Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 196 - How Dare They Go For His Waist!?

Chapter 196 - How Dare They Go For His Waist!?

Chapter 196: How Dare They Go For His Waist!?

Returning to base, Old Derry asked the soldiers to strengthen the defense. He then began to organize the logistics in order to conduct casualty reports and deal with the bodies.

The troops were arranged to receive treatment.

Nangong Jing and the powerful bunch were heavily injured as well. Thus, they were sent to receive treatment too.

Inside the base, the post-battle activities were on full swing.

After the victory, everyone was filled with energy with what they had accomplished.

Soon, it got dark.

Lu Ze went back to the dorm alone.

Lin Ling and the rest sustained some injuries on the battlefield, especially Xavier. Thus, Louisa kept them to recover with Nangong Jing and the others.

Lu Ze just used too much energy. Thus, he went back first to rest.

His eyes were full of fatigue. He took a shower and cleaned the blood from his body before lying on the bed.

This time, he was going to sleep for an entire day and night!

Lu Ze had made up his mind.

He just wanted to rest well. He was so tired.

Lu Ze closed his eyes, and his consciousness sunk into darkness.

At this time, a light breeze blew past, and the smell of gra.s.s mixed with soil entered his nostrils.

He slowly opened his eyes. The sky was clear blue, and the warm sunlight shone on his face. However, he didn’t feel any warmth at all.

His face became sullen. At this moment, he didn’t feel well.

He had almost forgotten that he would enter the pocket hunting dimension every night…

Lu Ze wanted to cry.

After his excruciating experience on the battlefield, all he wanted to do was sleep. However, rather than getting the opportunity to rest, he was sent to the pocket hunting dimension instead, to get beaten up by big bosses?

Lu Ze became speechless.

Hmm… that horned warhorse used lightning G.o.d art to kill. That might be a painful death.

That lizard and black tiger boss used claws to slap people. That would be painful too.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze realized that only the blue bird boss had a rather good att.i.tude towards a prey?

It was just one wind blade. That seemed to be the best choice.

Should he go find the blue bird boss and seek death?

He just needed to close his eyes, and he would be able to leave the pocket hunting dimension and enjoy a good sleep!

At this moment, he suddenly felt a burst of chi appear. It was slowly becoming stronger.

Lu Ze: “!!!”

Oho! This feeling… it’s the chi of a newly-born boss!

Lu Ze was immediately energetic. He didn’t even want to die now.

How could he pa.s.s up the opportunity of a newly born boss??

Lu Ze felt he grew stronger due to the recent battle!

Uncle Merlin told him that there were 810 apertures in the human body. 360 of them were the main apertures. If you opened up these, you will have the chance to reach the mortal evolution state.

Every 120 apertures were divided into the following: primary stage, middle stage, and tertiary stage. If you opened more than 360 apertures, then your aperture level would be beyond those three levels. It would be considered the peak stage.

Uncle Merlin also provided that every young duke had opened more than 800 apertures when they broke through. Only this would give them the perfect spirit body. Their future would then be boundless.

Lu Ze wasn’t the same. Before reaching the aperture opening state, he was already a spirit body, and it was a perfect one.

The alcoholic girl was the same.

Lu Ze’s spirit force cultivation level was only at abstruse martial state level five, but his combat power rose mainly through his body and G.o.d art.

His current power should be around an aperture opening state who opened around five to six apertures?

This was still extremely weak compared to others who had reached aperture opening state. However, a few days ago, his power had only just reached the aperture opening state. Having this power in just a matter of a few days was very amazing!

This newly born boss wasn’t even at aperture opening state yet. If he fought this boss head-on, Lu Ze felt he would become invincible.

But, there was a problem.

He didn’t know what type of boss was being born. However, from the terrifying wind barrier that the blue bird had, newly born bosses probably had the same protection measures.

If that was the case, he would have to hide and pick up the leftover G.o.d art shards.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze rapidly moved towards the chi of the big boss.

Soon, Lu Ze was near the place.

At this time, the wind element became active again. The green gra.s.s kept waving.

He was indeed a wind-like man. He was that fated to be with the blue bird boss?

Three times in a row, he managed to encounter newly born blue bird bosses.

But, why did the blue bird boss kept getting born?

Was there no need for the other bosses to be born?

Or were they born in different ways?

Lu Ze didn’t understand.

Since there was a newly born blue bird boss, then he would take all the G.o.d art and divine art rune shards!

Being alive was really good!

Soon, a green light flashed and the ten-meter tall gra.s.s was blown down. A powerful chi swept across, silencing the surrounding.

Lu Ze felt the violent chi, which the boss could not control yet due to being a newborn. He didn’t dare to move at all.

Even when it was first born, a boss was still a boss. Lu Ze still didn’t understand how strong it was despite getting stronger himself.

Lu Ze felt disappointed. Were there no weaker bosses?

He thought that the black tiger was quite weak, but it was actually stronger than the blue bird.

If things went down like this, when would he be able to kill these bosses?

Lu Ze felt uncomfortable.

He could only sustain his life by killing core martial state beasts.

Watching the blue bird walk and stretch its neck, Lu Ze thought how good it would be if he could catch this blue bird as a pet.

It was very good looking at least.

Other than some extreme species, most species of the pocket hunting dimension were extremely good looking.

If he could catch this blue bird as a pet, he would be invincible on the gra.s.s plain.

The blue bird chirped, and it started flying for the first time in its life.

Eyeing the boss off, the surrounding beasts howled. They immediately charged towards where the boss was born.

Lu Ze looked at the chaotic beast tide and gasped. Don’t even try!

Only a powerful person deserved the treasure left behind by the blue bird boss!

That’s right, it was him!

Lu Ze flew towards the birthing grounds, but at this moment, a sharp wind blade appeared next to Lu Ze, slicing toward his waist.


Sensing the danger, Lu Ze immediately used all his G.o.d art and accessed full power mode.

He punched the wind blade.


A terrifying sound erupted. Sharp wind blades and heatwaves spread out. A large number of innocent beasts were sliced by the wind. Some of them got roasted.

Lu Ze stopped mid-air with a cold face.

Who was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d that dared to attack his waist?!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He scanned around with his mental force.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a blue figure appear next to him.


Suddenly, four small whirlwinds appeared next to Lu Ze. It rotated rapidly, making sharp howling sounds.

Thousands of small wind blades shot out from the whirlwind in all directions.

The beasts within a few hundred-meter range were sliced by a large number of wind blades. They wailed as they fell to the ground. Their blood painted the nearby gra.s.s red.

Lu Ze who was surrounded by the four whirlwinds naturally received extra attention.