Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 217

Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Unexpected Entry

While the battle royale in the purple light pillar was occurring, Lu Ze’s curiosity was completely provoked.

The beasts who were fighting inside were all at the level of a big boss.

What could be hidden inside that was capable of making those big bosses fight with their lives?

Lu Ze really wanted to lean closer and see.

However, their battle was too intense. Staying within a hundred kilometers of the area wasn’t safe at all.

He was a little hesitant.

If it was just the shockwaves of the battle, he should be able to stop it with his current power. However, if some boss drew the fight to him, he wasn’t confident he could survive.

At his current distance, it should be fine if he got closer.

However, the risk would greatly increase.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Moments later, he gritted his teeth and decided to get a little closer.

He didn’t know what was in the light pillar, but if he accidentally grabbed it, he could put it in his mental dimension.

Then, those bosses wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

At most, they would kill him.

Was he afraid of death?

Not at all.

Thus, Lu Ze moved forward with the mental preparation to die.



In the air near the pillar, a few figures flashed, clashed, and roared.

Wind, lightning, and all sorts of G.o.d art flashed constantly. Spirit force blew up extreme winds, sweeping hundreds of kilometers.

Lu Ze inched closer. 300 kilometers, 250 kilometers, 200 kilometers…

At his current position, the shockwaves had some force and made Lu Ze tense.

Lu Ze still chose to keep moving.

150 kilometers.

At this distance, the wind blades and lightning had some power. Lu Ze looked up at the pillar.

The stronger the martial artist, the better their body functions in all aspects. His eyes could barely see the scene inside the pillar.

There was a purple rune floating inside.

It was crackling with lightning as it spun.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened.

He felt this thing was quite familiar?

Lu Ze thought of the rune shard at the birthplace of the blue bird boss.

He couldn’t see how complicated the rune was, but they were innately the same.

This was lightning divine art?!

Lu Ze’s eyes were green.

The rune that descended from the heavens in the pocket hunting dimension was definitely strong!

Although he didn’t know if it would be as strong as the fire clone, it definitely wouldn’t be too far from it.

This was a complete real rune!

If he could get this rune, his combat power can definitely increase a lot!


A black tiger and a grey lizard clashed.

Black and grey spirit lights spread in all directions.

The earth instantly sunk and many layers of the earth were sc.r.a.ped away. The air was filled with mud and gra.s.s. The wind was blowing toward the direction of Lu Ze.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s fiery heart quenched.

With these bosses here, what could he do?

He could easily spot the blue bird boss, lizard boss, lightning warhorse boss, black tiger boss, and others he hadn’t seen.

The gra.s.s of the pocket hunting dimension was too huge. He wasn’t able to reach the end just hunting like that. He didn’t even know what was outside the gra.s.s plains.

With these bosses here, he didn’t need to bother thinking about the rune at all.

Just from the way they fought, Lu Ze knew that if he got closer, the fire would be focused on him.

He couldn’t even take one hit, much less take on the fire.

The battle royale went around the pillar. Most beasts didn’t leave the pillar for more than five kilometers.

If any beast tried to enter the pillar, it would be attacked by all other beasts.

Lu Ze was very curious. Only the lightning warhorse boss had lightning G.o.d art. What was the point of the other bosses getting this rune?

It couldn’t be changed into their own divine art.

But, since they were all fighting for it, then, clearly they could all use it.

The battle continued for a few hours. The chi of the bosses were much weaker than before. They all had wounds, except for the lizard with regeneration G.o.d art.

In the distance, the sun slowly rose and painted the horizon orange. The darkness dissipated.

At this moment, the purple pillar started spinning, and the rune flashed as though it would break at any time.

Seeing this, those bosses couldn’t stay reasonable anymore. They attacked each other crazily as they tried to charge into the pillar of light.

There were more roars of pain.

Lu Ze who had been hiding for an entire night thought that perhaps he had a chance?

Those bosses could kill him easily in the beginning, but now, their powers had dropped a lot.

After some more time, perhaps, they can’t move at all?

If that’s the case, then, he would be able to get the purple rune?

Wait a little!

If that was the case, why would he only choose to take the purple rune?

He’ll take everything.

With all these bosses here, it would be a huge earning if he killed them.

Lu Ze became nervous and hopeful.

It just depended on if they gave him the chance.

Of course, the might be a super boss pa.s.sing by suddenly. It might crush them all like that golden sun from before.

Lu Ze waited for dozens of minutes.

The intense battle eased for a while. Those bosses stopped and floated in the air panting.

They were covered in wounds and large amounts of blood dropped from their hideous wounds.

Wait for a little more!

They could still instantly kill him. After another wave of fighting, he could attack!

Lu Ze used his side vision to watch the rune.

It wouldn’t be long until this rune and pillar disappeared.

They wouldn’t be able to resist.

The atmosphere was heavy. None of them wanted to give up this huge fortune.

At this moment, an unexpected scene appeared.

A thin long white flow of light charged into the bosses.

Then, this invisible wave surged, and all the beasts roared crazily. They could barely stay in the air.

This white light didn’t stop at all and instantly went into the purple light pillar.

Then, this flowing light stopped. This unknown boss appeared.

It was a small figure no taller than two meters. It had a white furry body and long ears.

It’s you! Super rabbit!

The rabbit that killed him with just a glance?!

Was that its mental force G.o.d art?

Lu Ze didn’t know if it just came or had been hiding for a long while.

All the beasts were heavily injured except for him.