Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 184 - Lu Ze Instantly Became Arrogant

Chapter 184 - Lu Ze Instantly Became Arrogant

Chapter 184: Lu Ze Instantly Became Arrogant

On the battlefield, the ray of the core martial state blade demon’s sword made a shrieking sound as it swung towards Lin Ling.

Before the screen, everyone’s eyes widened as they held their breath. Although these two blade demons didn’t notice 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, this little girl seemed to be a pretty excellent prodigy.

She looked quite beautiful too.

They didn’t want to see her die like that.

Lu Ze was speechless seeing this.

Did Lin Ling possess the talent to attract ambushes?

She was ambushed by that abstruse martial state level eight blade demon, and now, this core martial state peak stage was launching a surprise attack on her.

Lin Ling was having difficulty dodging the attacks of the abstruse martial state level nine blade demon. When she sensed the attack behind her, her expression was still cold.

Her opponent snarled.

This young human female was clearly much weaker than him in terms of cultivation level, but she relied on her G.o.d art to keep up with him.

This felt really annoying.

Luckily, she was about to die!

At this time, the blade ray heading upon Lin Ling seemed to have been blown by the wind. The blade ray disappeared like chalk from a whiteboard.

The atmosphere became very silent.

But in this region, all the blade demons couldn’t resist widening their eyes, including the two core martial states.

They knew there was a powerful being here, but they didn’t know it was at this level.

Sisibali and Sisiqili felt there was no warmth in the world anymore.

These idiot soldiers played them!!

If they knew it was this level of power, they would definitely not come!!

They could feel that the powerful being’s gaze lock on them. The difference was so huge that they couldn’t even sense where he was.

Those blade demons thought that their savior had arrived, but in the end, that savior didn’t seem reliable at all. They also felt there was no warmth left in this world.

They were also roaring in their hearts. Was their commander a r.e.t.a.r.d??

Why did he send two trash??

Those 10,000 blade demons, who were charging forward, immediately halted their movements. They didn’t know what to do.

It was very awkward. They couldn’t advance nor retreat.

If they went forward, they would die. However, if they retreated, the military order was like a mountain behind their backs!

They also felt this world had no warmth. Some of them were even shaking.

Meanwhile, the human soldiers smirked at the two core martial state blade demon stuck in the air.

Weren’t they very c.o.c.ky just then?

Keep being c.o.c.ky!

We have 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze here!

Lu Ze raised a brow and glanced at the blade demon base and narrowed his eyes.

Then, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he reached out his two hands at the two core martial state blade demons. “Get over here!”

The two blade demons immediately drifted towards Lu Ze.


They roared and used all their power to try breaking free. However, Lu Ze, at least, had aperture opening state power now. How could he let these two core martial states escape?

In a short instant, the two blade demons were pulled to Lu Ze.

When they saw Lu Ze’s appearance, their pupils dilated.

All those core martial states and above had to review all the photos of people who could pose a threat to the spirit metal mine.

Those threats were aperture opening state and above. Lu Ze was one of them.

Clearly, they didn’t expect Lu Ze to be here!

This guy killed two of their aperture opening states, and yet, they delivered themselves to him.

Lu Ze touched his chin. These two core martial states should be middle-level officers of the blade demons, right?

Would he be able to get some information from them?

For example, what was the situation in the base?

Of course, he wouldn’t think that the base was empty now. The base was definitely more dangerous than here.

But if he knew the arrangements, he could prepare for it.

Let me think first. Don’t worry…

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a great idea.

Ian’s G.o.d art seemed to be a mental force type. Would he be able to force out a confession?

However, Ian’s cultivation level was too low. These two were core martial state peak stage. It was very hard.

But, there was no harm in trying, right?

I’m too smart!

Lu Ze felt his IQ was through the roof and instantly became c.o.c.ky.

Just when Lu Ze planned to call over Ian, Sisibali and Sisiqili read Lu Ze’s expression and glanced at each other.

This human’s expression was too easy to read.

He was definitely planning on interrogating them.

They didn’t know if they would be allowed to live after the interrogation, but even if they were, they would receive pain far greater than death back at the blade demon race.

Plus, they would definitely not betray their race.

Although this young duke sealed their spirit force, he clearly wasn’t experienced enough.

He wasn’t able to stop their mental force suicide!

Desperation flashed in their eyes, and then, their mental force exploded.

Lu Ze: “???”

These two just died like that?? How did they die?

Lu Ze felt dazed. He used wind G.o.d art to seal their spirit force.

He felt extremely disappointed.

At this moment, the audience saw that the two core martial state blade demons were forced to commit suicide. They rejoiced.

“Our human young duke is so strong!”

“I was worried whether the 2nd lieutenant wouldn’t be able to handle it due to the injuries. Now, it seemed that I didn’t need to worry at all.”

“He’s my senior schoolmate!!”

Those who were experienced, for example, Merlin sighed.

Alice was happy for Lu Ze, but when her dad sighed, she quickly asked, “What is it, Father? Is Senior schoolmate in some sort of danger?”

Lu Li also looked over nervously.

It was the same for Lu Wen and Fu Shuya.

Merlin waved his hand with a smile. “You guys are too nervous. Ze is fine, but he’s too inexperienced. Blade demons of this level know the mental force suicide technique. You need to seal their mental force to prevent suicide.”

Lu Li frowned. “Didn’t Brother capture a blade demon prodigy before? Why wasn’t that prodigy able to commit suicide?”

Merlin explained, “That prodigy must’ve used up all his mental force that he couldn’t commit suicide. Or, he used some sort of self-damaging technique to increase his power.”

Lu Li nodded in realization.

Alice reacted. “So Senior schoolmate was planning to extract information about the base, but these two committed suicide? No wonder Senior schoolmate looked so disappointed.”

Merlin smiled. “Some things need experience. That kid won’t make the same mistake again. Overall, his performance is great.”

Merlin felt that Lu Ze did what a young duke should do.

Protect his race and kill enemies.

Lu Ze soon got over it. A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and he planted the two with the other blade demon, forming a triangle.

Lu Ze nodded in satisfaction.

He had quite the geometric thinking?

He was very smart.

The rest of the blade demon troops saw this and felt very bad.

They wanted to run, but if they ran back, they would be executed!


The human troops felt their hearts couldn’t handle it anymore.

They really felt it was world breaking to know that Lu Ze had this fetish of planting blade demons upside down.

Why did he suddenly change into this?

Give them the well behaved 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze back to them!!

The beautiful journalist and the audience also looked dazedly at the blade demon triangle, and then, Lu Ze nodded happily.

They held their heart.

This change in style was too much.

He was having so much fun playing with blade demons??