Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 198

Chapter 198

Chapter 198: This Blue Cat Seems to Be Suffering From Depression


The big cat roared, and a spear was shot out. It was heading toward Lu Ze. Lu Ze watched the spear coldly as he punched out a fist force shrouded in wind and fire.

The wind spear and fist force clashed.


The terrifying shock wave swept the surrounding few kilometers. Wind blades, fire wave, and spirit force plowed the black earth out of the ground and into the sky.

Even those beast that wanted to break open the wind barrier, which was left behind by the blue bird boss, s.h.i.+vered. They wondered if they should leave instead.

However, the enticement of land and reproduction rights made them stay.

The anaconda and black scaled leopard retreated a few steps away to avoid getting caught.

When the motion calmed down, Lu Ze and the cat was pushed away by the force. A s.p.a.ce of a few hundred meters was present between them.

Lu Ze grinned and suddenly flew back.

He flew in the direction that was opposite to the birthplace of the blue bird boss. This stunned the cat, leopard, and anaconda.

From their perspective, this two-legged beast finally decided to give up.

This was great!

The happiest was the blue cat. He has been fighting with the two-legged animal. However, at this moment, that animal chose to run away, so no one can stop him now. Those weaklings ahead wouldn’t be able to stop it either!

The two on the side were its opponent, right?

The blue cat happily turned around and wanted to fly toward where the blue bird was born.

At this moment, a lightning pillar and grey energy ball shot at it.

Two beasts of equal power attacked it. Its fur blew up as it flashed with blue light and disappeared.

The purple lightning and grey energy ball pierced where the blue cat was but didn’t strike it.

Seeing this, the leopard and anaconda also discharged the spirit force and chased the big cat.

This beast gave them a wind blade each. They didn’t forget that.

And, they planned to fight this blue cat first before fighting over the G.o.d art shard.

In a short while, three shocking roars came from the birthplace of the blue bird. At the same time, mourning wails coming from several beasts could also be heard.

Quite some beasts flocked away in terror, but after reaching the outskirts, they didn’t leave immediately. They stayed there, gazing greedily at the direction of the birthplace of the bluebird.

They hoped there would be some chance for them.

At this moment, a light wind blew, and all the waiting animals fell to the ground.

Their bodies slowly turned to dust and were blown into the air.

Only a bunch of red and purple orbs remained on the ground.

Lu Ze flew back from a distance secretly and happily collected the orbs.

Then, he looked up at the terrifying battle scene and narrowed his eyes.

He was going to let the bosses fight first, and, then he would join.

For now, he would just watch the show.

He could see the anaconda and leopard chasing the blue cat.

Because the wind element was very active here, the blue cat could barely hold out a few strikes from the two beasts.

But soon, the cat was struck in the back by lightning. Its soft blue fur turned black, and there was a huge hole. Blood trickled out.


Lu Ze saw this from afar and grinned. He felt great, seeing the cat howl in pain.

At the same time, another grey spirit force orb struck at it.

It bore the intense pain and dodged the spirit force light with full power.

He felt very wronged. Even if they were to fight, shouldn’t it be a battle royale?

Why did they just focus on it?

When the two charged up again, the blue cat finally got scared. It roared with dissatisfaction and left.

If this continued, it would really die.

Seeing this, the two didn’t plan to chase. In their limited knowledge, there was no such thing as pretending to lose and then coming back.

Finally, the two glared at each other.

They roared and started attacking each other again while moving toward the wind barrier.

Although they had no wind G.o.d art, the wind barrier had limited effects on them.

Lu Ze secretly hid in the bush in the distance and watched.

When he saw the blue cat leave, he immediately chased after it.

Because it was injured and no beast was chasing it, the cat didn’t fly fast. Lu Ze caught up to it very quickly.

It was covered in injuries and flew weakly ahead. It seemed quite disappointed.

Lu Ze followed until it was far enough from the blue bird boss’ birthplace to avoid being noticed by the other two. Then, he smiled.

This cat seems to be suffering from depression. Why not send it to the afterlife?

He used his full power and accessed all his G.o.d art. Then, Lu Ze dashed off the ground.


A thunderous explosion occurred, and a huge shallow ditch appeared.

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to the blue cat.

Wind and fire shrouded his fist. Everywhere the fist force went the air distorted.

The blue cat sensed a lethal threat, and its fur exploded.


It had tasted this attack before, but it was no longer at its prime.

A blue light flashed and 12 vibrant wind blades appeared next to it. They sliced toward the fist force.


12 consecutive explosions could be heard. The nearby land was plowed once again.

Lu Ze was a little shocked that his fist force was blocked.

He had used full power before. He thought this cat couldn’t handle it anymore.

Yet, its desire to live was this strong.

Regardless, Lu Ze wasn’t going to let it live.

The cat’s chi was even weaker. The huge hole on its back started oozing ma.s.sive amounts of blood.

Lu Ze once again appeared above the cat and punched toward the hole on its back.

Lu Ze felt he was more like an antagonist now. The cat looked very cute, but he abused it like this.

However, Lu Ze didn’t stop at all.

“Roar!!” The cat roared, but this roar sounded weak.

Just when it planned to attack again, Lu Ze’s fist force already penetrated its spirit force defense. Wind, fire, and spirit force surged into its body.

The cat was smashed into the ground heavily, creating a deep ditch.

Inside, the cat lost its life and started to turn to dust.

Lu Ze looked away and saw the two bosses were still fighting. He felt relieved. It wouldn’t be good if he was caught.

As for now…

Lu Ze landed in the ditch and saw the floating blue crystal ball and grinned.

Wind G.o.d art crystal ball collected!

It also had red and purple orbs that had an aperture opening state level.

These were good.

Lu Ze happily collected these things and then cast his evil glance to the birthplace of the blue bird boss.