Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 202

Chapter 202

Chapter 202: The Corner of Federal Times

Due to the spirit metal mine on the 25th planet, these high-level military officers need to be stationed on this planet until the new reinforcements can replace them.

Nangong Jing and the others needed to stay here too to prevent an attack from the blade demons.

Old Derry even sent a special squad to the black scaled beast hive to confirm if that was the only place with spirit metal.

If there were more, then it would be huge.

This special squad consisted of several seniors from the Federal University and prodigy barrack.

Precisely because of this, w.a.n.g Wenze and the rest didn’t attend the funeral.

After the funeral, the high-level officials began discussing arrangements. Lu Ze and the others were new recruits, so they had no right to partic.i.p.ate. Subsequently, they returned to their dorms.

As soon as they got back, Ye Mu suddenly screamed out. “The news is out!”

Everyone looked over curiously. “What news?”

“Instructor Lin just explained it before, isn’t it? Thousand Shadow Young Duke Lucian died on Geka system battlefield? The news is about him.”

Everyone was immediately interested. Lu Ze said, “Open the projector, and let’s see.”

Ye Mu nodded and opened the projector on his phone.

Immediately, a virtual screen appeared in the air. It showed the main page of the Federal Times. One of the top few headlines was marked red. It was about the death of Thousand Shadow Young Duke.

Clicking in, Lu Ze and the others read the report.

He was ambushed in a reconnaissance mission. Multiple blade demons of his own level surrounded and ambushed him. He wasn’t able to escape, but he killed one before he died.

There was no clip of the battle as the mission involved penetrating deep into the enemy base. No battlefield journalist would be following.

There was also some information about Thousand Shadow Young Duke, including stories of his youth, his merits, as well as those who were close to him.

This was like Wikipedia back in the Earth era.

Everyone gasped.

Thousand Shadow Young Duke opened 360 main apertures at the age of 24. When he first started opening the secondary apertures, he reached the peak stage of aperture opening state and had mortal evolution state power.

Then, he performed exceptionally in a war and was appointed as a young duke. Because he has shadow G.o.d art, he was called Thousand Shadow Young Duke.

He was only 30 years old this year. He had opened 800 apertures and broke through to mortal evolution state. His power was very strong.

Although he wasn’t ranked very high among young dukes and couldn’t compare with Nangong Jing, he was still very strong.

After all, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were called the twin prodigies of the human race. They were very strong, even among the young dukes.

Tianyuan Qianhua sighed. “I didn’t expect even such a prodigy would die.”

Just from cultivation speed, it was G.o.dly speed to be able to open 70 apertures a year at the peak of aperture opening state. At least, she wasn’t confident she could do this.

Even Lu Ze became dazed and thought this guy’s growth diary was like a hack.

Were bosses all this strong?

At this moment, Ye Mu suddenly said, “I discovered that the partner of Thousand Shadow Young Duke is also a young duke.”

Everyone: “…”

If this guy really became a young duke, he would be a lewd young duke.

Ye Mu saw that everyone looked strangely at him and immediately became unhappy. “Why are you all looking at me like that? I’m serious, look.”

Ye Mu pointed at the relevant information concerning close relations.h.i.+ps. The partner was a gentle, beautiful, and black-haired girl. Her name was called Chu Yunxin. She was a young duke too.

Lu Ze and the others glanced and nodded. They weren’t too interested, but they ended up sighing because this young duke must be going through a tough time.

At this moment, Lin Ling who was browsing the news said, “Ze, this report seems to be about you!”

She pointed at a t.i.tle at the bottom right corner. The t.i.tle made Lu Ze’s face look strange.

“Shocking! An eighteen-year-old 2nd lieutenant did this on the battlefield! Is this twisted humanity or a loss of morals?”

Shock factor! It had been two thousand years and this still existed!


Lin Ling’s eyes rolled and she joked, “Ze, just what did you do on the battlefield?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes as well. “It might not necessarily be me.”

Then, he clicked in.

The start was a clip with Lu Ze controlling a flaming tornado.

The report explained the war on the 25th planet, and it was all about what Lu Ze did, including how he captured a blade demon prodigy and discovered the spirit metal mine. Even his outstanding performance on the battlefield was included.

The writer said that his final attack was even approaching the mortal evolution state.

This immediately shocked quite a lot of people.

He was just 18 years old, and he had this much fun the first time he went to a battlefield?

Wasn’t this absurd?

Although the report said that the military reward had not been decided yet, audiences could guess Lu Ze’s rank would clearly rise!

After all, his contribution to the war was too great.

The comments were full of disbelief.

“Is this person really 18 years old? Such talent is the best even among young duke.”

“Not necessarily the very top. His real power isn’t this strong. He used everything to his advantage to achieve this effect. But, his talent is definitely higher than most young dukes.”

“By the way… does anyone know how 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze got the habit of planting blade demons upside down?”

“I want to know more why this guy can eat that happily on the battlefield?!”

“Do you think 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze will be appointed as a young duke?”

“This little brother is really handsome!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. This comment won his heart the most.

This comment was liked more than tens of thousands of times. It was listed at the top. Clearly, his handsomeness was deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Finally, I can’t hide how handsome I am now. I’m embarra.s.sed.”

Ye Mu, on the other hand, was a bit envious. “Ze’s achievements reached the front page of Federal Times.”

Of course, he was more envious that people were complimenting Lu Ze’s looks. However, Ye Mu didn’t want to say that.

Everyone else nodded.

Federal Times was the biggest media in the federation. Although it was in one obscure corner of the front page, one could tell that Lu Ze was noticed by the high-level officials of the federation.

Xavier spoke, “Lu Ze, you’re viral now!”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. Lu Ze was now famous in the entire federation, not just in a small place in the Telun system.

If he kept this progress speed, he would definitely become a young duke.

At the end of the report, Lu Ze’s biography was also included.

There was a clip below which confused everyone.

Tianyuan Qianhua opened it. “What is this?”

Lu Ze was confused too. He didn’t have any other clips?

The video played. It was in a barren ground filled with stone pillars. Lu Ze was looking happily at a yellow vine, showing the smile of a foodie.

Then, the barren earth monkey smashed the vine apart, and Lu Ze’s face instantly became lifeless. Then, he started to beat the barren earth monkey up.

Lu Ze: “…”