Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Scared by His Own Power

The dark crystal orb turned into a black stream of light and fused with Lu Ze’s body.

The black light moved around his skin, flesh, tendon, bones, and organs. It was like there were countless needles p.r.i.c.king every corner of his body.

Lu Ze frowned and used another purple light orb.

Purple light flew into his brain, making his mind instantly clear. However, the pain also became more apparent.

Luckily, he was used to death and pain. He could proudly say he was very good at enduring pain!

This was just an ordinary level of pain.

Soon, he became immersed in learning his G.o.d art.

The crystal ball was huge. It contained a large amount of information about G.o.d art.

After Lu Ze used a purple orb, his mind became extremely clear as he took in all the G.o.d art information.

In the dark room, Lu Ze sat on his bed. His body occasionally flashed with a metallic dark light.

After an unknown amount of time, the pain started to ease up gradually until it fully disappeared. He had completely digested the G.o.d art information in his body.

Lu Ze opened his eyes. His dark pupils flashed with a metallic color. His body didn’t change at all, but it gave people the feeling of a dominant chi. It was like he was the huge black tiger.

That was finally over. It was so painful.

He really couldn’t go down experiencing this pain every day. Although he could handle it, who would want to be in pain if they could feel good?

At this moment, Lu Ze wanted a G.o.d art that could cut off the pain the most.

He looked outside.

Outside the window, the sky was still adorned with stars. It was still night.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He was confused.

He thought it had been a long while, but it was still nighttime?

It seemed he became more talented.

He couldn’t help feeling good about himself. He devoured such a huge G.o.d art ball in a night.

Then, he pressed the bedside, trying to get up.

However, he found that his palm had completely sunk into the alloy bed frame as though it was just cotton.

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my!

What was this strange power?!

He felt he had controlled it very well. The power was still that violent?

He quickly moved his hand away.

This was the second time he accidentally broke something.

Last time, he was beaten up by the alcoholic, but at least, he didn’t have to pay.

This time… he would probably have to pay, right?

Lu Ze looked at the palm print on his bed. His eyes flashed with pain.

Perhaps, after using the martial arts site, Lu Ze began to feel that he was extremely poor.

He was so scared of poverty that he felt he couldn’t even compensate for a bed in the military dorms.

He looked painfully at his right hand and then slapped it with his left hand.

This is all your fault!

However, Lu Ze became dazed. As it turned out, the wind generated by the collision of the palms ravaged the entire bedroom.

His tidy room immediately became very messy. The table was blown over.

The metallic wardrobe was twisted. Luckily, his window was open, or it would probably be gone too.

Lu Ze: “….”

What did he do?

He just clapped his hands?

Why would it become like this?!

Lu Ze didn’t feel well.

In other words, if he ran now, would he be caught back to do free labor?

At this moment, there was suddenly a desperate knock on the door.

“Ze? Are you inside? Is there an attack?!”

It was Ian’s voice.

Lu Ze: “…”

How should he explain it?

He accidentally damaged his bed by pressing on it. He wanted to slap his misbehaving hand and it created a hurricane instead?

He coughed. “Is it Ian? I’m fine, I accidentally used a G.o.d art. I’ll clean it up.”

“Oh… then be careful. Don’t work too hard. I’m going back first.”

Ian left and Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t expect the G.o.d art of the black tiger was this terrifying. Perhaps, it was because the orb was big, and he learned the G.o.d art to a great extent in one go.

He didn’t even use G.o.d art, and his body seemed much stronger.

He clenched his fists and felt his power. Then, his eyes widened in shock.

Just with his body’s power, he probably had five aperture power at aperture opening state?

Oh my G.o.d!

Am I that strong??

Lu Ze was scared by his power.

After he used that special power from the male lion on his body, his pure body power had reached around core martial state level seven.

Yet, just one G.o.d art ball made his power jump to this level? Wasn’t this too scary?!

Luckily, he didn’t go out. He couldn’t control his power too well yet. He might accidentally clap, and Ian’s small body would turn into an Ian pancake.

Then, he remembered he heard Ian say “Don’t work too hard?”

It wasn’t even day yet?

He didn’t even cultivate for an entire night?

Wasn’t this normal?

Or was it…

He quickly looked at the time on his phone.

Then, his mouth spasmed.

Four days had pa.s.sed!

Lu Ze was in disbelief.

He was too hardworking, right?!

Wait… if it was four days, how come he wasn’t able to enter the pocket hunting dimension?

Lu Ze frowned and closed his eyes. He felt he could go in the pocket hunting dimension now, but he didn’t choose to.

If he was immersed in cultivation, he wouldn’t enter the pocket hunting dimension?

He felt happy knowing a bit more about the pocket hunting dimension, but when he looked at the mess, his heart went cold.

Would he be able to afford it?

At this moment, he suddenly discovered the twisted metal slowly recover.


It was a memory alloy!

He thought he needed to sell himself!

Then, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and all the furniture flew back in an organized fas.h.i.+on.

He looked at the palm print. It was getting dimmer. Lu Ze finally felt relieved.

He was fine!

He didn’t need to render free labor!

Now, Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

He wanted to see how powerful he was. He also needed to control his power, or he would be a walking nuke.

Lu Ze appeared on the gra.s.s.

He looked around, and there were no beasts. However, he was in no rush. He started to use his new G.o.d art.


Dark rays formed out of Lu Ze’s body. Lu Ze felt his physical power grow by a huge level.

He didn’t know how strong exactly it was, but it was definitely stronger than when he used the seven times increase in strength G.o.d art.

Simply put, just using this G.o.d art made his power reach ten aperture level.

Lu Ze felt he could fight for an entire day in this state.


I’m too strong?!

Then, he used wind G.o.d art, and his chi grew a level. With fire G.o.d art, his chi grew another level. He also used lightning G.o.d art, but there was only a trace of growth in his chi.

His lightning G.o.d art was too weak indeed.

Then, Lu Ze’s face went serious. He clenched his fists.

Six times the strength G.o.d art.


His chi could shock the heavens. The gra.s.s within a kilometer radius was shattered to pieces.

The nearby weak core martial state beasts and even the aperture opening state that devoured G.o.d art shards were shaking and fleeing.


Seven times.


The ground cracked. From where he stood, the opening on the ground spread outward like a spider web.

His chi shot up another level.

Lu Ze clasped his hands a little, and the air exploded.

Not bad.

His body could completely handle the power now.

The only drawback was it was too exhaustive.

He could only sustain half an hour of this state.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He felt he could try eight times or even nine times increase in power.

The only difficulty was that he didn’t learn the strength to that degree yet. He couldn’t even control his own power right now, much less eight or nine times.

The most important thing now was to learn to control his own power and then think about other stuff.

Then, he remembered that he didn’t just get this G.o.d art crystal orb. He had many others that he hadn’t yet digested.

With his current body, he should be able to handle the power in that red orb.

His spirit force cultivation will also skyrocket too.