Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 188 - Wind, Fire, and Ruins

Chapter 188 - Wind, Fire, and Ruins

Chapter 188: Wind, Fire, and Ruins

All the human and blade demon soldiers stared at the flaming tornado that was constantly spewing flames and wind blades.

Other than the howling wind and roaring flames, all other sounds seemed to have disappeared.

Lu Ze kept relying on the red and purple light orbs to sustain his already injured body. Subsequently, he absorbed the energy necessary to supplement his power.

In the tornado, the wind and fire elements that were supposed to be like two close friends weren’t too close anymore. Thus, Lu Ze needed to repair their relations.h.i.+p with all his might.

During this process, Lu Ze gained a better understanding of the two friends.

As a result, his wind and fire G.o.d arts kept getting stronger.

Due to using excessive red orbs, cracks appeared on Lu Ze’s body. His blood kept rus.h.i.+ng out, turning him into a human fountain.

Coupled with the wind and fire G.o.d arts, Lu Ze utilized his regeneration G.o.d art as well to stay alive.

He felt lucky. If he didn’t have regeneration G.o.d art, could he still survive right now?

He didn’t have the time to repair his body at present. He just needed to stay alive. Lu Ze would only take the time to happily recover after blowing up the base.

Everyone was just waiting for the flaming tornado to explode.

If it exploded, they would begin laughing.

Meanwhile, the human soldiers frowned and prayed that the tornado wouldn’t explode.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that in just a few short seconds, that tornado calmed down.

As the tornado s.h.i.+fted forward. The spewing stopped.

The tornado sped up once again.

The blade demon soldiers couldn’t resist widening their eyes, especially the four blade demon prodigies.

At this moment, their b.l.o.o.d.y eyes flashed as they opened their mouths slightly while watching the tornado slowly recover.

After a moment of silence, Sisiliya roared. “Impossible!”

Then, he released his power, wanting to charge down.

3 seconds!

He just needed 3 seconds to turn the tables!

But, Nangong Jing clearly wasn’t going to let Sisiliya leave here.

Nangong Jing laughed. “Ha~ You can keep watching. Watch the victory that belongs to the human race!”

Suddenly, a heavy thud could be heard. The huge flaming tornado plowed past the blade demon base, over that few hundred-meter tall wall.

The originally st.u.r.dy alloy city wall became weak like a paper under the tornado with a level of mortal evolution state.

The sharp wind blades tore the alloy wall into pieces, and the pieces were melted into a liquid state before they flew out.

The tornado s.h.i.+fted into the base arrogantly like this.

The st.u.r.dy internal structures were also converted into water.

No one in the entire base could stop this near mortal evolution state tornado.

It reached deeper and deeper into the base.

One kilometer, three kilometers, five kilometers…

Lu Ze frowned tightly.

His mental force had almost reached its limit. This was after he increased his mental force just now.

The tornado had penetrated nearly 10 kilometers into the base and more than 20 kilometers from the battlefield.

This was more than the 10 kilometers he expected, but he was now at his limit.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he took back the mental force he used to stabilize the tornado.

Immediately, the tornado became unstable.

Flames surged and wind blades flew around.

This time, it was only the blade demon base that was damaged.

As the momentum brought it a few kilometers more into the base, this tornado, which had risen to nearly five kilometers, emitted red and green colors.



It was like the sound of doomsday that rang through thousands of miles.

Scorching flames and sharp wind blades flooded the blade demon base.

The tall structures amidst the torrent of fire were like children’s building blocks that would topple over with just a light touch.

The pieces were blown up in the air and sliced down even more before getting melted.

The entire world was covered in red and green. This was the last scene people saw.

Wind and fire bringing Armageddon.

The range of the tornado’s blast spread out more than dozens of kilometers and even reached the battlefield.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes. Red and green lights flashed in his eyes as he used his last remaining power to draw the wind blades and fire waves away.

At least, the human soldiers were protected!

The green and red lights flashed for a long while.

When the light disappeared, all that the humans and blade demons saw was a huge ditch with a range of nearly 10 kilometers, as well as the remaining half of the blade demon base ruins.

There was not a complete building above the ruins. Only broken walls and melted metals could be found everywhere.

The temperature was extremely high that the air was distorted. Small whirlwinds were spinning non-stop, as if cleaning the battlefield.

All the soldiers inside the base were gone. Clearly, they were vaporized in the explosion.

All the means they had prepared for the human troops were a joke now.

The audience watching the war site saw this huge ditch and the ruins. They became speechless.

At this moment, the professional and beautiful journalist reacted first.

She stared intensely at Lu Ze and said excitedly, “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze destroyed the entire blade demon base all by himself! Victory is at hand for this war! Oh my G.o.d! 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, who is only 18 years old, is this powerful. He indeed deserves the t.i.tle of a young duke!”

The beautiful journalist let out her emotions like a fangirl as she looked at Lu Ze without blinking.

A comment appeared.

“Hahahahaha! Senior schoolmate Lu Ze is invincible! I’m senior schoolmate Lu Ze’s junior schoolmate. I’m senior schoolmate Lu Ze’s junior schoolmate!!”

“Me too! I’m a junior schoolmate too!”



Then, everyone reacted. Joyful sounds came from all over the federation.

Instantly, the screen was covered with comments.

“Appoint him as young duke! Strongly insist to appoint 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze as young duke!”

“18 years old, annihilated the city!!”

“He’s even stronger than Iron Fist Young Duke. I remember Iron Fist Young Duke was 19 when she annihilated a city?”

“So was City Charming Young Duke?”

“By the way, what should 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze’s t.i.tle be? Wind-Fire Young Duke?”

“Flaming Tornado Young Duke?”

“Upside-Down Planting Young Duke?”

“… Are you the devil?”

“I’m not the devil!”

“… Did you guys forget that the war isn’t over yet…”


Meanwhile, Merlin slapped his thigh and got up suddenly. “Good! Lu Ze did very well this time!”

With the spirit mine and the blade demons losing their base, it was a huge advantage for the humans!

As long as there was no big wave, the spirit metal mine was pretty much theirs.

Then, his mouth spasmed.

Oh my! He was too excited. His own leg almost felt numb from his vigorous slapping…

Lu Wen grinned. “Hehe, this is my son. This is my son.”

Lu Wen couldn’t resist commenting on the war net. “This is my son.”

Immediately, he was criticized.

“You’re my son too! You’re so shameless.”

Thus, Lu Wen’s face was green.

He didn’t say anything wrong.

This was his son.

Fu Shuya didn’t look at the explosion scene. She stared closely at Lu Ze’s screen.

Lu Ze’s spirit powered armor was cracked. Blood kept flowing out. He seems heavily injured. Her eyes were red because of such a scene.

Yet, Lu Wen was fighting with people in chat about whether Lu Ze was his son. She was furious.

Meanwhile, Lu Li and Alice breathed easy. Their tense bodies relaxed. They just realized their backs were drenched.

They knew more about martial artists than Fu Shuya. The hardest stage was over. He would be fine.

Lu Li saw Fu Shuya’s eyes were red. “Don’t worry Mom, Brother is fine now. His wounds can be cured.”


Fu Shuya’s eyes lit up as she looked at Lu Li.

Lu Li smiled. “Brother has a great physical condition. He will be fine.”

Alice smiled too. “Don’t worry Aunty, Senior schoolmate has pa.s.sed the hardest time. He will be fine now.”

At this moment, Merlin and Lu Wen reacted. Merlin nodded. “Don’t worry, Lu Ze’s body is very strong. This level of injury wouldn’t be hard for him.”

Then, he looked into the screen. He couldn’t help but sigh after observing how quickly Lu Ze improved.

Although he used external force, Lu Ze’s attack had approached the mortal evolution state!

Other than his talent, it was also due to how he didn’t fear death.

When Lu Ze cultivated, Lu Ze didn’t complain about getting beaten up.

Merlin even felt this kid had no nerves.

However, every time he looked at Lu Ze ending up in that state, he didn’t feel sympathetic at all. Instead, he wanted to laugh.

Lu Wen smiled too. “He’s a man. It’s fine if he receives some injuries… pff…”

Before he finished his words, his head was pressed into the couch by the furious Fu Shuya.