Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Heavenly Light Pillar

Inside the living room, Ye Mu was happily eating breakfast on the couch. There were more than ten buns placed at the coffee table. He must have bought them back from outside.

Lu Ze glanced at his smile and asked, “What happened? Why are you so happy?”

Ye Mu grinned. “I bought an aperture opening state sword sutra yesterday. I went to practice it at the training grounds last night. It was very helpful to me!”

Lu Ze grinned.

Clearly, this guy had improved or he wouldn’t be this happy.

Ian and Xavier were still in their rooms. Lu Ze ate a few buns, and then, the two looked at the situation at the 25th planet. It was rather stable, so they went back to their rooms to cultivate.

Another three days later in the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze stood in the gra.s.s, facing a green goat and purple goat flas.h.i.+ng with lightning.

Both of them were over three meters tall. Their eyes were red and ferocious while their sharp teeth were visible. They pointed their sharp horns at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was very calm.

Their power was around five apertures. Lu Ze’s combat power had reached six apertures after these few days of cultivation.

It wasn’t hard to kill the two, but he was doing an experiment right now.

His strength G.o.d art had been stuck at five times increase in power for a long time.

With his current body, it was strong enough to reach six times or even seven times.

Strength G.o.d art was the only G.o.d art he learned by himself.

After using the strength G.o.d art every day, as well as his own learnings, Lu Ze felt he could try six times power increase.

He looked at the two goats. A crystal color flashed.

At this moment, Lu Ze frowned.

His body was experiencing a piercing pain due to the increase in power. The increase was rather unstable and could fall back at any moment.

Outside Lu Ze’s body, the power ripples shook the air. With him being the center, the air turned into the wind and spread out in all directions.

Lu Ze’s body emitted a terrifying pressure. The two vigilant goats wanted to retreat a little.

They felt a death threat from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze saw this and grinned.

Wind, fire, and lightning appeared on his body. With the unstable crystal color, it seemed very vibrant.

He bent his knees and darted off the ground.


There was a thunderous hum, and a deep ditch of 100-meter range appeared where Lu Ze stood. His body instantly appeared next to the wind goat.

Before it could react, he lifted his right leg and swung it toward the goat, kicking heavily with the wind, fire, and lighting on its belly.


The goat’s wind G.o.d art and spirit force barrier only wobbled for a moment and was then torn like paper.

After a thud, the three-meter tall goat was turned into a green beam, flying away in the distance within a few hundred meters. Blood sprayed on the area it pa.s.sed through.

Eventually, the goat landed and glided on the gra.s.s for 100 meters before stopping.


After witnessing such a scene, the lightning goat, who was the companion of the wind goat, roared.

It charged at Lu Ze with its sharp electric horns.

Lu Ze was planning to kick this goat away too, but suddenly, the crystal color flickered, and the increase on his power through the strength G.o.d art returned to five times.

Lu Ze gasped and dodged the charge. He felt his power surge again.

It was wavering between five and six times increment. If he had some more time, Lu Ze believed it would stabilize at six times.

Lu Ze turned into a flow of light and appeared next to the heavily injured goat.

He punched and the fist force traveled through the goat’s brain, ending its life.

Then, mental force flowed over his body, and the crystal color became vibrant again. His force rose once more.

Seeing this, the lightning goat wanted to run, but Lu Ze already appeared next to it.


Lu Ze punched it. Fire and wind surged while lightning sparkled. He instantly smashed its defenses and killed it with one punch.

Lu Ze looked at the two goats turning to dust and panted.

The lightning G.o.d art could slightly be a part of his combat power now.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t fuse it with wind and fire yet.

Still, with his previous experience for fusion, it wouldn’t be too hard.

However, the fusion of lightning G.o.d art and wind G.o.d art provided a much weaker increase than wind and fire.

If he used five times the strength G.o.d art and other G.o.d arts, he could reach six aperture power. If he used six times the strength G.o.d art, he could even reach seven apertures.

However, Lu Ze would, at most, last five minutes in this state.

What happened just now made him breathless.

If he just used four times the strength G.o.d art, it would cost more effort to kill the two goats.

He couldn’t kill them instantly like now.

Lu Ze picked up the wind and lightning crystal b.a.l.l.s, as well as the red and purple orbs. He thought:

‘Perhaps, he could try seven times the strength G.o.d art.’

Then, Lu Ze closed his eyes and used all his mental force.

With six times from the previous one and his usage of purple orbs, he learned it in half a day.

Then, he was about to try the seven times power increase. Instantly, Lu Ze’s body started to crack and blood sprayed. He quickly stopped.

This was playing with death.

He would seal this technique until his body was stronger.

Then, with the use of regeneration G.o.d art, his body slowly repaired itself.

After that, he was once again on the path of hunting.

Ever since he died from using the mind-reading technique three days ago, Lu Ze never dared to try it again on the animals in the pocket hunting dimension.

However, the chi stealth technique helped him greatly. He earned more in these three days than the previous five days.

He could get one or two G.o.d art b.a.l.l.s every day.

At night, the beasts started howling, and battle sounds rose.

Lu Ze killed a litter of core martial state big cats and was collecting red and purple orbs.

At this moment, all the battle and roaring sounds disappeared. The s.p.a.ce became eerily depressing.

Lu Ze quickly laid down and used the chi stealth technique. He didn’t dare to move.

Was it a pa.s.sing boss?

He was ready to die on the spot.

At this moment, a purple light pillar suddenly appeared in the distant heaven.

It was royal and mysterious as it pierced the world.

Lu Ze looked in shock. There was at least a few hundred-kilometer distance, so Lu Ze couldn’t see what was inside. He can only vaguely see a bolt of purple lightning flas.h.i.+ng in the pillar.


Should he go and check it out?

Suddenly, a few extremely terrifying roars could be heard from the direction of the light pillar.

The roars pierced a few hundred kilometers and turned into a violent wind.

The chi erupted like a volcano. The powerful pressure silenced the entire surroundings.

Suddenly, terrifying battle sounds came out.


The sound was capable of shaking the entire heavens.

Near the pillar, there were savage winds, lightning, grey mist, and dark rays.

There were also other G.o.d arts.

It was a battle royale.

Lu Ze looked at the doomsday-like fighting scene.

He felt that he was lucky he was very far, or he would be dead.

At the same time, his eyes flashed. What was inside the pillar?