Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Harvest Season Again

Wind, fire, lightning, and seven times increase in strength G.o.d art. All these powers circulated around Lu Ze’s body and tore it open.

If he didn’t have regeneration G.o.d art to recover the wounds, he would be dead already.

But this limit-breaking burst brought him extremely strong power. His power was approaching the first level of the aperture opening state.

With the black tiger being heavily injured, Lu Ze felt that his power should be quite stable.


The earth sunk, and a huge clash could be heard.

Lu Ze’s fist clashed with the huge claws of the black tiger. It was like the clash between a giant and an insect.

However, the giant wasn’t able to crush the ant. Instead, the huge claw was shocked away.

The shock from the clash made the heavily injured black tiger wail. Its huge body retreated a few steps. More blood splashed out and soaked the ground red.

Lu Ze also took a shock, and a huge amount of blood gushed out from his cracked body.

He bit his lips and used the regeneration G.o.d art again. He didn’t stop and dashed for the second time.

He then appeared on the huge back of the black tiger.

The tiger roared with fury and a sliver of worry.

A black light flowed around its body, and a thin layer of black crystal formed on the surface of its body.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. The wind, fire, and lightning encircled his fist. Subsequently, a crystal color surged, and he swung his fist toward the wound from which organs could be seen.


The fist clashed with the crystal layer and made a huge sound.

Fire and wind mixed with lightning surged in all directions, tearing everything in its wake.

A crack appeared on the crystal layer. The force also made the tiger and Lu Ze bleed out again.




The tiger could only defend against Lu Ze’s attacks. It didn’t have the power to counter-attack.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze landed punch after punch on the crystal layer. The concussion made his body crack even more. Even his organs ruptured a little as well.

He was already numb to the pain. He could only instinctively release his power again and again while using regeneration G.o.d art to sustain himself. He didn’t even know how many times he had punched.


The crystal soon cracked, and Lu Ze’s fist force reached into that hideous wound.

All of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art powers were released inside the tiger’s body. Its organs fractured, and blood spurted out. Finally, its chi grew weaker and weaker until it completely disappeared.


The tiger’s huge body fell on the ravaged grounds.

Lu Ze finally stopped. His mind relaxed a little, and he wobbled. He could barely stand.

He dispersed his G.o.d art and only maintained the regeneration G.o.d art.

Soon, his numb body could feel again.

Lu Ze’s face went green. His lips and body were convulsing.

“Arghh….. this hurts…”

His senses for pain recovered, and he felt like he was going to heaven.

He couldn’t stop. If he did, then his body would be crippled.

But when Lu Ze watched the huge corpse turn to ash, his twisted face couldn’t resist showing a smile.

This was a real big boss with G.o.d art!

Not those aperture opening state beasts that devoured G.o.d art shards!

He earned huge this time!

Although he didn’t get the rune, this was a considerable harvest for him already. With his current progress, he would still need at least a few months to really kill this level of beast.

Lu Ze watched the huge tiger turn to dust and orbs.

The red orbs were gleaming like fire. They had the size of a fist. Despite being a few meters apart, Lu Ze could still feel the intense energy from it. There were five in total.

The pure purple orbs emitted a mysterious chi. They also had the size of a fist. There were three of them in total.

There was a black crystal ball that had the size of two fists. It contained this metallic-like light inside.

There was also a black crystal-like rune. There were only four strokes, and it looked extremely simple. It was floating above the ground and spinning.

Lu Ze’s eyes were beaming, looking at this.

Another season of harvest.

He jumped toward the orbs and runes and collected them into his mental dimension while ignoring the pain.

Then, he felt relieved.

It was safe now!

If he wasn’t able to pick it up and got killed by a boss that could be pa.s.sing by, he would cry to death.

If he digested this harvest, his power would skyrocket!

Lu Ze held down his excitement and slowly recovered. It would be a few more hours, and he would pretty much be fine.

However, he lost quite a lot of blood. He couldn’t get it back in the pocket hunting dimension, so he would still be a bit weak.

Next, he would just need to kill core martial state or weak aperture opening state beasts.

Lu Ze flew in the opposite direction of the purple pillar.

It was best to avoid that super rabbit.

Time flew by. Lu Ze had stayed his fourth day in the pocket hunting dimension and still wasn’t kicked out.

This was the first time he had stayed for such a long period of time!

He wondered just how long he could stay here.

Everything here was good, except that he hadn’t eaten for four days.

Although he could survive without eating for a few weeks with his current state, this was unbearable for a foodie!

With his harvest becoming so huge, Lu Ze wanted to go out.

Lu Ze looked around. It was just boundless gra.s.s.

Lu Ze even wanted to check if there would be different places.


At this moment, a roar could be heard.

Lu Ze’s head ached and his eyes went dark. Then, he woke up in his dorm.

Lu Ze: “…”

He was used to it already.

However, he didn’t get to see what boss it was.

Then, Lu Ze closed his eyes. He looked at his harvest, and his smile blossomed.

He really wanted to see how strong he would be after devouring these.

When the university starts, would Lin Ling dare to be c.o.c.ky in front of him?

Then, he frowned at the huge red energy orbs.

He didn’t know if his current body could handle this level of energy.

He could feel the energy was rather terrifying. If he couldn’t handle it, he might explode.

This was the same for the purple orb too.

Lu Ze looked at the black crystal ball and rune.

This should be that body G.o.d art the tiger had, right? However, this crystal ball seemed a bit too huge??

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the crystal ball that had the size of two fists. This was probably ten times bigger than the other G.o.d art crystal b.a.l.l.s he got before?

It was also dangerous to devour this G.o.d art.

As for the rune…

Was it divine art?

Lu Ze still wanted to try. With regeneration G.o.d art, it was a bit hard to die.

Once again, Lu Ze felt the regeneration G.o.d art was too great.

The final choice would be between the red orbs and the G.o.d art orb.

Moments later, Lu Ze still decided to use the G.o.d art orb first.

Compared to the powerful energy in the red orb, the G.o.d art orb mainly depended on enlightenment. He had the purple orbs for that.

Thus, the black G.o.d art crystal ball disappeared from his mind.