Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 203

Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Worse Than Nangong Jing

After playing the clip scene by scene, Lu Ze didn’t feel well.

Wasn’t this the graduation trial clip??

Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d uploaded this??

Feeling the strange glances cast upon him by everyone, Lu Ze felt worse.

He was too naive. He just wanted to get the ingredients back for Alice to cook delicious food. He didn’t think about the live stream.

Lu Ze felt lifeless. Probably a lot of people in the federation would see this clip?

Him being a great food lover was finally exposed?

Although Lin Ling had seen this clip at school before, she still felt it was funny after seeing it again.

Her shoulders kept shaking as she laughed and brought other people to laugh as well.

Lu Ze speechlessly glanced at them. “What’s so funny? Keep laughing, and I won’t ever give you good food again!”

Lu Ze gave them Alice’s delicious food before. How can they laugh like that?

Wasn’t Xuan Yuqi an ice-cold beauty?

Why was she laughing like this?

Ian finally stopped laughing in embarra.s.sment. Then, he suddenly thought of something. “People in the comments are discussing if Lu Ze would be appointed as a young duke. Can Ze really be appointed as a young duke?”

Ye Mu and the others stopped laughing and exchanged glances with each other.

Becoming a young duke was their biggest goal currently.

Yet, Lu Ze already had the possibility of realizing it.

Ye Mu smiled. “Even if he isn’t appointed as a young duke this time, with Ze’s power, he can definitely be appointed before graduation. I really want to know what Ze’s t.i.tle would be.”

Everyone’s face became strange.

Lin Ling joked, “Of course, it will be named after Ze’s special trait. For example, Upside-down Planting Young Duke or Foodie Young Duke?”


Lu Ze’s heart went cold after hearing this.

“Why not Wind Young Duke, Fire Young Duke, or Wind and Fire Young Duke!”

He didn’t want either of the t.i.tles that Lin Ling mentioned.

Tianyuan Qianhua laughed. “How do you think Teacher Nangong got her t.i.tle?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Even Iron Fist Young Duke was better than Upside-down Planting Young Duke.

“Give up, it’s useless. The young duke t.i.tle is decided by the public. The one with the most votes will be your young duke t.i.tle.”

Xuan Yuqi said, “Do you know how Blue Flower Fruit Young Duke got her t.i.tle? It’s because she bought 5 kilograms of blue flower fruit, and on the day of voting, the shop owner thought of this t.i.tle and sent out a photo. This got everyone’s agreement.”

Xuan Yuqi sighed. “On the day of the young duke t.i.tle voting, she cried. She wanted to fight with that fruit shop owner.”

Lu Ze: “…”

There was a young duke t.i.tle worse than Nangong Jing?

He felt very complicated right now.

Lu Ze suddenly felt this world was cold. He could feel the pain of that Blue Flower Fruit Young Duke. It was a hefty price to pay for buying fruits…

Even Lin Ling and the rest fell silent as their smile disappeared.

This was too scary.

They were shaking. If they had the luck to become a young duke, would they have such a strange t.i.tle?

Lu Ze coughed. “It’s okay, there’s nothing to do now. Shouldn’t everyone go back to cultivation instead?”

Lu Ze needed some time for himself, and he went back to his room.

Then, Lu Ze wondered if Lu Li and the others saw the report. He didn’t tell them about the war. Would they be angry?

No, he must go say something. He was very strong.

Lu Ze happily took out his phone and sent a message in the group chat.

Lu Ze: “These few days I went to a group battle, I was very strong!”

Lu Li: “Haha.”

Alice: “Mhm, Senior schoolmate, we all know. We were watching the live stream.”

Lu Li and Alice replied instantly.

Their replies made Lu Ze break out in a cold sweat. Broadcast?

So, there was broadcast for war?


Lu Ze didn’t even know about this. If he did, he would’ve told them at the start.

Lu Li didn’t seem to be in a good mood, but Alice was more normal.

Lu Ze: “Did you see how I blew up the blade demon base?”

Lu Li: “Mhm, there was a very vibrant splash of blood.”

Alice: “Senior schoolmate was so heavily injured. I was too nervous and didn’t notice.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

These two only saw how he was bleeding out and not how invincible he was?

This wasn’t too good.

Lu Ze felt disappointed.

At this moment more messages came.

Lu Li: “Brother, are your injuries better?”

Alice: “Senior schoolmate, are your injuries better?”

Lu Ze smiled and replied.

Lu Ze: “It’s fine. I have a new G.o.d art. It can repair injuries. As long as I don’t die, I can recover quickly.”

On planet Lan Jiang, Lu Li frowned at Alice’s message.

Next door, Alice’s eyes flashed when she saw Lu Li’s message.

However, they both felt relieved, seeing Lu Ze’s reply.

After all, Merlin confirmed that day that Lu Ze had regeneration G.o.d art, but without getting Lu Ze’s personal confirmation, they were still worried.

Then, they chatted about Lu Ze’s news coverage.

Lu Ze told them about his worry for his young duke t.i.tle, seeking comfort.

Their replies made Lu Ze’s heart go cold.

Lu Li: I feel Controlling Brother Young Duke is good?

Alice: Senior schoolmate, Senior schoolmate, I think Foodie Young Duke is very good!!”

Lu Ze: “???”

What else could he say?

He was no controlling brother.

Did Lu Li hate him this much?

Lu Ze felt sad.

It hurt even more when the cute and nice Alice thought that Foodie Young Duke was good!?


How was it good?!

Lu Li and Alice smiled at the conversation.

At this moment, they both had a bold idea.

Lu Ze suddenly felt cold. Lu Ze clutched his blanket tightly.

He felt he couldn’t keep chatting, and, thus he chose to run away.

Who knows what strange t.i.tle they would think of?

Lu Ze then called his mother, and after facing a load of criticism, Lu Ze shakily hung up and messaged his dad too.

After reporting his safety, he put away his phone and breathed.

He didn’t know there was such a thing as war site.

After thinking for a moment, that coldness seemed to have gone away. Thus, he sat up.

He smiled. He obtained quite a lot yesterday!

Wind and lightning G.o.d art crystal b.a.l.l.s. Would that increase his power by another aperture?

Cultivation, cultivation!

Lu Ze closed his eyes and went into his mental dimension. The flame from the male lion was completely gone. His fire G.o.d art could no longer improve.

Compared to the wind G.o.d art, his fire G.o.d art was still much stronger. However, he had no means to obtain a fire crystal ball.

He hadn’t encountered a beast with fire G.o.d art yet.

He had a new way to improve his wind G.o.d art. It would soon surpa.s.s the fire G.o.d art.

If Lu Ze used all of his power, his combat power would be around five apertures.

However, using all his G.o.d art exerted huge pressure on his body and had high requirements for energy. It wasn’t sustainable.

From the looks of the battle last night, it would be, at most, half an hour before he would lose his combat power.

Lu Ze glanced at the two G.o.d art crystal b.a.l.l.s and smiled.

Which one should he use first?