Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 193 - Cheeky People Usually Don’t Have Bad Luck

Chapter 193 - Cheeky People Usually Don’t Have Bad Luck

Chapter 193: Cheeky People Usually Don’t Have Bad Luck

In the inner part of the blade demon base ruins, the air was extremely hot. It was akin to the temperature inside a working oven. Irregular winds continued to sweep through, stirring the air and creating heat waves.

Above the ruins were two blade demon warriors attacking a sword-wielding human youth.

Their clash sent shockwaves in all directions. Sharp spirit force and sword chi swept over the entire ruins for tens of kilometers.

In a place more than 10 kilometers away from the ruins, the lively blade demon troops all fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the human soldiers turned to look at the black-haired youth covered in blood. Their gazes were filled with admiration and excitement.

The other blade demons, who were not far away, lost their ferocious force. Instead, they were filled with fear.

This person was a demon, right?

Just now, more than ten thousand blade demon soldiers died. If this happened a few more times, wouldn’t they all die?

Instantly, their morale fell to an extremely low level.

Meanwhile, the human soldiers’ morale skyrocketed. The difference was huge now.

Howls of pain could be heard, and fatalities kept occurring amongst the blade demon troops.

Several blade demons saw that demon glance over their direction with his evil eyes. All they wanted to do now is to retreat. Of course, they were no match for the human soldiers.

Lu Ze looked coldly at the terrified blade demon soldiers.

He appeared calm, but he wasn’t so confident on the inside.

After all, although his injuries recovered a bit and his life wasn’t on the border of death. However, his mental force, spirit force, and physical power were far from being restored fully.

If those blade demon troops all charged over lifelessly, then he might have to consume the red orbs like before?

He only needed to experience that joy once. Lu Ze didn’t want to try again.

Thus, Lu Ze directly used his full power to send a wave of blade demons to the afterlife. Then, he kept a cool pose.

These blade demon soldiers were indeed scared.

Lu Ze coldly took a bite into the spirit fruit and used the orbs to recover.

He felt great.

However, the grades of these spirit fruits were very low. They came from the Telun system and could only supply the nutrients that the body needed.

It’s said that high-level spirit items can instantly repair all your injuries. That would be similar to the higher-level version of his current regeneration G.o.d art.

Some spirit items, once used, could bring someone straight to the planetary state. Lu Ze wanted one too.

However, it was unknown whether the federation had those things. Even if they did, he wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt he was very poor. His happy feeling turned into dejection.

More freed up human soldiers joined the distant battlefields, and soon, the blade demons crumbled.

Lu Ze kept recovering while supporting human soldiers.

Ye Mu and the others fought more crazily after being motivated by Lu Ze.

This was academic points and military merit.

It was a resource for them!

Their families were quite well off, but Federal University had things that they didn’t have.

Of course, this change couldn’t escape the eyes of the powerful beings in the air.

The blade demons even felt that losing some spirit metal for a prodigy who was worse than Nangong Jing was a good trade-off.

The feeling of greatness surged in their heart when they saw how annoyed the humans were when they were restricted from trying to save people.

They even kept attacking them to irritate humans further.

Yet, when their troops died collectively, these blade demons became dazed.

They looked at this in disbelief.

What was this?!

Why would things be like this?!

The powerful humans were stunned as well.

After all, they thought Lu Ze was probably beyond help.

Yet, Lu Ze could still make it and reap another large wave of blade demon soldiers.

Looking at the slowly disappearing smile of the blade demon prodigies, all the humans grinned.

“Hmm? How did so many demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds die? Did I make a mistake? Come, Gugubate, those are your soldiers. You need to take a good look.”

Lin Kuang was covered in wounds and blood. However, the blood didn’t drop, and instead, it was reabsorbed to his body.

At this moment, he felt the scene was ridiculous.

His opponent was looking at the ground in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the golden-haired Nangong Jing laughed. “Hahahaha, Lin Kuang is right. Sisiliya, quick. Go take a good look!”

She was so scared that Lu Ze was going to die.

Usually, cheeky people had good luck because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to live this long.

As for Luo Bingqing and Louisa, they breathed easy and felt great, but they maintained their composure and didn’t start mocking.

They just needed to smile now.

Sisiliya’s b.l.o.o.d.y eyes flashed. “This is impossible! That backlash should’ve rendered that kid heavily injured!”

Sisiliya had expected that his soldiers would kill that prodigy and then he would carry the body to taunt Nangong Jing.

However, things didn’t go according to the script!

The blade demons’ faces changed. They realized that no one below could stop the attack of this human brat!

This wasn’t good! If this continued, wouldn’t their entire army fall?

They thought of the two blade demon prodigies who were stopped by Jian Shaoning.

When they turned around and saw the situation there, their mouth spasmed.

The two blade demon prodigies kept roaring and attacking the human prodigy.

However, the human prodigy’s few hundred sword chis formed a sword formation. He was the center of the formation and sword chis came non stop. The sword chi was mainly for defense.

By the looks of this, it would take them an hour to breakthrough.

The powerful beings of the blade demon were speechless. This was the difference between enemy reinforcements and our reinforcements.

They would report back to the demon palace that these two idiots were a waste of resources.

Sisiliya and the others looked amongst each other and then said coldly, “We admit defeat this time. Stop the war!”

Nangong Jing and the others were stunned. Then, Lin Kuang laughed. “Haha… hahaha! Stop the war? You actually said that??”

Then he raised his lips. “This time, don’t think about even having one of your soldiers leave this planet!”

If they did, then they would come back to fight for spirit metal once again.

If that’s the case, why let them leave? They must all die!

Feeling the constant death of their troops, Sisiliya’s face turned bleak as he stared deadly at Nangong Jing and the others. “You’re planning to fight until the end?”