop

In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze had been inside for two days. After several battles and training, he could finally control his power completely.

Lu Ze felt relieved.

He looked up and saw an anaconda that was swirling with lightning. It was hissing at him. He raised a brow.

He used a body G.o.d art and darted from the ground.


An explosion occurred, leaving a crater on the ground, and Lu Ze’s body disappeared.

The anaconda opened its mouth and hissed at him. Before it could even react, its hideous head exploded while its body fell heavily to the ground.

It was this simple!

Using his body G.o.d art, his power was so much stronger than those aperture opening state beast that devoured G.o.d art shards.

He could easily kill them.

At this moment, Lu Ze realized he hadn’t given a good and dominating name to this G.o.d art yet.

He felt his chin and thought.

This was no small feat.

Let me think!

When using this G.o.d art, a metallic black color would appear. The force was very dominating, as though he was the only monarch ruling heaven and earth.

In that case… Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

He would call it “1st body G.o.d art”.

Lu Ze nodded happily.

He didn’t know if there were similar G.o.d arts to this outside, but he would probably get more body G.o.d arts. This would be called the first!

It was like the boss.

Lu Ze collected the lightning G.o.d art orb, as well as the red and purple orbs, and went on his way again.

In these two days, Lu Ze’s power increased greatly, and thus, he hunted more beasts. Out of the several beasts he killed, there were only three beasts who had reached the aperture opening state. Two lightning and one wind.

Lu Ze realized the power of regeneration G.o.d art even more. However, it was a pity that there weren’t many beasts that had it.

Lu Ze suspected that bosses would only be reborn in a certain way when one died. Then, there would be G.o.d art shards left at the place where they were born.

That was the only way to explain why there were so many beasts gathering at the birthplace of the bosses.

Clearly, the grey lizard boss was the toughest to kill since it had regeneration G.o.d art. That could explain why aperture opening states with regeneration G.o.d art shards were so rare.

In that case…

Shouldn’t that mean the blue bird was the weakest?

Every time he looked, it was the blue bird boss being born.

At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly blew in the air. Lu Ze instinctively leaned down on the gra.s.s and used the chi stealth technique. His movements flowed rapidly.

This wasn’t the first time he did this. He could dodge pa.s.sing bosses in this manner easily.

Of course, if it was that sun boss, he can die peacefully.

However, this time, Lu Ze found himself flying.

He wasn’t grabbed but swept up into the sky by the wind.

He raised his head in a daze and then saw the blue bird boss he called weak. There were three of them.

They formed a triangle in the air. A huge whirlwind appeared at their center. Wherever they went, the gra.s.s, earth, and even beasts were all swept in.

Then, they were cut into pieces by the sharp winds.

Lu Ze: “….”

Wind blades sliced through Lu Ze’s body, carving out deep gashes.

His already powerful body was still weak like paper in such winds.

This was revenge!

It must be!

Before he could finish thinking, he sunk into darkness again.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the familiar walls of his dorm again.

He laid speechlessly on his bed and cursed the boss for being small-minded.

But, what were those three birds doing?

Lu Ze was very curious.

Although his progress was terrifying, there was still a huge difference between him and the boss.

Although he felt the blue bird boss was probably weak, he still couldn’t mess with them.

Lu Ze gasped.

He still had a long time. He would eventually wipe the floor with the blue bird boss.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze had the motivation to cultivate again. He closed his eyes.

Cultivation, cultivation!

He looked at the vibrant red orb and the dark rune.

Which should he use?

He thought about it and chose the rune.

This was divine art!

It was very strong!

If he learned it, it would be a huge improvement to his combat power.

It was his first time using this type of rune, so he carefully touched it with his mental force.

Immediately, the rune turned into a black light and disappeared in his mind.

Then, countless secrets started appearing in Lu Ze’s brain.

These secrets were all about the techniques of using 1st body G.o.d art.

In an instant, Lu Ze felt like his brain was going to explode.

It was clearly just four strokes, but the information contained was extremely immense. Lu Ze resisted the pain in his brain and quickly used a purple orb.

Only then did Lu Ze’s brain start to clear up.

Then, secrets about 1st body G.o.d art were gradually deciphered and learned.

Lu Ze’s mastery of 1st body G.o.d art grew deeper and deeper.

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly thought of a certain alcoholic.

He fought her in the virtual reality on her s.h.i.+p.

At that time, he felt her mastery of power was extremely terrifying. Her every attack was extremely focused. There was rarely any waste.

Was this because she learned a divine art?

Lu Ze didn’t know the exact number of ways to completely master the power of a G.o.d art.

He just kept learning using his experience through battle.

Thus, Nangong Jing criticized that his power was coa.r.s.e.

Now, Lu Ze finally understood her a little.

Even though he hadn’t finished learning the divine art in the rune, just some learnings were extremely beneficial to Lu Ze.

He would waste much less!

And, his power would be more focused!

He didn’t expect divine art had this effect. It also contained the directions for using G.o.d art!

Lu Ze felt he was going to become invincible.

Not good. He was getting c.o.c.ky.

Soon, Lu Ze was immersed in the secrets of 1st body G.o.d art. He forgot the time and everything else.

Every time a purple orb was used up, Lu Ze added another. Eventually, Lu Ze even used the purple orb dropped by the tiger boss.

What shocked Lu Ze was that this...o...b..contained too much power. His brain almost exploded.

Luckily, he had some mastery of this divine art. He used 1st body G.o.d art and formed a black crystal membrane and stabilized his body.

It was dangerous, but the rewards were huge too.

The creativity and enlightenment attained from this...o...b..were far superior to those low-level purple orbs.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, he breathed slowly. His eyes still flashed with a purple glow.

His brain couldn’t stop at all!

He even finished learning the divine art, but the purple orb was still in use.

Lu Ze felt his brain was very active. He didn’t need rest at all.

Thus, he closed his eyes and started learning strength G.o.d art.

His body could probably handle eight times the strength G.o.d art. He could even try nine times, but he could only do seven times now.

Lu Ze wasn’t going to waste this precious opportunity.

It was unknown how much time had pa.s.sed. At some point, Lu Ze’s brain finally shut off this accelerator.

Then, Lu Ze felt dizzy. It was as though he was emptied up.

He overused his brain.

He immediately laid on the bed to rest.

He felt like he used his brain for a lifetime.

Would he go bald?

Then, he lost consciousness.

He really couldn’t hold on anymore.