Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 200

Chapter 200

Chapter 200: How Does a Flying Dragon Lose?

It seemed like doomsday on the ground and sky, but for powerful beings who were at the level of Lu Ze and these two beasts, it was nothing.

Lu Ze used the repulsion force from the clash with the anaconda to chase after the black scaled leopard.

Yet due to the shock, the recovering wounds on the anaconda ruptured again. It hissed in pain.

Seeing Lu Ze charge over, the leopard roared, and then, its body turned to lightning and rushed toward Lu Ze too.

Lu Ze grinned. He was scared this leopard would run now.

If it ran, he could only chase one of them, but now, he could take both.

The two beasts were very wild, and they became frenzied after Lu Ze attacked.

Although they were weaker, there were two of them. Hence, it should be an easy kill with a two versus one situation.

Thus, the two beasts hoped Lu Ze wouldn’t run.

Lu Ze clashed with the leopard once again. Shockwaves shot out in all directions.

The two split. Lu Ze charged up again. The black leopard was bleeding non-stop, but it didn’t choose to dodge.

At this moment, a gray spirit ball shot at Lu Ze. The terrifying energy made Lu Ze tense and stop as he aimed his punch toward the energy ball.


Waves shot out, and violent winds blew Lu Ze’s hair.

Before the shockwaves were gone, the leopard appeared behind Lu Ze and scratched toward Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze used wind G.o.d art and appeared on the side of the leopard again.

Wind and fire shrouded his right leg as the power ripples distorted the air.


The wind and fire on his right leg turned into a scythe of death. It sliced toward the leopard’s stomach.

The leopard roared and disappeared in a flash of lightning. The power from Lu Ze’s leg shot out, turning into a red-green energy slash across the ground. It created a few kilometers long and deep marks.

After the leopard disappeared, Lu Ze glanced at the anaconda that was recovering while interfering with him using long-ranged attacks.

What a smart beast.

He didn’t expect the two beasts to be this difficult to deal with even though they were heavily injured.

Why couldn’t they be like that blue cat and just die on the spot?

With a wave of his right hand, a few meter high flaming tornado headed toward the anaconda.

He wasn’t going to let it recover and interfere.

This was really unfair.

Lu Ze disappeared again and another explosion and roar occurred in the air.

Before the flaming tornado approached the anaconda, it was blasted by its spirit force ball.

In the air, Lu Ze used his full power and engaged in close combat with the leopard. He was fighting injury for injury.

After all, he had regeneration G.o.d art and would last longer than the leopard.

If he stuck close to the leopard, then even if the anaconda attacked, both of them would be attacked.

In a short few seconds, tens of clashes could be heard. The ground was completely ruined.

After another clash, the leopard wailed as its blood splattered across the air.

The anaconda couldn’t resist anymore. Although it had only recovered a bit, it charged out.

It felt it was quite strong in melee battles!

Lu Ze had quite some wounds too. Some were blood marks, and some were burnt black marks caused by lightning. However, Lu Ze didn’t care.

What a joke! What sort of injuries he didn’t suffer through?

He had already experienced dozens of ways to die.

He was Lu, Die Everyday, Ze!

This injury was a joke to him.

It was painful, but this level of pain couldn’t even move his heart at all.

Lu Ze grinned after seeing the leopard cough out some blood. He leaned forward and attacked wave after wave, not giving it any chance to recover.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a gust of wind rus.h.i.+ng toward his side. He quickly tensed and left using the wind G.o.d art.

The anaconda’s thick tail missed again. It hissed at Lu Ze and charged over for the second time.

“p.i.s.s off!”

Lu Ze was shrouded in wind. Fire surged, and he appeared above the head of the anaconda and stepped down.

The anaconda shot out a grey energy ball, blocking Lu Ze’s foot.


The two were enveloped in red, green, and gray lights.

Then, Lu Ze charged out of the light and dashed toward the black leopard.

In terms of agility, how could the anaconda compare with a man like the wind?

The leopard clearly didn’t expect Lu Ze to come out so quickly.

Its chi instantly exploded again as lightning flickered.

Just when Lu Ze thought it was going to attack first, this leopard actually flew off.

This guy wanted to run.

Lu Ze felt dazed. He didn’t expect this leopard to run. It was pretty timid too?

Then, Lu Ze laughed.

It didn’t choose to run before, but now, it was running.

It was this heavily injured, how could he let it escape?

Then, Lu Ze chased after it. The anaconda also chased Lu Ze.

In a few short seconds, Lu Ze appeared next to the leopard. He let out a punch.


The panting leopard saw this and greeted Lu Ze with its claw that flashed with lightning.

Then, a gray pillar shot at Lu Ze from behind him.

Lu Ze felt the terrifying chi of that pillar, but he used the wind and fire to create a barrier. The fist force didn’t stop at all, however.

He was going to be tough and kill this leopard.


The three forces collided together. Flames burned in the air, and the wild winds raged. The spirit force waves were unstoppable like the tide.


A pitiful roar sounded, and the huge black figure was smashed into the ground.

Then, Lu Ze rushed over with a cold face and stepped on the struggling leopard.

There was the sound of bones cracking. The black leopard coughed out large amounts of blood, painting the ditch red.

In a short instant, it lost its life.

Before Lu Ze could relax, a gray pillar shot at him.

Lu Ze bit his lips and punched out again. The fist force and pillar clashed in mid-air, causing an explosion.

Lu Ze spat a mouthful of blood from the shockwave.

He was bleeding and wounded right now. His left arm drooped powerlessly, and his face was pale.

That clash was very painful. He almost thought he would die first.

His body was enveloped in a faint grey hue as the hideous wounds started to repair. His left arm made cracking sounds as his bones healed.

However, Lu Ze felt weak due to losing quite some blood.

Lu Ze looked at the descending anaconda. He didn’t believe it was in a better state than him.

He didn’t choose to dodge. He was waiting for the leopard’s body to disappear.

“p.i.s.s off!”

Lu Ze flew out of the ditch and punched again. The two clashed, and both were sent back.

Lu Ze glanced and saw the light orbs had appeared. One of them was a lightning crystal ball. It looked very pretty.

He quickly went into the ditch and collected the orbs before breathing a sigh of relief.

He got the lightning G.o.d art crystal ball.


Lu Ze threw his evil glance at the anaconda. This was the only one remaining.

Although both of them had regeneration G.o.d art, the one that anaconda had seemed stronger than his. However, its injuries were also more serious. Lu Ze felt he could last longer.

He couldn’t lose!

Just when Lu Ze planned to attack, a stone piercing shriek sounded in the distant sky.


Lu Ze and the anaconda stiffened at the same time. They both planned to run.

Oh my! The boss is back! Run run!

He didn’t need G.o.d arts anymore.

Before they could run, they were immersed in the flurry of wind blades.

Then, his eyes went black, and he reappeared in the dorm again.

The pain made Lu Ze shake like a fish on the chopping block.

Out of all the bosses he knew, the blue bird boss liked to bully the noobs the most.


Regeneration G.o.d art!

He could’ve gotten another G.o.d art crystal ball.

He was going to remember this!