Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 185 - Run to the Sides! Run to the Sides!

Chapter 185 - Run to the Sides! Run to the Sides!

Chapter 185: Run to the Sides! Run to the Sides!

After dealing with the two core martial state blade demons, Lu Ze looked at the obscure blade demon base from afar and narrowed his eyes.

He had already stirred up a storm. Will someone come after him?

On the battlefield, he should prepare himself mentally for the retaliation of the other party.

After all, happiness comes with a price.

Up in the sky, he would only be treated like a little brother. However, on the ground, he was like a G.o.d.

As such, people would focus on targeting him, but this is actually what Lu Ze wanted.

Although it looked like they had a huge advantage here, the base was definitely very dangerous in comparison. It might be a bottomless pit.

Lu Ze dared to do this because he had regeneration G.o.d art now.

As long as he didn’t die, he would soon recover!

As for how to hide?

What a joke! Since when was he scared of anyone??

Lu Ze’s att.i.tude was very clear right now.

He was sending a message to the commanders in the blade demon base.

Come at me!

While Lu Ze was looking at the base, the commander of the base was also looking at him through a screen.

Killing intent spread as his b.l.o.o.d.y eyes flashed. Even the vice commanders around him retreated.

This commander also had an aperture opening state primary stage power, but he knew that it would be equivalent to suicide if he fought that human brat.

That human brat killed two aperture opening states already!

As the head commander of the base, he couldn’t go fight someone.

But there were only two aperture opening state middle stages left in the base. They needed to protect the spirit metal. They must not move.

This was very annoying as there was nothing he could do against that human brat.

After staying silent for a while, the commander said coa.r.s.ely, “Give up that area, let the human come to the base!”

His voice was very cold. “If he dares to come, I will let him know true despair!”

The vice commander nodded and left.

On the battlefield, Lu Ze saw there was no motion from the blade demon base for a long time.

Pfft, cowards!

At this moment, the 10,000 reinforcements seemed to have received some news and ran back.

These blade demon soldiers finally felt grateful.

This idiot commander was finally useful and allowed them to retreat.

As long as they ran back to base, it would be a huge victory for them!

Seeing the ferocious blade demon reinforcements scurry back, Lu Ze and the soldiers felt dazed.

Why did they suddenly run?

The audience felt dazed too.

“Weren’t these soldiers reinforcements? What’s going on?”

“They received orders…”

“This isn’t good… the blade demons want to bait Lu Ze into a trap. They gave up the defenses in this region.”

“What do we do?”

“How do I know? If I knew, I would be commanding the battle, not commenting here.”


Alice and Lu Li watched with worry.

Lu Li clutched that panda plus.h.i.+e tightly and prayed. “Brother… please stay safe…”

Alice clenched her hands together too. “Senior schoolmate… I learned a lot of new dishes. I’ll cook for you once you get back! You must come back alive.”

The winds blew, and the entire battle was reeking with the scent of blood.

Lu Ze frowned at this. It seemed a great number of people died.

Although the soldiers near him had almost zero casualties, the situation in other regions must be very intense.

Lu Ze’s face sunk as he watched the blade demons retreat.

They came and left as they pleased. This was over the line.

When they went back, it would probably be an intense battle in the base. In that case, why should he let them go back?

On the battlefield, he had to control his mental force very tightly to prevent injuring humans.

That was hard.

But this situation made Lu Ze want to hack them all.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

The intense battle waves created huge winds. The wind element was very active.

It was the perfect time to use infernal.

Lu Ze grinned. It’s time to have fun.

Wind flowed in his eyes as he floated up. He reached out his hand towards the direction of the blade demons and used his wind G.o.d art at full power!

Immediately, a few hundred meters ahead, a five-meter tall tornado appeared. It emitted this faint green light that spun rapidly. The sand was swept up to form a yellow dragon.

He wanted to say some cool lines, but he remembered that he had to set a good example for his soldiers and maintain his heroic image!

Thus, Lu Ze acted cold and indifferent. “Go.”

The spinning whirlwind chased towards the direction of the fleeing blade demons.

As the whirlwind moved, it devoured the surrounding wind element and rapidly accelerated.

At this moment, Lu Ze had another interesting idea.

A red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and amidst the spinning winds, such red light ignited. The light had turned into flames.

The spinning sand tornado evolved into a fiery tornado!

The wind made the fire stronger.

The tornado expanded, 10 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters…

The temperature kept increasing and turned the sand into a crystal-like form.

Even the air began to distort slowly.

Instantly, the air grew very hot. The human soldiers and blade demon troops on the eastern front all felt this.

Some soldiers couldn’t resist looking over. When they saw the flaming tornado, which was more than 300 meters high, they couldn’t resist widening their eyes.

The flaming tornado was chasing a group of blade demon soldiers within two kilometers ahead.

Their faces were full of terror.

Meanwhile, the human soldiers had high morale.

In the ensuing battle, the human soldiers had quite the advantage.

The wind element in this region was too active. The whirlwind was constantly acc.u.mulating power. At every moment, it was getting stronger and stronger. This also compounded the intensity of the flames.

The battlefield was only 10 kilometers away from the blade demon base. At present, the tornado had just covered one-third of the distance, but the height of the tornado already exceeded 600 meters.

Some smart blade demons reacted and roared. “Run to the sides, don’t bring the tornado back to base!”

If they did that, they would be cursed to death by their fellow blade demons!

Then, the blade demons reacted and decided to split off.

At this moment, if the tornado changed its directions, one-half of the blade demons would die, but the other half would survive. This was better than letting everyone die.

The blade demons of each side prayed that the tornado would turn to the other side.

Just when they were praying, they felt the pulling force of the tornado weaken.

Blade demon troops: “???”

They looked around in confusion, and then, all of them froze.

This tornado didn’t turn to any side. It went straight for their base!!