Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Blade Demon’s Dawn Blade

There were many types of secret techniques, including physical force secret technique, mental force secret technique, and even spirit force secret technique. Other than these, there were also some self-destructive techniques and secret techniques that used special effects.

Lu Ze looked at the secret technique page.

Those who knew G.o.d art were the minority. Most martial artists relied on their knowledge of spirit force and secret techniques to improve themselves.

For example, a spirit force compression and release secret technique can greatly release one’s spirit force in a short while and even allow that person to fight a G.o.d art martial artist.

However, there were adverse side effects. First of all, if the physical body wasn’t strong enough, it wouldn’t be able to handle that explosion of spirit force.

Second, although it could increase your power for a short while, your spirit force will soon be drained, and you’ll be much weaker.

In essence, there were pros and cons.

These types of secret techniques were much cheaper than divine arts. You can buy them with 100k federal contribution points.

Mhm, they weren’t useful to Lu Ze. Clearly, it was better to use G.o.d arts for explosive use of spirit force.

A G.o.d art was like a cheat engine that increased one’s power while a secret technique’s total output of spirit force remained the same.

At the same time, there was also a body refinement secret technique. These secret techniques didn’t have many side effects, but they would consume a lot of resources. It wasn’t useful to Lu Ze either. He already had the red orbs, and his body refinement could reach the perfect state at all times.

The secret techniques Lu Ze was interested in were those special ones.

For example, chi stealth secret technique.

Although it couldn’t compare with chi stealth G.o.d art, it was rather good.

It would be a very useful secret technique for Lu Ze who went to the pocket hunting dimension every night.

Lu Ze looked at the price. It only cost 3k federal contribution points.

Although it was useful, it wasn’t too effective against those who were too much stronger than you. Thus, the price was very cheap.

Lu Ze bought it without hesitation and smiled.

Then, Lu Ze kept searching again.

Soon, he found another. Mental force secret technique, mind-reading?!

Lu Ze was shocked. He hopefully opened the introduction and was soon a little disappointed.

It was a mind-reading technique wherein the necessary difference in mental force between the two beings must be tremendous.

Judging from Lu Ze’s current mental force, he could only read those who just reached spirit martial state at most.

Those martial artists who were acquainted with some mental force defense arts, even if it was just a bare knowledge, wouldn’t be read by him.

Lu Ze gasped and hesitated for a while before eventually buying it.

It wasn’t a G.o.d art nor divine art. One shouldn’t expect it to do too much. It wasn’t expensive anyway. It only cost 5k federal contribution points. Perhaps, he would be able to use it at some point, right?

Then, Lu Ze looked at the other secret techniques. He didn’t find anything very interesting, so he left the page.

He spent 8k federal contribution points and bought a chi stealth secret technique and mind-reading technique.

Overall, it was a good deal.

Lu Ze smiled as he received the things he bought. The joy derived from being satisfied with shopping made him forget the reality that he was actually poor.

His mood s.h.i.+fted instantly.

After finis.h.i.+ng the martial technique section, Lu Ze opened the treasure section.

This section was split into minerals, spirit material, spirit fruit, spirit items, serums, and magical artifacts.

Lu Ze then opened the mineral section. The one at the very top was an ore called star core marrow.

Mhm, 15 million federal contribution points.

Lu Ze looked at the silvery liquid for a few moments and then silently exited this section.

He was indeed very poor.

Then, he looked at the other sections. The spirit material, fruit, and items were natural while the serums and magical artifacts were artificial.

The ones at the very front were all scarily expensive. They were no cheaper than divine arts.

Luckily for him, the demand for this aspect was not high. When he returns to the university, he would forge his own spirit powered armor. Perhaps, he would buy some materials from here.

Lu Ze then looked at the discussion forums. Before, the highest he could see was the mortal evolution state section, but now, he could access the planetary state section.

He looked at the posts in the aperture opening state, mortal evolution state, and planetary state. Most of them were discussions about cultivation issues.

Lu Ze didn’t find anything useful for him, so he left.

There was also the famous teacher section where you could make appointments with powerful beings to answer your questions. There were also some videos provided where you could learn.

Of course, there were fees charged.

Making an appointment with aperture opening state costs 500 federal contribution points.

Lu Ze: “…”

Should he leave his name on there to earn some pocket money?

Perhaps, after ten years, he would be able to afford the wings of the wind?

Then, Lu Ze realized that his cultivation was different from others. He probably wouldn’t be able to answer any.

Lu Ze felt that another stream of income was blocked.

Subsequently, he opened the last section—missions.

At the very top were three big b.l.o.o.d.y words. The words appeared as though they were filled with murderous intent.

Demon Hunting List.

A few days ago, when he was included in the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List, Nangong Jing told him about the human version, Demon Hunting List.

It was divided into three too. One-star, two-star, and three-star.

One-star corresponded to White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List.

Two-star corresponded to Blood Blade a.s.sa.s.sination list.

Three-star corresponded to Black Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List.

Lu Ze didn’t even want to look at the two-star and three-star lists. He couldn’t beat them nor even run away from them. He might as well look at the one-star list. They were closer to him.

At the very top of the one-star list was a blade demon called Guguyate. His combat power was extremely near the mortal evolution state. He had s.p.a.ce field G.o.d art and a prenatal demon body. His offense and defense were extremely terrifying. He killed quite some powerful humans and made substantial contributions to the battlefield.

The reward for killing him was 6 million federal contribution points.

The second was a prodigal commander called Momoerde. His power was only at the tertiary stage of the aperture opening state, but he possessed the very rare prediction G.o.d art. This was a G.o.d art related to time.

One had a higher probability of predicting the future.

Humans had never won in the wars he was in.

The reward for him was also 6 million federal contribution points.

The third-ranked was Luoluoxisi, a scientific genius. His power was also at the tertiary stage of the aperture opening state. His G.o.d art was super enlightenment. He was incredible at learning everything whether it was martial arts or science or even commanding.

Because there was Guguyate for martial arts, and Momoerde for commanding, he chose the scientific field.

Despite this, his combat power didn’t fall behind.

The reward for killing him was also 6 million federal contribution points.

They were called the three strongest demons of the new generation.

The demon king of the blade demon anointed them as “Dawn Blades”.

Their rewards were much higher than the bottom-ranked 2-star list demons.

The reward for the fourth-ranked blade demon prodigy on the one-star list was only 2.5 million.

There was a gradual diminution of contribution points further down the list. At around 2000, the reward was only 500k federal contribution points.

Lu Ze looked at his net worth. It was quite similar to his worth.

Lu Ze glanced at the blade demons on the list. Poverty covered his eyes. He wanted to go hunt these people.

However, his reason was still intact, and he silently left this list.