Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 192 - If No Accidents Occur…

Chapter 192 - If No Accidents Occur…

Chapter 192: If No Accidents Occur…

The battlefield remained silent for only a moment. Then, all the blade demon troops turned around to make a run for it.

All they wanted to do was stay away from this demon.

As far away as possible!

Lu Ze’s face became cold after watching the blade demons flee. A green light flashed in his eyes. In an instant, the wind rushed across the area for several kilometers.

The invisible wind infiltrated the bodies of the blade demon soldiers.

Once inside, the wind revealed its hideous claws. It became sharp and violent, cutting their internals to pieces.

Instantly, all the blade demons fell to the ground in unison as though they were wheat that had been cut through.

Thus, only human soldiers remained alive and standing in this region.

All the human soldiers looked at each other in silence for a long time.

They had been fighting for so long, but such was incomparable to a single attack from 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.

Although they knew that 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze was very strong, this comparison still made them feel sour.

Ye Mu and the others looked at the ground littered with blade demon bodies. They chose to keep their mouths shut.

They were prodigies in the entire federation, not just a planet of the solar system. Yet, even they felt powerless.

Lu Ze was too strong, so strong that they were about to lose their confidence as prodigies and their courage to catch up to him.

But they were still prodigies, so their spirits and wills were not inherently weak.

Why did they enter Federal University?

It was because Federal University had the best resources, best martial techniques, and divine arts, as well as best teachers.

When they enter Federal University, they would also have this skyrocketing period!

The fourth-year students of Federal University were pretty much all aperture opening state.

If they could reach aperture opening state, then who would say that they wouldn’t be able to reach mortal evolution state?

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed as she clutched her sword tightly and made up her mind.

She was still too weak!

She didn’t want to lose to this r.e.t.a.r.d!

In the war site, everyone’s heart was pounding ever since Lu Ze was hunted.

They were dead silent.

Quite some audience were the families of the soldiers. They could see the killing intent and hideousness of their family but also their worry for Lu Ze.

After all, if it wasn’t for Lu Ze, quite some of them would die in this region.

But now, everyone was still well and alive!

The soldiers were grateful for Lu Ze and their families were as well.

Several of the audiences were Lu Ze’s junior schoolmates and even teachers and peers. Lu Ze was the pride of their school. They hoped Lu Ze would be fine too.

This was especially the case for Li Liang.

There were also quite some hot-blooded youths, journalists, and war researches. The beat of their hearts quickened when Lu Ze used that fire G.o.d art.

They didn’t want such a prodigy to die young too.

Even Merlin felt the same. He used all his self-control to suppress his chi.

If Lu Ze died, Alice’s source flame would sink into death again.

Although her awakening level was higher than before, as long as it didn’t fully awaken, it would only prolong her life at best.

Alice and Hong Lian would be in danger again.

He had never expected this war to get this dangerous.

It was just an ordinary entrance test. It might be hard for ordinary people, but that wasn’t the case for the prodigies of the elite cla.s.s of Federal University.

For a prodigy of Lu Ze’s level, it was completely free military merit and academic credits!

If he knew Lu Ze would be this wild, he would follow over there personally and burn all those blade demons to dust!

Lu Ze’s family was also sick with worry until they saw Lu Ze’s body slowly recover. Everyone was shocked.

G.o.d art!

Then, Merlin grinned. His handsome middle-aged face bloomed like a flower. “Hahaha, recovery-type G.o.d art. He’s safe!”

With this G.o.d art, Lu Ze would definitely be fine!

If Lu Ze really died there, he would go to Xiaer System and kill all the blade demons.

Fu Shuya wiped her eyes and gritted her teeth. “This kid isn’t good at all this time! Almost scared me to death!”

Lu Wen also nodded. “Yes, beat him up when he comes back… pfff…”

Lu Wen felt stunned.

He clearly spoke along her lines, so why was he still getting beaten?

Lu Li looked at a spot where Lu Ze’s spirit powered armor cracked, and she grinned.

Seeing this, Alice’s eyes flashed. “Li, why are you so happy?”

Lu Li flicked her long hair and smiled. “Brother is fine. Of course, I’ll be happy.”

Then, she pinched the panda toy in her hands.

She saw the panda plus.h.i.+e she gave to Lu Ze. It appeared to be stained with blood. She almost missed it if she wasn’t familiar with it.

It was a good thing she didn’t.

Lu Li couldn’t stop smiling.

That guy really did keep it with him.

Did the plus.h.i.+e get damaged?

If it did, she would replace his with her plus.h.i.+e.


That senior schoolmate next to her brother… was the one from the insectoids tide, right?

Lu Li narrowed her eyes.

When the scene changed to Lu Ze taking out a steak to eat, Lu Li looked at Alice strangely.

She smiled. “It’s a good thing that I prepared food for senior schoolmate.”

She didn’t expect her food was actually useful at such a crucial time. Alice was very happy.

Lu Li’s body stiffened. She felt like she lost.

She didn’t want to admit it, but Alice’s food was more useful than her toy.

At this moment, the blade demons noticed Lu Ze’s state and launched kamikaze attacks.

Everyone’s heart raced again.

In a short few minutes, the defense line was broken, and six hideous blade demons charged at Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Everyone stared at the screen nervously.

When they saw the short-haired young girl stand firmly in front of Lu Ze, they felt complicated. She was a prodigy herself, but clearly, she was no match for the six blade demons.

Yet, she willingly stood in front of Lu Ze.

Lu Li became dazed too. She felt even more complicated.

Then, the wind blew and the girl was pulled to the side. The six blade demons were instantly dead and planted in two rows upside down.

It happened so quickly that all the audience felt stunned.

Subsequently, Lu Ze took a step forward and a few thousand blade demons died. They planned to run, but the wind blew again. All the blade demons within a ten-kilometer range died together.

It happened so quickly that many people couldn’t react fast enough.

A moment of silence later, the beautiful journalist screamed. “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze is unstoppable on the battlefield! If no accidents will occur… we’re going to win this battle! Let us pray! Let us pray that no accidents will occur!”

She was too excited.

Too many accidents happened in this battle, and most of it was related to this black-haired youth. She hoped nothing more would occur.

The audience looked excitedly at the screen.

Who didn’t want their race to win?

The eyes of everyone were fixed on their screens.

The process of waiting for the final result was often the most excruciating.