Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 213

Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Power of Divine Art

As soon as he logged in, a pop-up appeared on the site. The content was that Lu Ze’s account had its authority brought up to level three honored account. He will have more privileges.

Lu Ze scanned it. They included access to higher-level items, as well as a planetary state discussion forum. He could also publish his own martial arts clips in the famous teachers’ section, as well as get paid with federal contribution points to answer some questions.

Lu Ze closed it soon. He became dazed just by looking at it.

The first time he went on here, he just downloaded the free chi attraction chant to break through to spirit martial state. After that, he became a spirit body. This cultivation was different from ordinary cultivators. He searched in the forums for a long time to find an explanation.

After the insectoid tide, he just bought a mortal evolution state spirit force cultivation experience journal, and he ran out of federal contribution points. Thus, he didn’t look at other things.

This time… he felt very confident just looking at the 580k federal contribution points in his account.

He was going to go through everything.

There were many tabs on the site, including martial technique, treasure, discussion, famous teachers’ guidance, and even missions.

There were also some hot news and blogs, as well as clips on the front page.

Lu Ze looked through the different tabs and thought about what he was lacking.

The strongest aspect about him right now was G.o.d art. If there was something that could bring him huge improvement, it would be divine art.

Lu Ze could also think about physical and mental force secret techniques.

Regardless, improving his own power was a top priority.

He opened the martial technique block.

This tab was separated into many blocks too. This included martial technique for those below mortal evolution state, and the experiences, thoughts, secret techniques, and divine arts for mortal evolution state and above.

Last time he logged in, there was no secret technique and divine art tab. Clearly this only appeared due to his increase in authority.

Other than some unique family heritage, the martial arts site had pretty much all the martial techniques.

Lu Ze grinned and opened the divine art section without hesitation.

He was going to see how much divine arts cost.

After opening it, his excited face froze, and his smile disappeared.

Look at what he found?

Divine art: Fire Clone.

Federal contribution points: 80 million.

Lu Ze: “…”

He silently closed the website and looked outside the window. The stars were very bright.

The sun of the system was like a huge fireball in the night sky, emanating heat and light.

However, this heat couldn’t cast out the coldness in Lu Ze’s heart.

He must’ve opened the wrong one.

He refreshed the website and clicked into the divine art section again shakily.

The first one at the top was still a fire clone.


The price was still 80 million federal contribution points!

Lu Ze looked at his balance and suddenly wanted to cry.

He didn’t know if he could earn this much, even if he reached the planetary state!

Lu Ze felt this website was a huge scam!

How could he afford all that?!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze clicked into the info page for the divine art.

Flame clone, use fire G.o.d art to split off fire clones. The power of the clones depended on the strength of your G.o.d art, quality of your fire G.o.d art, and your own power.

If everything was really strong, then the clone would be strong. If not, the clone could just be used to stand in line and add an extra number.

It’s said that once you fully learn this divine art, you can split the avatar into thousands of clones. Each clone doesn’t have consciousness, but it had basic battle instincts.

But, just that was terrifying enough already!

If that wasn’t enough, try clone self-destruction.

The explosion would be more terrifying than a nuclear bomb.

Thousands of clones blowing up together. Lu Ze felt his brain was shaking just from thinking about it.

Lu Ze’s eyes were green.

Oh my G.o.d!

He had a fire G.o.d art, and his G.o.d art wasn’t weak. If he could have this divine art, then even if the clones had half of his power, it would be amazing.

It was only now that Lu Ze realized how terrifying divine art was.

But looking at his balance, he withered.

He thought he was very wealthy, but now, he realized how naive he was.

After a long silence, Lu Ze bit his lips and looked away from the fire clone.

He looked down at the second divine art.

Divine art: Star Crippling Punch.

Federal contribution points: 60 million.

It looked very strong just by reading the name. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He clicked and looked.

It was a divine art for people with physical G.o.d art, for example, Xavier’s Black Star body.

It would fully unleash the power of physical G.o.d art and allow one to punch through a planet.

Of course, as long as your body was strong enough, you wouldn’t need a physical G.o.d art to use it.

However, usually, those ordinary martial artists who used this ended up having their bodies crumble apart.

Lu Ze left and looked below.

There were many types of divine art. The mainstream was elemental divine art, physical divine art, and mental force divine art. There was also a special G.o.d art divine art.

For example, the flowing water sword formation that required swords. Lu Ze thought of the sword formation Jian Shaoning used to stop the two blade demon prodigies.

Their power was the same, but he could easily stop two.

This was the power of divine art.

Lu Ze looked at the price of the sword formation. It was 4 million federal contribution points.

Lu Ze nodded silently. It wasn’t too expensive, but he couldn’t afford it.

He was Lu Poverty Ze.

How long would it take him to save 4 million federal contribution points?

Lu Ze’s heart ached.

The federation didn’t have many divine arts. There were only tens of them. Of course, it might be because his authority isn’t high enough yet.

Despite this, there shouldn’t be more than 100 divine arts in the federation.

Lu Ze looked on the sections below and soon reached the last.

The last one was called wings of the wind.

It was worth 1.2 million federal contribution points.

It was to use wind G.o.d art to form a pair of wings behind you. It could increase your speed by a huge amount again.

Of course, this would depend on your cultivation level and the power of your G.o.d art.

It was very practical to Lu Ze, but he couldn’t afford it.

1.2 million was an astronomical price for him!

Lu Ze glanced at it one more time before silently leaving the page.

He sighed lifelessly on his bed.

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes suddenly lit up as he got up.

He remembered he could get G.o.d art from the pocket hunting dimension. He just needed to kill the blue bird boss…

Thinking about this, Lu Ze laid back down.

By the time he could kill that boss, he could probably afford the wings of the wind, right?

After a moment of despair, Lu Ze sat back up again.

There was a firm look in his eyes.

He wasn’t going to be beaten by poverty this time!

He was going to finish looking through the martial arts website.

Perhaps, he would find something useful elsewhere?

Lu Ze began looking at the martial technique section.

A martial technique wasn’t useful to him, but he couldn’t afford divine art. He experienced buying one before, but his spirit force cultivation level was low. It wasn’t worth it.

After thinking for a while, Lu Ze set his gaze on the secret techniques.

For mortal evolution state and above, this was another means to improve your battle power.

Lu Ze opened the page with hopefulness in his eyes.