Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 189 - Just How Many God Arts Does This Guy Have??

Chapter 189 - Just How Many God Arts Does This Guy Have??

Chapter 189: Just How Many G.o.d Arts Does This Guy Have??

It was quiet on the battlefield. Clearly, the blade demon soldiers were still in disbelief. Looking at the ruins, all of them lost their voice.

It wasn’t that long ago when the base was still standing there well.

In the end, all it took was a ‘bang’ to wipe out the entire base.

This kind of heavenly power terrified those low-level soldiers who experienced it.

It might as well haunt them for the rest of their lives.

In the sky, the blade demons’ faces looked extremely bad.

The destruction of bases could be considered an ordinary spectacle, but this one was a huge loss.

This was a humiliation to blade demons.

On the 25th planet, it would cost them quite heavily to rebuild another base.

The worst thing was that there were still spirit metals that weren’t dug yet. Without a base, how were they going to do things?

On the other hand, the human troops rejoiced.

Originally, it would be extremely difficult to locate the spirit metal after entering the base. However, Lu Ze just razed the base to the ground.

That way, it would make things much easier for them.

The troop morale was practically soaring!

“Go 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze! That way, our mission would be much easier!”

“Yeah, it will be easier to find a spirit metal!”

“Yeah… wait! Spirit metal?”

All of a sudden, the troops remembered something. The entire base was blown. Were the spirit metals still in there?

At this moment, another huge explosion could be heard from somewhere in the ruins.

Then, four figures flew out. It was a man and woman, as well as two blade demon warriors.

The woman suddenly disappeared in the air.

Soon after, a roar came out. “d.a.m.ned humans! Give the ring back!”


A crisp sword sound rang through the battlefield.

Then, a few hundred sharp sword surges turned into a sword formation, trapping the two blade demons to prevent them from chasing after the woman who disappeared.

One against two!

The two blade demons who were trapped had red eyes as they looked murderously at the young cold man with the long sword.

“Jian Shaoning, you dare to stop the two of us by yourself? You’re seeking death!!”

Their spirit light surged as they charged at Jian Shaoning.

It was originally silent above the ground. The blade demon troops who had low morale and the human troops who were dazed looked at the air.

Hearing the conversation, the blade demons had even lower morale. Meanwhile, the human troops gained higher morale.

The spirit metal was already in their hands!

Their mission was completed.

The blade demons in the air heard the roar, and their faces changed.

“d.a.m.n it, the spirit metal!!”

They turned to look at the ground.

Two blade demons wanted to break past Jian Shaoning’s defenses and chase after the woman. However, they were stopped by Jian Shaoning’s sword surge and sword formation that seemed to cut even s.p.a.ce itself. They could only keep roaring as they attacked Jian Shaoning.

Although Jian Shaoning kept receiving wounds on his body, he didn’t move back one step. He trapped the two blade demons in this place tightly.

Seeing this, the four top blade demons felt very bad.

The spirit metal was definitely robbed away!

Why did things become like this??

They were thinking that even if the base was destroyed, they still had their spirit metal. They didn’t expect that even the spirit metal they mined was taken away.

They were robbers!!

They should protest to the higher authorities of the human race!

But now, they had to take back some things!

First, getting back the spirit metal would be difficult.

Jiao Shaoning’s power was on par with those two idiots. Even if he just stopped for a while, it would be enough to block them for a period of time. The woman seemed to possess a s.p.a.ce type of G.o.d art.

Second, the flaming tornado was the culprit. It was due to that huge explosion that the entire base was destroyed. That’s what caused the current situation!

They pretty much guessed who used that fire and wind G.o.d art.

A flash of killing intent manifested in Sisiliya’s eyes after remembering the details of that young human.

He was only 18, and he already had such power. He would be another tricky figure like Nangong Iron Fist in the future!

He must not be kept!

From the looks of it, that young human must have received a huge backlash from the flaming tornado.

Now was the best time to kill him!

Thinking about this, Sisiliya roared. “Warriors on the ground, find the person who created the flaming tornado. It’s him. He destroyed our base! It’s him that caused our spirit metal to be robbed!”

“Brave warriors of the blade demon race. Do you want revenge??”

“Now that the human received backlash from his own attack. He can’t defend himself. Go kill him, and we would get something back for this war! The person who kills that person will be rewarded heavily!”

Lu Ze who was weak and bleeding: “???”

Who did he mess with?

Obviously, he didn’t take the spirit metal. If they were capable, they should go after that chick who ran off with the spirit metal instead. Why abuse a noob like him?

Wasn’t this over the top??

Plus, that was unintentional. He just wanted to annihilate an army.

At this time, shouldn’t those blade demon bosses be trying to get the spirit metal back?

The demoralized blade demon troops heard Sisiliya’s roar and remembered who was the culprit behind this.

Indeed, the power from before terrified them. However, their commander just declared that the person is currently experiencing a backlash.

If there was no backlash, shouldn’t he be cleaning them up instead?

This was the perfect opportunity to get revenge!

All the eyes of the blade demons became red as they emitted terrifying killing intent.

The blade demon soldiers in Lu Ze’s area, especially the reinforcement army, saw with their own eyes how Lu Ze was covered in wounds. He looked extremely weak.

Immediately, the terror in their eyes was replaced with killing intent, greed, as well as some vigilance.

After all, Lu Ze gave them too much shock before.

But, Lord Sisiliya said there was a heavy reward!

If this person was perfectly fine, they wouldn’t want to go, even if the reward was doubled.

But, the situation now wasn’t the same!

Since this person was heavily injured, perhaps, they had some chance?

Thus, they went around contacting the nearby soldiers while attempting to charge at the human troops that guarded Lu Ze behind them vigilantly.

Lu Ze looked at this and frowned.

His body was broken while his spirit force and mental force dried up.

He felt that he couldn’t even stand properly.

At this moment, there was a rumble, and the terrifying force turned into heavy winds that blew towards Lu Ze.

Thus, Lu Ze was blown over.

Lu Ze: “…”

He was very speechless.

He needed some time to recover his mental force and then use his regeneration G.o.d art to have his body recover.

Subsequently, he would send all the red-eyed guys to heaven!!

When Lu Ze fell, a strange scent mixed with blood entered his nose.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he felt great. Lin Ling was really good!

She caught him, not bad!

Now, this would be the warm arms of a young girl, right?

Just when Lu Ze thought this, the back of his head started to hurt. It seemed that his head collided with a block of metal.

Lin Ling’s voice came out. “How are you? Are you okay?”

Lu Ze replied sadly, “Other than the hardness of your breastplate that made my head hurt, everything else is fine.”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed. She almost loosened her hands and dropped this b.a.s.t.a.r.d into the sand!

What time was it? How come he was still this cheeky??

Lu Ze laughed due to her reaction. “Don’t worry, give me some time, and I can recover.”

Lin Ling frowned and looked at Lu Ze. She planned to say something when she suddenly saw something inconceivable. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s cracked body was slowly repairing, and it was speeding up!

G.o.d art?!

Lin Ling didn’t feel so good.

This guy had fire, wind, strength G.o.d art, and also a fourth G.o.d art?!

… Just how many G.o.d arts did this guy have??