Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 190 - Don’t Let Him Eat!

Chapter 190 - Don’t Let Him Eat!

Chapter 190: Don’t Let Him Eat!

The situation on the battlefield was even more intense than before.

Above the ruins, two blade demons were attacking Jian Shaoning. Sounds that resembled lightning could be heard constantly. The aftermath of the shockwaves stirred up the winds, sweeping tens of kilometers around.

This was an intense battle between high aperture opening states.

In the high alt.i.tude, the strongest humans and blade demons were also fighting.

Although the blade demons didn’t know if the woman used s.p.a.ce transmission or stealth G.o.d art, they were aware that it would be difficult to retrieve the spirit metal back now.

All they could do was prevent these humans from going back to provide support.

They must at least get something out of the war. If they could kill a prodigy who was more threatening than Nangong Jing, then it wasn’t too much of a loss.

A prodigy like this would, perhaps, have a higher value than the spirit metals.

Meanwhile, the strong human warriors wanted to return and provide support.

They stopped the blade demons before, and yet, now it was their turn to be stopped.

This turn of events was a bit quick.

Nangong Jing’s face was cold. Golden rays erupted from her body as domineering fist force kept surging. It traversed through the air and attacked Sisiliya.

She was a bit nervous.

She had never expected this situation before she fought.

Originally, they just wanted to attract the attention of the strong blade demons and the main forces of the army.

The real ones who would go for the spirit metal were Jian Shaoning and that other fourth-year Federal University student with stealth G.o.d art.

These two human prodigies were also mobilized here when they received news of spirit metal. The blade demons didn’t know they existed.

Those who knew of their existence were only them and the higher authorities.

Yet, Lu Ze used the environment to his advantage and unleashed a near mortal evolution state attack.

This shocked her!

She had to admit that such an attack was extremely beneficial to their plan.

She also knew that to unleash such an attack, half of Lu Ze’s life was probably gone.

If the blade demon troops ganged up against him, the danger would be much higher than before.

This was lethal.

She just received a message from Uncle Merlin to take care of this kid. If something happened to him, how would she explain to Uncle Merlin?

Plus, this kid was her student. Although he was a bit cheeky, she quite liked the way he starts trouble.

After all, she liked starting trouble herself.

She didn’t want anything to happen to her student who was so similar to her.

“p.i.s.s off!”

Nangong Jing burst with golden rays.

Sisiliya sneered. “Heh, Nangong Iron Fist, just watch that prodigy die here!”

Their power was similar. Just like how he was stopped by Nangong Jing before, he could also stop her!

Sisiliya’s eyes flashed with hideousness.

He was very worried too previously. He wanted to put out that tornado so much, but she kept blocking him.

Now, she wants to go save someone? No way!

He grinned.

Meanwhile, Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, and Louisa all had a cold face.

They weren’t familiar with Lu Ze, but Lu Ze was the prodigy of the human race. Although there might be compet.i.tion between them in the future, they needed to stay on the same team, facing the common foreign enemies!

At this moment, of course, they weren’t going to watch on the sideline.

However, their opponents were also extremely strong blade demon prodigies. They were firmly pinned in place against their wills.

On the ground, more and more blade demons moved towards Lu Ze.

Although the human soldiers were stopping them, there were too many soldiers on the battlefield. It was implausible to completely stop them.

Plus, there were spirit powered cannons firing from far away.

Xavier turned completely black as he glimmered with a metallic color. He stood before Lu Ze.

Just then, a far away blade demon troop fired a spirit powered cannon over.

The dark blue energy shot towards Xavier’s spirit powered s.h.i.+eld. Then, it blasted the s.h.i.+eld away and slammed against Xavier, pus.h.i.+ng him dozens of meters backward.

Xavier gasped in pain.

Carriable cannons weren’t as powerful as stationary ones, but it was mobile. It could still reach destructive force a few levels above one’s own state.

Xavier’s body was mainly utilized for defense. Its defense was higher than Lin Ling’s, and thus, it could block attacks easily.

Ye Mu, Ian, and Tianyuan Qianhua, as well as Xuan Yuqi and Jessica, all tightly surrounded Lu Ze while attacking with full power at the same time. They killed those murderous blade demon troops.

At this moment, Lu Ze finally had a sliver of power to use his regeneration G.o.d art. Although he was still weak, it wouldn’t take long to recover now.

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze’s body in shock as it slowly recovered. Her voice was shaky. “This… is another G.o.d art?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yeah, I learned a new G.o.d art these few days. It can rapidly increase the body’s regeneration. It seems to be working fine?”

Lin Ling: “…”

This wasn’t just fine!! She was dying of envy!

Lu Ze carefully used red orbs in his mental dimension as he spoke with Lin Ling.

He couldn’t use those red orbs so boldly like before.

Before, he had no choice and needed to rapidly gain energy. He took too much energy, and he couldn’t completely digest it. That was the reason why his body was collapsing.

If he didn’t use regeneration G.o.d art to stay alive, he would be dead now.

Now was time for recovery, so he could only slowly use red orbs and digest the energy inside.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s body wobbled, and he almost fell over again. Luckily, Lin Ling held him.

She looked worriedly at the pale-faced Lu Ze. “What’s wrong?”

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. “I’ve lost too much blood.”

He almost forgot that he almost turned into a human fountain.

The ground was still covered with red blood now. That was all his blood!

Other than devouring energy to use regeneration G.o.d art, he also needed to replenish the nutrients the body required.

In other words, it was time to eat!

Thus, under the dazed expression of Lin Ling, he took out an enticing golden yellow beef steak.

He couldn’t care less if his hands were dirty. He just grabbed it and bit down.

An intense aroma spread on his tongue. He almost wanted to cry.

He was really pitiful today. This was the first time he was so heavily injured in reality. Only Alice’s beautiful food could appease his injured soul.

It was really nice!

Lu Ze quickly ate it down. His stomach rapidly digested the steak, turning it into the nutrients his body needed. It nourished his body.

Lu Ze could feel the slow recovery of his body.

He happily took another bite.

At this moment, he looked at the dazed Lin Ling and smiled. “Do you want some? It’s really nice! I have some more here.”

Although Lin Ling knew this guy was trying to recover, she was still annoyed after seeing his smile.

Thus, she glared at Lu Ze and gritted her teeth. “NO! Hurry up and eat!”


Lu Ze kept eating.

Alice’s food was glimmering with faint spirit light. It emitted an enticing aroma on the battlefield.

After the human and blade demon troops smelled such, they felt stunned.

What was this smell?

G.o.d art?

What G.o.d art would make a person want to eat??

At this moment, those b.l.o.o.d.y-eyed blade demons saw the pale-faced Lu Ze who was covered in blood. Despite such appearance, he ate a huge golden piece of steak with a satisfied smile. This does not seem to be good.

Blade demon troops: “???”

They even suspected that they were following the wrong script.

Why was this demon eating here??


They were clearly here to attack him??

Their dazed expression slowly turned into disbelief.

As this demon ate, his terrifying wounds kept writhing and recovering!

Its speed was super fast!

All those blade demon troops who noticed this felt cold as their bodies s.h.i.+vered.

Why did they dare to come?

It was because this demon was heavily injured!

Now, it seemed the injury of this demon will soon be healed!!

If this guy recovered… no, he didn’t even need to completely recover… as long as he had some battle power…

Those blade demon soldiers didn’t feel too good.

In turn, they roared loudly, “That demon is eating! Don’t let him eat! Don’t let him eat! If this continues, he will recover!”