Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 218

Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Terrifying Divine Art

The super rabbit came before the purple rune and ate it while all the beasts were roaring.

Then, the super white rabbit flickered with lightning while its mental force G.o.d art released invisible waves.

It floated in the pillar and roared.

Compared to the other bosses, it was extremely small, but its roar was shocking.

A violent wind spread in all directions. It contained invisible mental force waves and purple lightning.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

It could do this!

The rune also brought G.o.d art awakening??

This was a chain of service!

No wonder all the bosses wanted it.

If they got it, they would have two G.o.d art and one divine art.

The increase in combat power would be huge!

However, this was taken by the super white rabbit.

Lu Ze’s heart ached. He was still too weak. He couldn’t compare with the bosses.

At this moment, the sky darkened again.

This extremely strong aura of threat emerged in the air, making Lu Ze tense.

He looked up and the clear sky was covered in dark clouds.

With the light pillar as the center, the dark clouds covered a radius of more than 100 kilometers.

Lightning rumbled in the dark clouds like the wrath of heaven.

Lu Ze used the chi stealth technique without hesitation and quickly retreated.

This d.a.m.ned rabbit!

This was definitely the divine art contained in that rune!

Otherwise, the power of aperture opening state bosses wouldn’t be able to unleash an attack of this level.

This was mortal evolution state power!

Luckily, it was the rabbit’s first time using this divine art. It instantly froze for a moment.

Lu Ze happened to be at the border of the divine art, so he dashed out of the attack range.

As soon as he landed, the lightning roared like crazy.


He looked at the doomsday-like scene behind him and broke out in a cold sweat.

The bolts of lightning were like purple long swords in the dark clouds. They were extremely dense, and every strike could create a huge ditch in the ground.

The entire region was covered with destruction.

Those bosses near the pillar were in a pitiful state.

They were already heavily injured while fighting for the rune. Now, they could only wail as they fled outside, under this doomsday lightning.

Every strike could break their defenses and burn their bodies.

Every lightning bolt had this numbing effect that affected their use of spirit force and the agility of their bodies.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened in shock.

This was too strong?!

Lu Ze’s skin was crawling.

He really wanted this!

That cute rabbit glared at the fleeing bosses like a king.

Clearly, it wanted them all too.

But unlike Lu Ze who could only dream, this rabbit boss could actually do it.

Soon, the bosses fell to the lightning one by one and weren’t able to get out of the lightning range even in their death.

There were some st.u.r.dy bosses who kept using their G.o.d art, not succ.u.mbing to defeat.


The blue bird boss was surrounded by a whirlwind. It planned to use its wind to stop the lightning and use the advantage of its speed to charge out.

Just when Lu Ze thought it would succeed, an invisible wave blew past. The blue bird’s figure stiffened. The wind disappeared, and it was instantly annihilated by lightning.

Lu Ze: “…”

Farewell, blue bird boss.

Such scenes happened in all directions. More and more bosses were dying.

Just when Lu Ze thought that the super rabbit was really going to take them all out, the dark clouds suddenly disappeared, and the white rabbit’s chi fell too.

Lu Ze: “???”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. No matter how strong a divine art was, one needed to activate it. The stronger it was, the more consuming it would be.

Clearly, that divine art was too powerful. This level of power was decent even among the mortal evolution state.

The rabbit clearly couldn’t maintain it for long.

Despite this, Lu Ze didn’t charge up.

He didn’t want to die from a glare again.

After the divine art stopped, the remaining lightning warhorse and black tiger roared in terror. They had a burst in speed and ran while the rabbit’s chi was dropping.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. He followed the black tiger.

The lightning warhorse could survive clearly because it had lightning G.o.d art, so the lightning divine art wasn’t as damaging to him.

It should be able to still fight.

Meanwhile, the black tiger probably had a physical body G.o.d art. It took the lightning G.o.d art by force and with its previous injuries, its power would drop to a very weak state.

In that case, Lu Ze could try killing it?

Lu Ze wasn’t confident, to be honest, but, this was the closest opportunity he had to kill this boss.

Isn’t it just death?

It’s not like he hadn’t died!

Last time, he was naive and was slapped to death by the tiger.

This time, he wanted to see how much power the tiger still had.

The tiger was clearly scared by the rabbit. Despite being heavily injured, it still flew for nearly ten minutes.

When its chi was too unstable, it slowly stopped.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed, and then, his mouth spasmed. Should he use the newly sealed seven times increase in strength G.o.d art?

It had only been a day!

But, Lu Ze had no choice. Immediately, Lu Ze burned with fire, and the wind swirled around him. Lightning crackled and a sliver of crystal seeped out.

Full power!

Then, he bit his lips.

His powerful chi surged again and flew in all directions uncontrollably.

Blood gashes appeared on his body. They were very deep, and blood sprayed. His body was like a doll that was about to crack.

Grey mist surged on the wounds. He used regeneration G.o.d art to the full extent, so he could prevent his body from crumbling.

Lu Ze shook. He was engulfed in pain, but this power was equally terrifying.

The only drawback was time.

He only had a minute of this state.

Without hesitation, he clenched his fist and instantly dashed toward the black tiger.

Come, boss, let’s fight with our lives and see who dies first!



The black tiger, who was planning to recover, suddenly felt a powerful chi charge at him. It immediately roared.

If it was in its prime, he could easily kill this level of being with a claw.

But now, the situation was different.