Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 186 - You Can Do That?

Chapter 186 - You Can Do That?

Chapter 186: You Can Do That?

Due to the presence of the flaming tornado, the temperature in the current s.p.a.ce inevitably rose, making the surrounding extremely hot. However, all the blade demons felt cold. Even their bodies began to tremble.

They couldn’t feel any trace of warmth from this world.

If they became the reason why their base was broken, wouldn’t they end up getting nailed on the pillar of shame?

This human was that evil?

Why didn’t he play along according to the script?!

Leave the base alone, and come after them instead!

Just as the blade demon race felt dazed, Lu Ze shared the same sentiment as well.

In truth, he actually didn’t think that much. He was originally planning to go after the blade demons on the right. However, the moment he tried to do that, he realized he couldn’t control the direction of the flaming tornado anymore.

The tornado kept getting stronger on the battlefield to the point that it was beyond Lu Ze’s control.

Does this mean that the power of this tornado was approaching the middle stage of aperture opening state?

All Lu Ze could do was control the const.i.tuents of the tornado and prevent it from exploding.

At this moment, Lu Ze realized that the blade demon base was not far ahead. He showed a warm smile.

Great! This was something of a fluke.

He just needed to stop the tornado from exploding now and let it hold out until it reached the base…

The explosion would be a work of art!!

Lu Ze was quite excited.

But he was also worried that as the wind grew stronger, it would become harder and harder to balance the wind and fire G.o.d art.

He frowned. Red and green lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he tried his best to control the two G.o.d arts simultaneously. His forehead started to sweat.

Meanwhile, the commander looked at the nearing flaming tornado and felt stunned.

He was waiting for that human brat to come in and experience true despair.

He had even planned everything that would happen once that human brat came in. However, this brat didn’t come in at all!

The tornado was getting stronger and bigger.

Even Nangong Jing and the others, who were far away from the vacuum s.p.a.ce, could feel the force of it, much less the aperture opening state officers below them.

Nangong Jing, Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, Louisa, Sisiliya, and four other blade demons, whose power were at mortal evolution states, all stopped fighting and looked at the ground.

The chi grew strong so fast!

It had already surpa.s.sed the middle stage of aperture opening state and reached the tertiary stage of aperture opening state. With this speed, it might even reach the mortal evolution state?!

Just what was it?

If another mortal evolution state appeared, then the backhands of both the blade demons and humans were useless.

Mortal evolution states were too precious on the Xiaer system battlefield.

Everyone couldn’t’ resist looking over.

When they saw that the chi came from a huge, thousand-meter-tall flaming tornado, which was rapidly approaching the blade demon base, the reactions from both sides were different.

Nangong Jing’s eyes widened, and then she laughed. “Haha, ahahahhahaha! I didn’t expect that kid had this move! Great, too great! Hahahaha~”

Luo Bingqing’s calm eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. His tone became slightly raised. “It’s him?”

Lin Kuang and Louisa were first confused, and then, their eyes opened wide in disbelief. “It’s that kid!”

Meanwhile, the blade demons’ faces were extremely twisted.

Sisiliya thought he had made all the preparations, and yet, this happened.

Just who was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d down there?

He knew he wasn’t to blame. There were two more aperture opening states in the middle stages at the base with G.o.d art. They were both prodigies whose power had reached the tertiary stage of aperture opening state.

After all, the mortal evolution state was monitored too closely. There was no way a new one would appear.

This situation was completely unexpected!

He didn’t know who did this, but since there was an accident, he needed to remedy it!

The eyes of the four blade demon prodigies flashed as their force burst like the waves.

Their pressure kept rising. Clearly, they used some secret technique and was fighting with their lives!

Originally, they just wanted to focus on the defense, but now, it was an emergency!

As long as they broke free from these humans, they just needed one strike to annihilate such a tornado!

At the same time, Sisiliya roared. “All aperture opening state, think of a way to destroy this whirlwind! Soldiers on the ground, listen up! Find the person doing this and attack him! If this war is lost, I will take all your lives!”

The voice of one who had reached mortal evolution state was like the voice of a G.o.d that resounded through a few thousand kilometers.

The beasts that already left the base were scared to the point of shaking. They didn’t even dare to make a sound.

What did they do wrong to deserve this?

The faces of Nangong Jing and the others were also very cold. They also used secret techniques.

At the same time, old Derry’s voice resounded through the world. “Human race! Fight to the death! Stop these demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and protect that kid!”

That terrifying energy wave came from the sky again, but it was many times more terrifying than before. Blood kept spilling from the air. It made small ditches on the ground.

On the ground, all the blade demons charged at Lu Ze with red eyes.

Those blade demon reinforcements who had already run out for a few kilometers came running back with killing intent.

Lu Ze’s face was pale right now as he was trying his best to not let the wind collapse.

At this time, a vibrant b.l.o.o.d.y blade light with a chi of high-level aperture opening state struck the tornado.

Suddenly, the flame on the tornado was disturbed. A sliver of chaos could be observed from it. The tornado even slowed down.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

If it wasn’t for his desperate efforts to stabilize it, the tornado would explode on the spot.

There was still some distance left from the base. Lu Ze felt that the safest way was to let the tornado blow through the base and detonate it in the center.

But clearly, Lu Ze was just dreaming.

The problem now was that originally, it would only take ten seconds to reach the base, but due to that attack, it would take 20 seconds.

This was good and bad at the same time.

The good side was that the tornado had more time to increase in power.

The bad side, however, was that there would be more change. If a few more of those attacks happened, it would explode. Even if the attacks didn’t come, Lu Ze was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control it.

At this moment, the blade demon commander flew out and roared as he attacked the tornado, hoping it would explode.

Although he would probably die, the most important part of the base would be saved!

He roared. “Where did those two go? d.a.m.n it, where did they go?”

His power was too weak, and he couldn’t completely stop this tornado. If he had a high-level power of aperture opening state, he would definitely be able to damage it!

But where were those two at this crucial moment?

Then, explosions could be heard in the base. Clearly, there was a battle occurring there.

The commander’s hand shook.

He realized why those two prodigies didn’t appear.

Did powerful humans sneak into the base?

At this moment, this commander felt true despair.

The blade demons charged at Lu Ze like crazy.

Lin Ling, Ye Mu, Ian, and other people immediately formed a barrier around Lu Ze.

Lin Ling had her back turned to Lu Ze. With sharpness in her voice, she said, “Lu Ze, hold on! As long as I’m still standing, I won’t let anyone touch you!”

Lu Ze was using his wind and fire G.o.d art at his full power. His spirit force, physical power, and mental force were at the border of exhaustion.