Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Latest News

Lu Ze got up and walked out of his room.

He found that Ye Mu and the others were already waiting in the lobby. Clearly, they received the news too.

They seemed to be discussing something. When Lu Ze came out, Ye Mu’s eyes lit up. He smiled. “Ze, do you think they will reward us today?”

Lu Ze became dazed. Nangong Jing gave them three choices. They chose the third, and the reward was based on how they performed on the battlefield.

Lu Ze’s performance was unquestionable. As for Ye Mu and the others, their performances were not in any other way inadequate. In that case, their reward would be quite plenty.

The three were pretty excited about this.

With the rewards, they would be able to go buy some special resources on the martial arts site.

Those things would require a huge amount of federal contribution points.

Even Lu Ze was very hopeful too. He could consider going to the martial arts site again.

He had only been there once and bought a spirit force control experience that has a level of mortal evolution state. That cost him 10,000 federal contribution points…

Ever since then, he subconsciously removed this scam website out of his brain.

Too poor.

He got 80,000 federal contribution points a while ago and adding the one this time, Lu Ze felt he would be rich.

He would buy quite some good things after he got rewarded!

Thus, he smiled. “Probably? Let’s go and see.”

Then, they came out and knocked on Lin Ling’s dorm.

After the girls came out, they all headed to the discussion room.

There were quite some people there already. After all, the intel, which the squad brought back, would affect the troop stationing.

If there were more spirit metal mine, then more forces were needed here.

As soon as Lu Ze and his group went in, w.a.n.g Wenze and Gui Yuping were waving at them.

Other than these fourth-year senior schoolmates, there was even Nigel from the prodigy barrack.

Lu Ze even saw that Jian Shaoning and the girl who could disappear were present as well.

However, he didn’t know where those two came from.

They walked over, and Gui Yuping started by introducing the girl who could disappear. “Margaret, I’ll introduce you to your junior schoolmates.”

Then, he started talking about Lu Ze and the others.

Then, he pointed at Margaret. “Margaret Clark, 2nd in the 4th year elite cla.s.s. She’s a candidate for a young duke.”

Lu Ze and his group became dazed. They quickly said, “Greetings, senior schoolmate Margaret.”

The girl who could become invisible was this strong?

Lu Ze was shocked as he studied this senior schoolmate.

Her soft grey curled hair reached her shoulder. Her grey eyes seemed lifeless. She looked exquisite and beautiful, but she gave people a strange feeling.

Lu Ze frowned and realized what this strange feeling was.

He clearly saw her face, but as soon as he moved his eyes away, her figure became obscure from his memory.

It was as though everything was an illusion.

What was this?

An intervention of thoughts?

Other people didn’t notice anything. Only Jian Shaoning raised a brow and glanced at Margaret.

Margaret smiled. “It seems junior schoolmate Lu Ze is very strong indeed. Your mental force is powerful enough to notice it.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. So, she used G.o.d art on him? To test his power? He was just a noob.

He smiled. “That was senior schoolmate’s G.o.d art? Was it the G.o.d art that made you disappear?”

“This is a secret. I’m an a.s.sa.s.sin, so how could I spill it?”

Gui Yuping quickly said, “Margaret you’re not going to do something over the line to junior schoolmate Lu Ze, right?”

She was at the middle stage of the aperture opening state. She had opened 143 main apertures at 22 years old, and her power was near the peak of aperture opening state.

Due to her invisibility G.o.d art, she feared nothing at school and liked to do all sorts of strange things.

Margaret rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I just feel that junior schoolmate Lu Ze is very interesting.”

Gui Yuping felt relieved.

At this moment, Nigel said, “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, let me introduce you to a prodigy from our prodigy barrack. This is Colonel Jian Shaoning. He’s also a young duke candidate.”

Jiao Shaoning had black hair and black eyes. He wasn’t that handsome, but just by standing there, he emitted the will of a sword. He had this unique temperament.

Lu Ze smiled. “h.e.l.lo, Colonel Jian Shaoning.”

Jian Shaoning nodded. “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, you’ll probably no longer be 2nd lieutenant soon. I look forward to you growing stronger, so we can battle.”

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. Most of the prodigies in the prodigy barrack were battle maniacs, right?

He wondered if this was due to Lin Kuang.

Lu Ze thought of something and asked, “What did you guys find at the beast lair?”

He was curious if there were more spirit metal there.

Even Lin Ling and the rest looked curiously at Jian Shaoning.

He smiled. “You will soon know. General Derry will soon be making new arrangements.”

Margaret suddenly thought of something and added, “Perhaps, junior schoolmate Lu Ze will get the chance to go on a mission with Gui Yuping and the others. As for junior schoolmate Lin Ling and the rest, they’ll probably be going to a safer place?”

After all, it won’t be like the battlefield anymore.

If the blade demons appeared again, it would be more dangerous.

At this moment, Old Derry, Nangong Jing, and the high-level officials walked out.

Seeing this, everyone sat down.

Old Derry smiled and spoke slowly, “The squad searching the beast lair is back. They’ve brought back good news. Other than the spirit metal mine that the blade demons discovered, there’s a second one. It has fewer reserves than the one that the blade demons found, but it will be sufficient for us, enough to cover a long period of time.”

Everyone couldn’t resist widening their eyes with such a statement. There was actually a second spirit metal mine!

The blade demons suffered a huge blow this time!

Even Lu Ze and Lin Ling were shocked. They had been in there for so long and only discovered one.

Old Derry spoke again, “The spirit metal mine must be secured. I will now be a.s.signing missions!”

Those military officers already had their own soldiers to lead while the elite cla.s.s of Federal University and students from prodigy barracks were like special forces. A mission would be a.s.signed to them based on their power.

Although the blade demon’s base was destroyed, they weren’t going to give up the resources on this planet like this.

They needed to prepare better defenses.

Old Derry glanced at the new students and smiled. “This time, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze has done huge accomplishments. All the new students have performed exceptionally well. This time, your mission…”

At this moment, Old Derry’s communicator rang.

He frowned. This was connected to high-level military officers. They usually wouldn’t communicate through this.

He opened it and looked inside. When he saw it, the expression on his face changed, and he glanced strangely at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze became dazed. Why was he staring at him like that?

Old Derry spoke after some silence. “I’ve just received news that the blade demon armies are mobilizing their forces. In three to five days, they will be back on the 25th planet.”

Everyone became stunned. “That quickly?”

Old Derry nodded. “It involves a spirit metal mine after all. This time, they’re sending quite some troops. The war might be more intense than before. I hope you will all be prepared.”

Those military officers agreed.

Old Derry nodded and then looked strangely at Lu Ze. “There’s another news, it’s about 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.”