Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 187 - Silent Battlefield

Chapter 187 - Silent Battlefield

Chapter 187: Silent Battlefield

The red and purple orbs were constantly disappearing from Lu Ze’s head. He didn’t care whether his body could handle it. Instead, he focused on using large amounts of orbs to recover.

The powerful energy flowed through his cells, slowly tearing them up. Inevitably, pain spread through his entire body. He furrowed his brows.

This was very painful!

He bit his lips and resisted the pain while simultaneously devouring the energy with all his strength and controlling the flaming tornado.

This was the first time that he realized dying several times had its benefits.

Even though it was a painful experience that he couldn’t even breathe, his mental force remained intact. It was able to keep the balance between the fire and wind G.o.d arts.


With the support of the red and purple energy orbs to his mental force, Lu Ze found that, perhaps, he could last a little longer?

This almost s.a.d.i.s.tic method of devouring energy made his cultivation level and mental force improve rapidly.

He was cultivating faster than before.

It was very painful, but he was happy.

However, the situation on this battlefield wasn’t suitable for him to get too c.o.c.ky.

The flaming tornado was nearly 4000 meters tall now.

The huge flames spun rapidly while the vibrant red flames distorted the air heavily.

This tornado was more than 10 kilometers away from the battlefield, but the temperature on the battlefield was even hotter than before.

Everywhere the tornado went, the sand became crystallized.

Seeing this, the commander of the blade demon race felt despair. He could feel the pulling force from the tornado. Although it couldn’t immobilize him yet, he didn’t choose to retreat.

The alloy of the base started to vibrate when the tornado got near. If the flames went into the base, then the base would be over.

The power of the soldiers inside had only reached spirit martial state and abstruse martial state while the number of core martial states were few.

Quite some soldiers who couldn’t grab onto something were pulled inside the whirlwind.

They released their spirit force in the air, trying to save themselves.

However, under the incineration of the fire G.o.d art, their spirit force s.h.i.+eld quivered and disappeared.

Then, these blade demon soldiers were burned to ashes. Their spirit powered armors were pulled into the whirlwind and begun spinning rapidly. They slowly twisted under the high temperature.

The commander of the base saw this, and he glanced at the human battlefield.

There was a young human there. Due to him, this war might fail!

As a blade demon warrior, he would give his all to his race!


He floated in the air and suddenly roared. Black-red spirit light flashed vigorously around him as terrifying chi spread across. Even the pulling force of the flaming tornado was pushed away.

Lu Ze noticed this, of course.

This guy wanted to self-destruct?

Oh s.h.i.+t! He was a coward before. Why did he act so tough now!?

Stay a coward!

This is making things harder for me!

If this guy self-destructed, his power would be near the middle stage of aperture opening state.

Although it wasn’t comparable to the power of the tornado that was near the mortal evolution state, Lu Ze was having a very hard time controlling the balance between the wind and fire G.o.d arts.

If the tornado was affected by such destruction and the balance was broken, the flaming tornado would explode. Although only a part of the base would be damaged, it wouldn’t be fun!

Thinking about this, red and green lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

His face was pale, but his eyes were sharp.

All of them were giving it all they’ve got. How could he not join in?

The blade demon commander’s chi reached its limit. He then charged at the flaming tornado.

The flames, which could instantly melt abstruse martial state blade demons, caused a fluctuation in his spirit force barrier a little. He flew into the tornado in a stream of red and black.

The scene fell silent for a while, and there was suddenly a thunderous sound inside the tornado.

In that instant, the speed of the tornado slowed by nearly a third.

Flames kept surging and wind blades shot out non-stop. It had reached the battlefield and injured some troops.

Lu Ze’s face changed. His eyes flashed with hideousness as he roared. “Stabilize!”

All his powers exploded like a volcano.

A few hundred meters away, Lin Ling and the others felt the heaviness in their chest. Some weaker soldiers felt like they were facing a cosmic beast. They were scared.

Light orbs kept getting used. Lu Ze didn’t even have time to digest the power coming into him as they vibrated in his body.

Blood seeped out of his body. His spirit powered armor started to crack under this immense power, revealing his bloodied body.

Lu Ze couldn’t feel his surroundings at all. His mind stayed conscious under the effects of the purple orb. All his attention was focused on the tornado, remaining steadfast in maintaining the balance.

The only good thing was that under such high pressure, his stagnant wind and fire G.o.d arts started to improve slowly.

But, Lu Ze was in so much pain that he couldn’t even laugh.

The battlefield remained silent. The battle in the skies stopped and so did the battle on the ground.

Everyone looked at the unstable flaming tornado.

It looked like a volcano that was about to erupt at any time. In fact, it was bordering eruption.

In the atmosphere level just before s.p.a.ce, Nangong Jing, Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, and Louisa, as well as Sisiliya, and the four blade demon prodigies stopped fighting.

The four blade demons were covered in wounds.

Nangong Jing’s left gauntlet cracked, and blood was seeping out of it. Clearly, her arm was broken, but her face and eyes remained sharp and domineering.

Blood seeped out of Luo Bingqing’s mouth. His face was extremely pale, and his chi was weaker than before.

Lin Kuang was the worst. His blood-red spirit powered armor was cracked, and his body was covered in wounds. Some were deep to the bone.

However, his face had a bloodthirsty smile. His chi was evidently weak, but he was still very strong.

Only Louisa was unscathed, but her face was pale, and her chi was a bit weaker.

The four humans and four blade demons looked sharply at the flaming tornado.

Seeing the tornado spew out flames and wind blades, Sisiliya grinned. “It’s unstable, hahahaha! Unstable!! Almost! Hahaha! Nangong Iron Fist, it seems we still won. Hahahahahaha!!”

The other three blade demons grinned. They thought they were really going to lose, but at the last moment, they manage to stop it!

Sisiliya grinned. “Good job, Commander Kukuerte! I’m going to report his merits to the demon palace!”

The other three nodded. This was stopped all due to commander Kukuerte’s self-destruction.

Not every demon had the courage to self destruct.

Nangong Jing’s chi rushed again when she was called Nangong Iron Fist. She wanted to beat someone up.

But, she knew now wasn’t the time.

She stared closely at the whirlwind and said to herself, ‘Kid, if it blows up, I’m going to train you really well when we get back!’

Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, and Louisa also stared at the tornado closely, ignoring the laughter of the blade demons.

Everyone was staring closely at the tornado.

Two screens were split. One was on the unstable tornado, and the other was on the pale-faced, b.l.o.o.d.y Lu Ze.

Everyone hoped he could stabilize the tornado.

Lu Wen and Merlin looked at this scene with serious faces.

Fu Shuya’s eyes were red due to seeing Lu Ze’s wounds.

Lu Li clutched her panda plus.h.i.+e tightly as she bit her lips and said nothing.

Alice was the same. She clasped her white hands tightly and prayed for Lu Ze.

At this moment, silence surrounded the battlefield.