Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 183 - He Looks Very Nice

Chapter 183 - He Looks Very Nice

Chapter 183: He Looks Very Nice

On the battlefield, the blood of the two races splattered everywhere, painting the sand yellow.

The wind blew past, and the blood stench spread out very far.

The human onlookers and journalists smelled the intense scent of blood. Hearing the roars, clashes, and trembles of the earth, they felt first hand the intensity of the battle.

The beautiful journalist was clearly and experienced battlefield journalists. Despite the scene, she wasn’t worried at all. Instead, she responsibly reported the situation.

When the strange occurrence appeared at Lu Ze’s area, she immediately noticed it.

“Look at the battle district on the eastern front. There seems to be a powerful human there. The blade demons suffered much greater losses here than other regions. Our forces almost have no losses. Let us take a closer look!”

A regional victory in such an intense battle was clearly exciting. Even her voice was at a higher pitch.

They kept the mainframe on the entirety of the battlefield and split off a screen to zoom in on the human soldiers who were finis.h.i.+ng off the remaining blade demons.

If this kept up, it was only a matter of time before the front was broken.

Then, that would lead to a lot of choices.

“This region is doing very well. If this continues, we will achieve regional victory! But where is that powerful human?” the journalist asked in confusion.

The camera caught Ian who was fighting an abstruse martial state level seven and Ye Mu who was fighting an abstruse martial state level six. It also caught Lin Ling fighting an abstruse martial state level nine.

The beautiful journalist said with cold eyes, “It’s G.o.d art! These young warriors seem to be the new students in the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University. This planet was their trial grounds, but they still came to the battle when the battle started!”

The audience watching this widened their eyes. The elite cla.s.s of the Federal University? These new students were the greatest prodigies!

Yet, they would fight on a battlefield even though they may die at any time like ordinary soldiers.

This made the blood of those youth who wanted to join the army boil even more.

This made the kin of some soldiers feel complicated.

Everyone was the same, regardless of whether they were prodigies, soldiers, or higher levels. The higher levels were fighting in the sky.

“Oh my! I see my son. He’s still alive, that’s great!!”

“I see my husband… he’s alive!”

“Wait, there seems to be a situation there!” the beautiful journalist said with shock.

On this battlefield, there was a black-haired youth. There was no one within a few hundred-meter range around him.

Both blade demons and humans avoided this area.

Some blade demons that were scurrying around saw the youth from afar and quickly ran in the opposite direction. If they had nowhere to go, they would rather run back than run toward this youth.

Everyone felt dazed.

Weren’t they supposed to be ferocious blade demons?

What were they doing?

This youth seemed very nice.

Just when everyone was holding on to that thought, one blade demon, who was running and charging into an empty region, failed to notice this youth.

The two human soldiers looked strangely at the blade demon. Their eyes were full of pity, so they stopped.

Seeing this, the blade demon was just about to smile when his face stiffened. He noticed he couldn’t move at all.

Before he could think, he flipped upside down and was planted into the sand. Then, there was intense pain and nothing else.

The human soldiers’ mouth spasmed as they saluted to the youth and left to attack other blade demons.

The audience looked at this and then at the slightly pale-faced but calm-looking youth.

They were wrong. This youth didn’t seem that nice.

He looked quite handsome.

They finally realized why the blade demons ran away him.

But why plant them upside down into the ground?

They were curious why there were blade demons planted in the ground upside down.

So it was you!

This is such a strange fetis.h.!.+

At this moment, the beautiful journalist saw this too, and her eyes lit up as she smiled. “It seems this soldier is the hidden powerhouse.”

Her face was a little strange. This powerhouse was this young?

She continued. “This soldier seems to be a new student in the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University? Let us look at his details.”

The beautiful journalist was interested in this.

From the facial recognition scan, details of the youth surfaced.

Then, she slowly read, “Lu Ze, 18, 1st year Federal University’s elite cla.s.s student. Military rank, 2nd lieutenant?”

The rank of 2nd lieutenant for an 18-year-old Federal University new student was a bit absurd. If it was the prodigy barracks, she wouldn’t be this surprised.

She still continued reading. “Military merit, noticed the anomaly with blade demons during his mission and captured a blade demon prodigy with extreme core martial state power alive??”

Her voice became sharp as she read that portion.

This meant that this youth had a power equivalent to aperture opening state?

He was only 18 years old!

Even the audience was stunned too.

18 years old, aperture opening state power??

Was he still human??

A moment of silence later, a line of words appeared on the screen: “Young Duke of Invincibility!”

This was a prodigy with the talent of a young duke!

His talent would place at the top even among young dukes!

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Young duke talent! I didn’t expect to see such talent on this battlefield!!”

“No wonder this region was faring quite well! Looking at his slightly pale face, he must have used all of his power just now?”

“Such a prodigy has no one to protect him? Isn’t it too dangerous? What are those high levels thinking??”

“Are you new? An aperture opening state staying in this level of battlefield is already a form of protection, okay? How else do you want to protect him? Let him fight spirit martial state?”

“This… I know this person! He’s my senior schoolmate! He’s my high school senior schoolmate!”

This was a second-year student at Chang Yang Top 1 High School.

The senior schoolmate he admired most was Lu Ze who got a guaranteed entry into Federal University. He didn’t expect to see his senior schoolmate’s heroic figure on the war site.

This was too exciting!

“No, I must go tell this to the cla.s.s group chat! No, I’ll say it on the school net!”

This hot-blooded junior schoolmate immediately shared this live stream to their school website. The t.i.tle was: “The Battlefield Senior Schoolmate Lu Ze Is At!”

Soon, quite some students clicked in.

At this moment, Lu Wen and the others breathed easy after seeing Lu Ze.

He was fine.

Fu Shuya’s heart ached a little, seeing Lu Ze’s pale face. “Why does my good boy’s face look that bad? Is he injured?”

Lu Li and Alice glanced at each other. There was worry in their eyes.

Only Lu Wen and Merlin glanced at each other with helplessness.

How could one not get injured on the battlefield?

What was that saying?

Every scar was a man’s laurel!

At this moment, the scene s.h.i.+fted. Two blade demons flew over with a dark ma.s.s of blade demon army behind them.

The beautiful journalist’s eyes widened. “Not good, the blade demon reinforcements are here!”

Everyone stopped discussing and looked at the screen.

This prodigy was already injured. There seemed to be two that could fly. Was that a core martial state and above? Would this prodigy be able to handle it?