Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 212

Chapter 212

hapter 212: The Position of a Young Duke Can Be Expected

Then, Barry looked at Ye Mu and the others.

Although their performance was ordinary compared to Lu Ze, it could still be considered remarkable if Lu Ze wasn’t there for comparison.

“Corporal Ye Mu!”


Barry smiled. “You were very brave in the war as well. The reward will be 20k federal contribution points, promotion from corporal to sergeant. At the same time, the Xiaer military will award you 2.5 kg of spirit metal as a private reward.”

Ye Mu’s eyes flashed with joy. This reward was nothing compared to Lu Ze, but he knew that what he did couldn’t compare to Lu Ze at all. With Lu Ze there, the risks were very low. This reward was very good!

Then, Barry announced the rewards for others as well.

Ye Mu, Ian, Xavier, Tianyuan Qianhua, Xuan Yuqi, and Jessica all got 20k federal contribution points and promotion to sergeant. They also got 2.5 kg spirit gold each.

This reward was beyond their expectations.

Everyone had a smile on their face.

Barry then said to Lu Ze, “By the way, General Nangong said you can take Sergeant Lin Ling’s reward for now.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Those two!

Lin Ling said that Nangong Jing would deal with it. So, this “deal with it” meant that he would take it for her?!

He felt it was necessary he charged a processing fee.

Barry smiled. “Sergeant Major Lin Ling went into the black scaled beast hive with Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze and discovered the spirit metal mine. She also did well on the battlefield. She will be promoted from sergeant major to 1st lieutenant. At the same time, she will be awarded 100k federal contribution points and 15 kg of spirit metal from us.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I will help her take care of it.”

This meant that the federal contribution points will be sent to her account, and the military t.i.tle will be changed in the data profile. Other than the military badge, he just needed to collect the spirit metal.

Barry nodded. “In that case, I’ll let officer Liu take you to the resource vault to get the spirit metal.”

The middle-aged officer from the left stood up and smiled. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze and everyone please follow me.”

Then, he took them out of the office and came to an elevator. Everyone got on, and after everyone’s palm and eyes were verified, the elevator activated.

The levels were not displayed, but Lu Ze and the rest could feel the elevator going down.

Seeing the group was curious, Liu explained, “The most precious military resources are stored in the base below the central commander building. The spirit metal is placed there too. The security is extremely tight.”

This building had a few mortal evolution states. It was definitely the safest place in the entire base.

The elevator soon stopped.

Then, the door opened. There were two people possessing powerful chi at the door. It was two aperture opening state military officers who scanned everyone coldly.

When they saw officer Liu’s face, their faces eased. The left bulky dark-skinned man said, “Officer Liu, ident.i.ty.”

Officer Liu took it out.

The man took out a palm-sized device and scanned the doc.u.ment before scanning officer Liu himself. After confirming the ident.i.ty, their faces became at ease.

The dark-skinned man smiled, showing very white teeth. He glanced at Lu Ze and the others. “You’ve brought people to collect resources?”

Officer Liu nodded. “Mhm, for spirit metal.”

“Spirit metal?”

The other golden-haired man became dazed.

They knew about the arrival of a batch of spirit metal, but they didn’t expect someone to be collecting it already.

The guards here didn’t have access to the net, and they only changed s.h.i.+fts every half a month.

Officer Liu pointed at Lu Ze. “This batch of spirit metal is found by this young man. This is Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze. His military merit is huge. Have you seen the 18-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze? You will know the specific details when you go out.”

“18-year-old Lieutenant Colonel ?! Old Liu are you messing with us?!”

The dark-skinned man didn’t believe this.

This was too unfathomable. It had never happened in the history of the Federation.

But despite so, he still studied Lu Ze curiously.

Officer Liu smiled but didn’t explain. “Okay, I know you guys won’t believe it. You’ll see once you go out. I’m bringing him over first.”

Then, he led Lu Ze and the rest out of the elevator and went into a corridor made of a white alloy under the two’s gazes.

At the end of the corridor, there was a gray alloy door. Officer Liu took out his ident.i.ty and scanned it on the door before going through the retina and palm print verification.


The door slowly opened, revealing another corridor.

Officer Liu walked in, and Lu Ze and the others followed behind silently.

Lu Ze looked around. Pretty much everything was made of alloy. They looked very st.u.r.dy.

Looking at the smooth walls, Lu Ze felt even a mosquito would slip on them.

The corridor was very long, and there were quite some scanning devices on the way.

At the end, there was another big metal door. Inside it was a huge round s.p.a.ce. On the wall were many huge metal doors. The inside seemed to be the storage.

In the center of the s.p.a.ce was a desk with a bored-looking, golden-haired, middle-aged officer. His rank was a major general.

This meant that this guy was a mortal evolution state.

He looked up at Lu Ze and the others. “Liu, what are you here for?”

Officer Liu took out Major General Barry’s doc.u.ment. “To give them their reward. Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, 150 kg of spirit metal; 1st Lieutenant Lin Ling, 15 kg of spirit metal; Ye Mu and the sergeants, 1.5 kg of spirit metal each. Altogether, 180 kg of spirit metal.”

The general glanced at the doc.u.ment and then walked toward a vault. He opened it and took out eight spirit metal.


Officer Liu smiled. “Thank you, Major General Chris.”

He gave the spirit metal to Lu Ze and the rest. Lu Ze took his and Lin Ling’s into his storage ring.

Seeing Lu Ze receive so much spirit metal all by himself, he eyed Lu Ze a bit longer and then went back to his seat.

Then, they went back along the way to the elevator.

The two guards grinned. “All done?”

Officer Liu smiled. “Done, I’ll treat you two to the bar once you finish.”

The dark-skinned man grinned and slapped Liu’s shoulder. “Brothers indeed!”

Officer Liu’s mouth spasmed. He led Lu Ze and the others into the elevator.

After reaching the top, they didn’t go to Barry’s office. They took the car back to their dorms.

As soon as the hovercar activated, everyone finally couldn’t resist laughing.

Ye Mu said, “I’m finally rich now! 25k federal contribution points! I can finally buy an aperture opening state sword sutra that suits me well. I can also buy some spirit fruit and gene serums that will increase my cultivation level! My power will rise even more, and I can expect the position of a young duke!”

Xuan Yuqi: “Oh.”

Tianyuan Qianhua: “Haha, good luck.”

Jessica: “…”

Xavier: “What? Ye Mu, you’re going to be a young duke??”

Ian: “Ye Mu is encouraging himself. I need to work harder too.”

Lu Ze silently watched and said nothing.

Xuan Yuqi couldn’t resist laughing. “The reward this time is quite good. Our power can have some increase in this short period.”

Everyone else smiled. Clearly, they were thinking about what to buy.

When they arrived at the dorms, everyone got off and couldn’t wait to go up into their rooms to start the buying spree.

Lu Ze also confidently logged into the martial arts site for the second time.