Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 197

Chapter 197

Chapter 197: He Was an Ambitious Youth

Watching the overwhelming number of whizzing wind blades, Lu Ze grinned.

Ha, naive!

He was a handsome youth who can use wind G.o.d art. This level of wind G.o.d art… cough, well, it was a little stronger than him.

But! He was a man who possessed four G.o.d arts!

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and all the wind blades flickered. Their power instantly dropped. Then, he used his fire G.o.d art to form a fire barrier, blocking the wind blades out.

Then, a huge blue figure appeared next to Lu Ze. Lu Ze glanced at it. It was a feline beast with blue fur.

Lu Ze had seen this kind of beast before. Their furs were usually black or yellow while their powers had only reached core martial state. This was clearly a beast that devoured a G.o.d art shard.

It was clearly a big cat, but it roared like a tiger.

Its sharp claws slapped down toward Lu Ze’s head. With four mobile cannon stands shooting out wind blades, Lu Ze felt some pressure.

This blue cat was a boss indeed!

He had to take this seriously.

Lu Ze used his wind G.o.d art to the fullest extent. The four whirlwinds paused for a moment. Their rotational speed slowed down, and the wind blades that shot at him were also much weaker.

Then, he used all his power and disappeared from the spot. He dodged the attack of the blue cat and appeared next to a whirlwind. Wind and fire surrounded his right fist as he smashed the whirlwind.


The whirlwind exploded. Wind blades and fire waves shot in all directions, sweeping the nearby gra.s.s. This also made the other three whirlwinds unstable.

At this moment, a terrifying explosion occurred in the distance.

Lightning and spirit force surged. The shockwave can be felt even on his side.



Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my! Wasn’t it just a G.o.d art shard? Why do plenty of bosses need to fight over it then?

Lu Ze felt another two chis appear. They couldn’t compare with the blue bird boss, but clearly, they were some aperture opening state beasts that had devoured G.o.d art shards.

A sharp chi once again came at his back. Lu Ze raised a brow.

This big cat was really annoying.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had an interesting idea.

He used his hand to block the wind blades and then used the force to fly backward. At the same time, he used it as an opportunity to punch the big cat.

The big cat originally planned to fight for the G.o.d art shard after fending off Lu Ze.

But, when it sensed Lu Ze’s attack again, its temper couldn’t handle it anymore. It roared and charged at Lu Ze.

Those three whirlwinds didn’t follow. They slowly dissipated after the big cat left.

Lu Ze raised his lips. He blocked the attacks while flying to a location where the two big bosses were fighting.

Wouldn’t it be more fun if we were all together?

Soon, Lu Ze led the big blue cat near the other two bosses.

Only then did Lu Ze see what the other two bosses looked like. One was a black scaled leopard, who was flas.h.i.+ng with lightning, and the other was an anaconda with grey mist.

The two beasts were attacking each other while inching towards the birthplace of the blue bird boss.

Clearly, they both wanted the G.o.d art that would be left behind.

When they saw Lu Ze bring a roaring big cat over, they fought while watching the two vigilantly.

The two had sensed them when Lu Ze fought the big cat, but they were quite far before.

So, the beasts wanted to go into that area first and get the treasure.

However, these two beasts ran over to them.

At this moment, the big cat spewed out a few meters long flas.h.i.+ng wind blades at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned.

He dodged the wind blades and used his wind G.o.d art to change the direction of the wind blade a little. It sliced toward the anaconda.


Grey mist surged, and the anaconda slapped the wind blade with its tail.


Grey and green lights flashed while the anaconda was shocked for a moment.

How could the leopard miss such an opportunity? It flashed with lightning as it spat out a thick lightning pillar.

It shot lightning toward the anaconda rapidly, creating a purple arc in the air.

The anaconda was immobilized due to the attack of the wind blades. It could only roar again as its grey color turned into a defense barrier. It attempted to block the incoming lightning pillar.


The barrier shattered. Only a trace of lightning pillar struck its body, blasting a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on its body.

The lightning flickered as it numbed the anaconda’s body. Blood kept flowing out.


The anaconda roared. A grey light flashed, and its wound writhed and slowly recovered.

Meanwhile, it shot a cold glance at the cat and Lu Ze.

Seeing his plan work, Lu Ze showed a joyful smile.

The anaconda had regeneration G.o.d art, the black leopard had lightning G.o.d art, and the blue cat had wind G.o.d art.

If he killed them all, it would be amazing!

Lu Ze wasn’t satisfied with just the blue bird boss’ G.o.d art shards. He wanted it all now!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze forgot about the fatigue from the war.

How could he want to commit suicide?

That was not him!

He was an ambitious youth.

The blue cat was furious, seeing that the anaconda seemed to have remembered it.

Thus, it stopped using ranged attacks. It charged at Lu Ze, wanting to claw Lu Ze’s face.

Lu Ze punched out, and his fist clashed with the cat’s claw.


Wind blades and fire waves shot out again.

Other than the anaconda and leopard, the dumb nearby animals were killed while the smarter ones went around and kept heading for the birthplace of the blue bird boss.

The seduction of the G.o.d art shard was too great. If they devoured it, they would become the same as these three aperture opening state beasts.

By then, land, food, reproduction rights. They would have everything.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and a sharp wind blade formed as it sliced toward the black scaled leopard.

Lu Ze’s actions were hidden. The anaconda was injured and distraught. The leopard was counter-attacking with full force. Both of them couldn’t care about the situation over here.

Thus, wind blades sliced toward the waist of that leopard.

Before the leopard could catch its breath after a clash with the anaconda, sharp wind blades clashed against its spirit force barrier.

Then, the barrier was broken, and the wind blades left a huge mark on its body.

Its scales were broken, and blood rushed out.

Black scaled leopard: “???”

The pain made it more ferocious and violent.

It roared and pushed back the anaconda that wanted to take advantage of this.

Then, it glared furiously at the big cat.

He thought this beast was an ally, but it was actually a b.a.s.t.a.r.d?!

When the leopard glared at it, the cat’s fur shot up.

At this moment, Lu Ze grinned and used several G.o.d arts, which included strength, wind, and fire, five times.


The powerful force made the big blue cat wary. It used all of its power too.

A green light flashed, and a few meters long wind spear appeared before it. The tip was sharp and spinning. An intense wind suddenly rose within a few kilometers.