Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Chapter 215: The Only Bit of Light

Lu Ze looked out the window and fell into deep thought.

Moments later, he looked back at the martial arts site. There were also government missions, as well as private and corporation missions.

Most of the government missions were compensated with federal contribution points while the private and corporation missions were rewarded in all sorts of ways.

Lu Ze looked casually at a few missions.

Astral Spirit Corporation was hiring a bodyguard. The client was the CEO’s daughter.


A mortal evolution state was looking for the scorching sun flower.

What was that?

Lu Ze further looked down.

The next mission was issued by the government. It was a wanted mission.

The target was a middle-aged man with an aperture opening state 60+ apertures power.

Lu Ze didn’t bother. This person was much stronger than him.

He kept looking…

There were many missions. If you accept the mission, your details will be sent to the person who put out the mission, and they would decide if you were hired.

Lu Ze closed the mission sections. He was going to stay inside the HQ base. He couldn’t go out to complete missions.

After the entrance test, he would go back to school. He didn’t know how school was like, so he couldn’t accept missions yet.

If possible, he would try to do a few missions and see if he could get 1.2 million to buy the wings of the wind.

It had huge benefits to his combat and would allow him to run easily since he was on the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List.

He needed this divine art a lot.

Lu Ze didn’t have much needs now, so he didn’t spend the remaining 570k federal contribution points.

After leaving the site, Lu Ze sat on the bed and started using a purple orb to cultivate the mind-reading technique and chi stealth technique.

These two secret techniques weren’t hard. With the help of the purple orb, he learned the two in three hours.

He opened his eyes and looked outside.

It was dark already. The dorms were silent. Everyone probably bought quite a lot of things with their federal contribution points and were immersed in cultivation.

At this moment, Lu Ze had a bold idea.

He closed his eyes and s.h.i.+fted his mental force. He entered a dark dimension. There were two rings present. These were the two maps of the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze didn’t go in the second one but went back to the first one.

He appeared on the gra.s.sy plains and not far from him was a super huge rabbit.

It was happily munching gra.s.s until Lu Ze suddenly appeared and scared it.

Lu Ze looked at the rabbit. It touched him quite a lot.

They were old friends!

The rabbit of the second map wasn’t a rabbit at all.

It was too scary. He died on the spot with just a glance.

The rabbits on this map were much cuter.

After staring at Lu Ze for a while, it bounced off the ground and dashed toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes were extremely soft as he looked at the rabbits.


It was this scene. So familiar.

When he first came in here, he was so worried, but now, he felt this rabbit was quite cute and fluffy.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the rabbit hovered in the air.

It happened so quickly that the rabbit wasn’t able to react. It kept staring at Lu Ze ferociously.

After a few seconds, the rabbit became dazed. The distance between them hasn’t changed at all.

What happened?

Soon, the rabbit realized that it was trapped by the wind in the air!

The rabbit began to panic and struggle.

Lu Ze grinned as the rabbit kicked its legs and writhed its chubby body. He felt this guy was even cuter.

Lu Ze wanted to eat it. What a pity, he couldn’t.

Then, Lu Ze pulled the rabbit closer to him with the wind.

Seeing how worried it was, Lu Ze patted its head and said, “Good rabbit, I’m no bad person. Don’t be scared.”

Lu Ze just wanted to do an interesting experiment.

Since the mind-reading technique could read the minds of living beings, he was really curious about what the animals in the pocket hunting dimension thought.

This was a mystery, and he shall unveil it.

Lu Ze used the mind-reading technique and expanded his mental force to the rabbit’s brain.

With Lu Ze’s current mental force, the success rate was almost 100% for those below spirit martial state. This rabbit was ferocious, but it hadn’t reached the spirit martial state.

Lu Ze’s mental force extended deeper into its thought.

The thinking of the rabbit was very chaotic. The mind-reading technique could only read the basic level of thought.

Lu Ze didn’t seem to be able to read anything.

Was the experiment going to fail?

Just at this moment, Lu Ze’s vision went black. Countless scenes flashed across in his mind.

Lu Ze couldn’t even see what the scene was.

After some time, the light stopped in this simple yet indescribable scene.

In this dark s.p.a.ce, there was only one spot of light.

When Lu Ze tried to look at it clearly, his mental force relaxed, and the scene disappeared.

Then, Lu Ze opened his eyes, and he was back in the dorms.

Lu Ze: “???”

What happened? He just wanted to use the mind-reading technique on the rabbit. Why was he out of the pocket hunting dimension??

How did he die??

Lu Ze laid on the bed and reminisced that scene.

What was that?

A beast in the pocket hunting dimension?

Was that a place in the pocket hunting dimension?

Or was that rabbit’s thought connected to the thought of a big boss?

Lu Ze couldn’t get it, so he gave up.

He might as well explore it slowly when he got stronger.

Lu Ze suddenly realized that he didn’t get anything from the pocket hunting dimension today.

Lu Ze felt his chest. It hurt. He gained nothing.

After being disappointed for a while, Lu Ze dismissed the chaotic thoughts and sat up.

Cultivation, cultivation!

In these five days, his spirit force cultivation level rose another level, reaching abstruse martial state level seven. However, he only got one lightning G.o.d art orb and one regeneration G.o.d art orb.

Without G.o.d art orbs, Lu Ze used the red orbs for cultivation.


Soon, it was the next day. Lu Ze opened his eyes and clasped his hands, feeling the results of last night’s cultivation.

A steady improvement.

He smiled and got up. He stretched and walked out of the door slowly.