Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Chapter 204: The Golden Sun

In the end, Lu Ze chose lightning crystal orb.

The power of lightning seemed very interesting. Lu Ze was curious.

He used his mental force, and the lightning orb disappeared. Subsequently, a powerful energy surged inside Lu Ze.

The energy flowed around his body, and Lu Ze could feel the lightning sparks in his cells. His body was getting numb. His organs were failing. Even breathing proved to be difficult.

His lively cells were beginning to die under the continuous attacks of the lightning.

His body was paralyzed, but severe pain could still be felt. Cold sweats appear on Lu Ze’s forehead.

He frowned and quickly used a purple orb. His mind cleared up, and he began learning all the information contained in the lightning orb.

Four hours later, small sparks appeared on Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. The bottom flashed with purple lightning.

He breathed and reached out his right hand. Bolts of purple lightning appeared. They burst with light hums and contained powerful and destructive chi.

Lu Ze raised a brow and closed his hand into a fist. The lightning disappeared.

Just like the regeneration G.o.d art, the level of the G.o.d art was too low. Its usability was far weaker than the wind and fire G.o.d arts. If he only used lightning G.o.d art, his battle power would only reach the core martial state.

It was really weak. Lu Ze was speechless. At least, the regeneration G.o.d art could be used to recover, despite the recovery speed not being very fast.

But what could the lightning G.o.d art do? Charge some power?

Lu Ze couldn’t help but feel a little sad about the lightning G.o.d art. It was a very powerful G.o.d art, and if other people acquired it, they would be overjoyed.

However, he had too many G.o.d arts, and he had quite some mastery in all of them. By the looks of it, he could only use lightning G.o.d art to act cool now and crush Lin Ling’s spirit.

Surely he was strong?

It was not extremely good. Suddenly, he was getting c.o.c.ky.

He was just heavily injured yesterday, and he had already forgotten the consequences.

Lu Ze shook his head.

Cultivation, cultivation.

Pocket hunting dimension was the best cure for arrogance.

He was in there every day anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Lu Ze started using the wind crystal ball.

He was used to the wind, and so, there was no pain at all while using the orb. It felt satisfying rather.

Three hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He opened his right hand. Wind surged, and it rapidly turned into a whirlwind.

Air was distorted in a mess. A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the wind dissipated.

Lu Ze sighed. His wind G.o.d art wasn’t weak now. The progress that the crystal ball gave him couldn’t be as huge as before.

But, he could feel the increase in power.

He would work on his spirit force cultivation first.

As for G.o.d art, if he encountered aperture opening state beasts with G.o.d art, then there was G.o.d art for him.

Lu Ze felt his face. He had cultivated for seven hours in a row. He felt quite hungry.

He thought about how those guys were laughing at him, so he had decided to not give them food.

He would eat it by himself!

After enjoying the food, Lu Ze stretched and looked outside the window

There were constantly s.h.i.+ps landing and flying up. The patrol squads also came and went. In the distance, there were soldiers training.

Lu Ze suddenly wondered if the spirit metal was transported.

They should be transported to the head base, right?

He suddenly thought of the person who disappeared. Was that invisibility G.o.d art?

That was a really shameless G.o.d art!

Lu Ze felt he needed to be friends with her. Can she use her G.o.d art on someone else?

Lu Ze quickly stopped fathoming. He felt this didn’t suit his good boy nature.

Lu Ze enjoyed the view for a while and relaxed before sitting back down to cultivate.

This time, Lu Ze used an aperture opening state red orb to cultivate.

The two aperture opening state dropped 11 orbs yesterday. It was enough for his cultivation today.

Lu Ze’s spirit force cultivation level increased rapidly.

Originally, he needed a few days to increase his spirit force cultivation level, but he improved greatly due to the war. When the sky dimmed, he had improved once again.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and smiled.

He had reached level six of the abstruse martial state!

He was very happy with the spirit force inside him.

If this continued, his spirit force cultivation level would be able to catch up soon.

He got up and stretched. His bones cracked and instantly felt great.

He slowly walked out and found the living room to be dark. Clearly, everyone else was still cultivating.

This was understandable. Their eyes were probably green from how much he improved.

Lu Ze planned to go out for a stroll, but as soon as he went out, he saw several soldiers. They all saluted to him with faces full of admiration. This made him instantly go back to his room.

There was no way he was going out. He was going to stay in this life in the room.

Lu Ze rolled around in bed and felt bored. He once again sat down and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

With the familiar smell and wind, he became excited. He instantly opened hunting mode.

Lu Merciless Ze was back.

He grinned and chose a random direction to go in. He killed core martial state beasts while looking for aperture opening state beasts.

He felt he would definitely find something today.

A day and night pa.s.sed, and Lu Ze’s expectant smile dissipated.

He found a few bosses, but he hid away. As for aperture opening state who devoured G.o.d arts, he didn’t find a single one.

When the sun rose up again, Lu Ze lay low on the ground, not daring to move at all. A few kilometers ahead, there were six lightning warhorses running.

They seemed to be playing on the gra.s.s. Everywhere they went, lightning flashed, and the earth hummed.

It was a pack of bosses.

At this moment, a golden sun appeared in the sky.

It swiped past the sky at a rapid speed. Everywhere it went, s.p.a.ce twisted and gra.s.s instantly turned to ash. The ground was scorched.

Lu Ze only glanced at the golden sun once, and he sunk into the darkness.

The last thing he saw was the family of lightning warhorses burning in golden flames.

Lu Ze woke up sweating.

He panted heavily for a while before recovering.

That golden sun was probably stronger than the six-winged black dragon he saw when he was a noob.

Lu Ze felt his soul was instantly burned up.

That was a super boss!

Resting for an hour, Lu Ze finally recovered.

He thought with his luck it would be good. He didn’t expect his luck to be this good.

Lu Ze wondered if that thing could burn an entire planet outside.

Lu Ze shook his head. He didn’t get any G.o.d art and thus began cultivating again.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, it was the next day. The base seemed even busier than yesterday.

Quite some soldiers came.

He cleaned himself and had breakfast. He noticed that Ye Mu and the others were still cultivating, so he went back to his room for cultivation.

After some time, Lu Ze heard the sound of the military communicator. He opened his eyes and looked at the message.

The special squad was back. The high-level officials have finished the discussions on military arrangement. Lu Ze and the rest were ordered to a.s.semble.