Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 211

Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Extremely Abundant Reward

Ye Mu quickly asked, “Really? Do we go now?”

Everyone looked hopefully at Lu Ze.

They had waited for so long!

With this reward, they could buy quite some things on the martial arts net, and then their powers would increase!

Lu Ze nodded. “There will be someone to take us there immediately.”

He was very excited too. After the reward, he would be wealthy too!

He would be able to buy whatever he wanted!

Soon, someone knocked on the door, and Lu Ze found that young soldier from last time waiting at the door.

He saluted to Lu Ze and the rest. “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, Major General Barry asked me to take you guys over.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Thank you.”

Then, they followed the soldier to a tall building in the HQ. They took the elevator to reach the top floor.

Then, they were led before an office, and the young soldier knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

An authoritative voice could be heard. The soldier opened the door and signaled to Lu Ze and the others to go in.

Lu Ze and the rest went in and found there were only three people in the office. A middle-aged man sat behind the desk facing the front door.

He wore a military uniform, and his badge showed one golden long sword and a star. It was Major General Barry.

On the two sides were two smaller desks that had two younger officers doing work.

They all looked up when Lu Ze and the others came in.

Lu Ze and his companions saluted. “Reporting in!”

Major General Barry’s face eased a little and smiled. “General Nangong got a good student. The Xiaer system military was able to get this spirit metal mine all because of you, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze answered, “I was just lucky.”

Barry smiled. “Since you have earned merits, then there will be a reward. I will be announcing your military reward.”

Lu Ze and the others looked hopefully at Barry.

Barry said slowly, “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.”


“You made the greatest contribution to the spirit metal mine incident. The rewards are as follows: 500k federal contribution points…”

Just the first reward made Lu Ze widen his eyes.

Oh my G.o.d!

500k federal contribution points!

Last time, he did quite well at the graduation trial, and he only received 10k federal contribution points.

Adding the 80k from before, he would have 580k federal contribution points now!

He instantly became rich!

Ye Mu and the others heard this figure and couldn’t breathe. They all looked at Lu Ze in shock.

They were very envious!

Barry smiled and continued, “Military rank promoted to Lieutenant Colonel!”

Lu Ze was planning to laugh, but he just realized the announcement was still going on.

Hold it in!

Lu Ze laughed inside like a happy kid. In just more than ten days, he started from 2nd-grade soldier and ended up becoming a lieutenant colonel.

He skipped so many ranks. It was an unprecedented speed.

Barry: “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, you’re the fastest to reach Lieutenant Colonel in the Federation’s history.”

“Do you know why it took so long for your rewards to be decided? It’s because you rose to Lieutenant Colonel so fast that you’ve startled the Marshal.”

“Originally, your rank should be Major, but there was news that you reached the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List, so your eventual rank became Lieutenant Colonel.”

Lu Ze blinked his eyes. “Even the Marshal was startled?”

Major General Barry smiled. “Yes, even General Nangong only reached Lieutenant Colonel in the second year. What do you think?”

Lu Ze gasped. He knew how strong Nangong Jing was, and yet, he was faster than her?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt quite happy. He was indeed a prodigy.

But this was because he was lucky and encountered the spirit metal mine incident.

The two officers on the side were looking at Lu Ze like he was a monster.

They’ve been in the military for a few decades and had never seen a 2nd-grade soldier reach Lieutenant Colonel in two weeks.

Of course, this was also due to Lu Ze’s rank only being honorary and not having real power.

If it was real power positions, then this would take time.

Despite this, it was already terrifying enough. If news got out, Lu Ze’s name would erupt in the Federation although he was already famous enough.

Although Ye Mu and the others were expecting something, they were still shocked upon hearing this.

Then, Barry continued, “At the same time, the higher levels of the federation have given Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze a level three honorary badge.”

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes widened, and Ye Mu and the rest stopped breathing once again. They didn’t know what to say at all.

The reward was too huge!

Even Lu Ze didn’t expect this.

It was already very lucky that he got a level five honorary badge.

Now, he was given level three.

Level four was skipped.

Barry smiled. “There are also different benefits to different honorary badge level. The most direct one is that the higher level you are, the more precious martial technique, divine art, and treasure you can see. You will know when you go back and check.”

Lu Ze didn’t find many things that were useful on the martial arts site before. So this was the reason?

Of course, the more precious things were, the lesser the supply. They would supply it to those who contributed greatly to the Federation first.

Lu Ze became very excited. He had 580k federal contribution points now, so he could buy whatever he wanted!

Barry’s eyes flashed. He knew what Lu Ze thought and didn’t say anything else. Then, he smiled. “These are all the rewards from the military HQ.”

Lu Ze felt stunned. “Rewards from the military HQ?”

Are there private ones too?

Barry smiled. “You’re smart indeed. That’s right, now there will be a reward given from the Xiaer military.”

“There are two spirit metal mines. The one discovered by the blade demons isn’t in optimal excavation situation, but the other one transported back nearly 2 tonnes in just these five days. The entire mine probably has a worth of tens of tonnes. More than half of this is due to Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze. So, we will be giving Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze 150 kg of spirit metal.”

After hearing this, Lu Ze became dazed.

Up until now, he still didn’t know much about the exact value of spirit metal, but he was only rewarded 1.5 kg when he became a student of the elite cla.s.s of Federal University!

150 kg should not probably have a lesser value than 500k federal contribution points!

Wasn’t this too much to give for an ordinary system military?

Seeing Lu Ze’s hesitation, Barry smiled. “If it wasn’t for Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, we might not even be able to find the mine, and maybe, the blade demons would mine it instead. That would be the greatest loss for our military. This is already a huge profit for us. Since we have so many soldiers and we need large sums of spirit metal, we can only give that much. 150 kg is less than 1%. It’s not much.”

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Then, thank you, General.”

“Hahaha, if you don’t have anywhere you want to go particularly for the military service after you graduate, then you can come back here. I believe those soldiers would very much welcome you.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Definitely! I will come to the Xiaer system if I have no specific target!”

He clenched his fists.

This time, it’s just that the White Bade a.s.sa.s.sination List made him quit the battlefield halfway. Next time, even if he was on the Blood Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List, he would still come to the battlefield!

Barry smiled. Even if Lu Ze didn’t come eventually, he established good connections with him.