Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 199

Chapter 199

Chapter 199: This Two-Legged Animal Is Very Evil!

After sending off the depressed big blue cat, Lu Ze returned to the location where he watched the two fight.

The big black leopard, who was a few meters tall, floated in the air while staring at its opponent, a hundred-meter long anaconda. The anaconda flew in the air like a dragon while emitting grey mist. Its body was half obscured.

Lu Ze looked at this and reminisced the time when he was still a noob hunter. Back then, he saw the lightning warhorse and grey lizard fighting.

Those were the real bosses that had lightning and regeneration G.o.d art.

The fight between the two G.o.d arts got him very excited. He even got extremely lucky and got the orbs of the red lions that he couldn’t beat.

He thought about it. Was he fated to have these two G.o.d arts?

It seemed he was going to have a big harvest again.

Moreover, he didn’t have lightning G.o.d art yet!

He wanted it! He watched the distant battlefield silently.

The leopard used powerful lightning pillars and lightning spears from time to time.

On the other hand, the anaconda had shocking defenses, and with regeneration G.o.d art, although it would still receive some injuries, they quickly recovered.

The two beasts fought with all their strength. The wind barrier rippled after the shockwave collided into it.

If one of the two wanted to enter the wind barrier, it would be attacked by the other. Thus, the two kept drawing the battle closer and closer to the wind barrier, wanting to go in at the same time.

Seeing this, Lu Ze frowned. If the two went inside, he wouldn’t be able to see them from outside.

He didn’t understand at all how the beasts devoured G.o.d art shards. If they just ate it and then left, it would be over.

This wouldn’t do.

Lu Ze felt his chin and thought about it.

Moments later, the two were beginning to enter the whirlwind. Even if they fought while entering, it wouldn’t take them long to go in.

At this moment, Lu Ze had a bold idea.

Although this idea might make him lose a little, it would benefit him quite a lot, if it worked.

Of course, if it failed, then he would probably have to go up and fight.

If those two bosses treated him like the blue cat, then he would probably have to run.

Every bold idea needed action to prove its plausibility. Now, let him see.

Lu Ze disappeared from his original spot. After the sounds of several breaths, Lu Ze appeared only a few hundred meters away from the wind barrier. The sharp wind blades shot in all directions. However, if they approached him, he would change its direction.

He wasn’t in the same direction as the two bosses, but the distance wasn’t far. They would probably notice him.

But it didn’t matter, he could run.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he used wind G.o.d art to speed up the whirlwind barriers.

The two bosses were inside. If he increased the power of the whirlwind now, would they feel great inside?

Lu Ze was very curious about this.

Of course, there were side effects to this. This barrier was left behind by the blue bird after all. He was worried that if he couldn’t slow it down, then he probably wouldn’t be able to go in as well.

It was very easy to speed it up. He just needed to insert a wind element inside.

Soon, the sound of the whirlwind grew sharper and showed a powerful pulling force while shooting out wind blades that were several times stronger than before.

Lu Ze dodged the wind blades while speeding the whirlwind up. Even he didn’t want to test the wind blades now.



The leopard and anaconda noticed the change in the whirlwind.

They also felt Lu Ze’s chi and immediately roared furiously.

That two-legged animal is very evil!

He actually came back to ambush them?

The two soon made an agreement to come out of the whirlwind and take care of this two-legged animal first.

However, the pulling force kept increasing and they were greatly slowed.

More importantly, the sharp wind blades sliced at them, making them feel a strong sense of danger.

The two beasts roared again as spirit light scattered everywhere.

They blocked the wind blades while desperately trying to get out.

Lu Ze could feel the nefarious intent from the two beasts, but he didn’t care. He sped the wind up to a degree that even he couldn’t control.

If he could control it, the threat to the beasts would only be so-so.

At least, with the current wind blades that Lu Ze made, the beasts had to keep dodging. When such a blade sliced into the ground, ravines ended up deeply cut.

At this moment, the leopard and anaconda escaped from the whirlwind. The wind blades came after them.

They didn’t have wind G.o.d art like Lu Ze. Under the pull of the wind, their speed was heavily decreased, and they couldn’t dodge such wind blades at all.

Thus, the two tensed up and took the wind blades head-on while running.

If they were any slower, they felt they would be cut into pieces.



The two beasts unleashed their full power and finally charged out of the range of the strongest pulling force. The could move again, but they were still dripping with blood.

The wind blades tore open their spirit force defenses and left deep and long marks on their tough body. Blood sprayed out and was pulled inside the wind.

They floated in the air feebly while gasping for breath.

Their eyes became blood-red as they stared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

He was embarra.s.sed being stared at like this.

He smiled, sensing their weakened chi.

His plan worked.

Although he wouldn’t be able to enter if the wind didn’t slow down, there was just a G.o.d art shard and at most a divine art shard inside.

Divine art shard was useless to him now. As for G.o.d art shard, two G.o.d art crystal ball was better than one G.o.d art shard.

These two G.o.d art crystal b.a.l.l.s were lightning G.o.d art and regeneration G.o.d art.

He didn’t even have lightning G.o.d art. It would definitely be strong.

Thus, Lu Ze immediately entered his strongest state.

The two bosses were injured. He couldn’t give them time to recover.

Of course, that anaconda could definitely recover.

However, using G.o.d art would use spirit force, physical and mental force. He didn’t believe the anaconda could last that long after fighting for a while.



Seeing Lu Ze’s attack, they roared fiercely in acknowledgment.

Lu Ze appeared next to the leopard. The power of the two beasts was similar to his. They might be a little stronger, but their strengths were quite limited.

In this situation, clearly Lu Ze was stronger.

As for stronger survivability, it would definitely be the anaconda, so he went to attack the leopard first. Then, he would take care of the anaconda slowly.

Lu Ze punched at the waist of the leopard.

The leopard roared after sensing the danger. Its whole body flashed with thunder. Then, it disappeared. Subsequently, it spat out a half meter long purple lightning ball.

The anaconda used its thick tail as a whip and attacked Lu Ze too.

Lu Ze dodged the lightning ball with wind G.o.d art and then stepped on the tail.


Lu Ze’s foot clashed with the anaconda’s tail.


Another sound could be heard as the lightning ball landed ten kilometers away. Purple light filled the area as the world flashed with lightning arcs. Another huge ditch appeared.

Even those who were just at the primary stage of the aperture opening state possessed an extremely great destructive power.