Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 194 - Disappointed

Chapter 194 - Disappointed

Chapter 194: Disappointed

Their base was blown up, their spirit metal was robbed, and to top it off, the prodigy brat—who was the main culprit—wasn’t dead.

Every single one of these made the blade demons extremely frustrated, but they could still bear it.

However, if these few hundred thousand blade demon troops all died, then that would be too much for them to handle.

That was all the soldiers on this planet!

If it was a worthy death, then it was fine.

But, if they died being slaughtered like animals by that human brat, then all of their high-level leaders would shoulder a huge insult and might even risk losing their positions.

Then, their resources would be diminished to the extreme.

Those unlucky ones would even receive greater punishment.

Even Sisiliya couldn’t handle such punishments.

If the human race didn’t plan to stop now, then they would be really forced to fight until death.

Nangong Jing and the others narrowed their eyes. They looked at the haggard faces of the blade demons.

They felt a little unwilling in their hearts.

To be honest, at first, they just thought that they could complete the mission by acquiring the spirit metal.

They didn’t expect that the current situation will become so good.

If this continued, perhaps, only a few powerful blade demons would be left behind.

But if they fought to that degree, they would suffer quite some losses too.

This wasn’t worth it.

After all, they had a huge advantage so far. If this progressed further and some on their side died, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Their only regret was that they didn’t prepare for this situation. If they did, perhaps they could keep fighting.

At this moment, old Derry’s eyes lit up. He pretended that he was thinking. “It’s very hard for us if you want to just stop like that… look, we paid a heavy price on our side too. Let me think…”

Sisiliya: “…”

His black face turned purple after hearing this.

This old thing wanted to stall?!

Every moment stalled would mean the death of thousands of soldiers. Just how many did they have in total?

“Tell that brat to stop, or we will fight to the death!”

Sisiliya’s chi rose. If more soldiers died, he wouldn’t have the face to go back. He might as well fight to the death here!

With this, the other blade demon’s chi also became unstable.

s.p.a.ce itself started to distort.

Nangong Jing and the others saw this. Their faces changed.

If these blade demons really planned to fight to the death, then even if they could survive, the people below would all be dead. They might as well stop now.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Lu Ze finished a spirit fruit and took out another steak.

His injuries had pretty much recovered. His power wasn’t fully recovered yet, but he could still unleash a power within the primary stage of aperture opening state.

No blade demon could stop him on this battlefield!

Lu Ze felt he was so invincible that he forgot his own name.

A green light flashed in his eyes, and the wind blew past the battlefield, helping the human troops attack the blade demon soldiers.

He killed the powerful blade demons and left the weaker ones for the nearby soldiers to get military merits.

After all, it didn’t really matter to him if he had this little military merit.

He felt that with all he did this time, it would not be a problem to get promoted to the rank of 1st lieutenant.

Remembering how he was just a second-grade soldier when he first woke up, Lu Ze was quite excited to almost reach the rank of 1st lieutenant.

Lin Ling saw Lu Ze had recovered, and thus, she charged up to fight an abstruse martial state level nine like Ye Mu and the others.

More and more blade demon soldiers lost their lives and fell to the ground.

Those who were watching the broadcast couldn’t resist rejoicing.

If this continued, it wouldn’t take long for the eastern front to kill all the blade demon soldiers.

With a victory at one battlefront, it was only a matter of time to attain victory at the other fronts.

The freed up soldiers would join the battle of other fronts.

The comments section blew up again.

“Go 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze!”

“2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze would probably be appointed as a young duke after this war, right?”

“In terms of power, he’s still a little off, right? But, this all depends on what the higher authorities think.”

“It doesn’t matter what other people say, I think handsome brother Lu Ze is very strong. I’m his fan now.”

Young dukes need to have mortal evolution state power. Lu Ze’s current power isn’t there yet. But with what he did in this war, there is a chance to be appointed as a young duke.

Young duke wasn’t just a t.i.tle. If you become a young duke, you would receive overflowing resources from the entire federation.

This meant that the federation was truly preparing you as the future pillar of humanity. Almost every high-level federal official was once a young duke.

Young duke level prodigies might not appear in every year, even for the elite cla.s.s of Federal University. One can understand just how hard it is.

Lu Ze was very talented, but he was too young and not strong enough. Although he gained huge military merit, it’s uncertain if he would become a young duke.

At this moment, a cold voice came out. “All blade demon soldiers stop!”

Another joyful voice could be heard. “All human soldiers stop. We’ve won this war!!”

Those blade demon troops immediately chose to stop upon hearing this.

The human soldiers who were besieging the blade demon troops became dazed. Their eyes harbored killing intent and some confusion. They looked around, and all they saw were blade demon troops.

Then, their confusion turned to excitement. “We… won?”

They seemed to be asking themselves and their fellow soldiers. Gradually they smiled and roared. “We won… we won!!”

Most of their armors were cracked, and their bodies were covered in blood—both belonging to them and blade demons.

Most were due to protecting 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.

They didn’t regret this at all. Without 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, they would’ve died, perhaps, in the first wave.

And, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze left them quite some military merit.

The troops from the other battlefields also roared. “We won!!”

They were excited but felt things weren’t fair.

Why didn’t they have a powerful prodigy? The casualties weren’t low, unlike in the eastern front.

They were envious.

Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and the others heard this. They felt dazed for a moment too before becoming excited.

The victory was hard-earned.

Lu Ze felt uncomfortable. He was constantly on the border of death. He didn’t know at all that their side had two powerful beings who would sneak into the blade demon base.

He didn’t even think about that before. He just wanted to blow up the base and therefore, the traps set for them wouldn’t work.

But now it was all over.

The powerful beings of the humans and blade demons descended from the air and looked at both sides vigilantly.

The humans chose to land next to Lu Ze. They knew the blade demons would definitely try to finish Lu Ze if they had the slightest chance.

Sisiliya and the others eventually chose not to attack.

Under everyone’s gaze, the soldiers of both sides took the bodies of their fellow soldiers and went towards their bosses.

Lu Ze felt it was a pity that the blade demon bodies were taken back.

In order to conserve power, he didn’t plant them upside down. He was planning to plant them neatly upside down after the war was over.

He was disappointed.