Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 182 - Isn’t It Good to Be Alive

Chapter 182 - Isn’t It Good to Be Alive

Chapter 182: Isn’t It Good to Be Alive

Lu Ze scanned his surroundings after glancing at the dead body of the blade demon.

The two sides were engaged in an intense battle. Their powers might seem weak for Lu Ze, but for ordinary soldiers, they may die at any time.

That alcoholic didn’t let him go up to help. The entire battlefield was this big. Naturally, he couldn’t manage it entirely. However, he could still protect the region around him.

Thus, Lu Ze spread his mental force and covered a range of 10 kilometers.

The situation was immediately transmitted to Lu Ze’s brain.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s face went pale as his brows furrowed tightly.

The amount of information was significantly large. It made his brain swell, as though it would burst due to being full.

His mouth spasmed. This was the first time he used mental force with full power. He almost drained himself.

He quickly used a purple orb, and a clear chi flowed past his brain.

The huge pain eased up.

Then, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Five kilometers away from Lu Ze, a blade demon aimed his blade hideously at an injured soldier.

The soldier was full of despair and was planning to leave some wounds on this blade demon at the cost of his life when this blade demon suddenly froze.

The atmosphere became very awkward.

Soldier: “???”

Blade demon: “?!!”

The hideous smile slowly disappeared from the blade demon. He wanted to create an explosion with his power, however, not only he failed to struggle, but he also could not move at all.

The desperate soldier looked at the wind that was spinning around the blade demon, and his eyes widened.

Wind G.o.d art?

It’s 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze!

2nd Lieutenant was really nice! He saved his life!

He was touched.

The soldier smiled at the blade demon. Since the 2nd lieutenant didn’t kill this blade demon, did he want him to do it?

Thus, the soldier raised his sword.

This scene kept repeating within a ten-kilometer radius. Quite some blade demons that had the upper hand suddenly couldn’t move at all.

Gradually, the numbers of human troops exceeded the blade demons, forming a 2-against-1 situation.

Lu Ze then took back his mental force and rubbed his forehead.

He went a bit too intense.

If it wasn’t all abstruse martial state and even spirit martial state around, even he wouldn’t’ be able to handle it.

Despite this, he felt he was drained.

But luckily his recovery was very powerful. He wondered what was the special energy that the male lion dropped. It not only greatly improved his body and mental force, but also his recovery ability.

As long as he gets some rest, he would be able to recover.

Soon, the humans gained more and more advantages, and the blade demon defense line was about to crumble.

At this moment, the human troops finally had time to think.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, Xiao Ji, I thought you were going to die. Wasn’t your opponent two levels higher than you??”

“I thought so too, but this idiot suddenly stopped moving and I took the chance to slice him.”

“You too? Same here!”

“Me too! I thought it was some G.o.d helping me.”

“G.o.d? Are you joking? It’s 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze! You don’t even know about his wind G.o.d art? Leave!”

“2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze is here?”

“He’s in our base.”

“I’m envious… I just want to shake hands with him…”

Meanwhile, the blade demons felt dazed.

Where did my fellow soldiers go?

They were fine just a moment ago?

How did they all disappear?

If this continued, their defensive line would crumble!

Thus, some blade demon warned the base.

There was a powerful being here, they needed back-up.

The commander of the blade demons who stood on the city wall looked at the direction where Lu Ze’s battlefield was at.

His red eyes flashed.

Of course, not all blade demon soldiers went out. Some stayed to defend the base. Two aperture opening state middle stages were even guarding the spirit metal.

He ordered, “They have a powerful being, then we’ll send two! Allow Sisibali and Sisiqili to take 10,000 guarding soldiers and attack!”

“Let the remaining guards stay on alert to prevent their invisibility-type prodigies from sneaking in.”

He glanced at Lu Ze’s battlefield. Sending out 10,000 more soldiers and two core martial state peak stages should be enough, right?

At a high alt.i.tude, near the vacuum of s.p.a.ce, one black and gold figure stood opposite each other. Powerful chi erupted from them, distorting the nearby s.p.a.ce.

Nangong Jing who was in Super Saiyan mode stood dominantly as she looked at the black-armored blade demon.

“Nangong Iron Fist, we have fought so many times, and it’s always been a draw. How about we just watch this time?” The blade demon grinned.

Nangong Jing narrowed her eyes but kept her mouth shut. She disappeared in a blink and emerged behind the blade demon.

Her white fist punched out with golden light that could be seen even inside the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps in s.p.a.ce.


Terrifying force smashed past. The blade demon’s eyes flashed with hideousness as she quickly sliced out two dark blade rays.

The fist force and blade rays clashed together, distorting the s.p.a.ce even more.

Even the aperture opening states fighting below had to dodge the power wave.

After one punch, Nangong Jing gritted her teeth. “I’m called Nangong Jing! Sisiliya, I’m going to smash you today! Die!!”

How dare he call her Nangong Iron Fist??

Sisiliya charged up coldly, seeing the furious Nangong Jing.

His plan worked.

All the other powerful humans were here. Only that young powerful being didn’t come.

They searched for information about that young powerful human for a long time at the mining cave, but they couldn’t find anything.

He was clearly that strong and talented, but he was that unheard of?

But that didn’t matter, he hoped that humans would like the present he prepared for him.

He found those two aperture opening states from outside this battlefield to prevent any accidents. There are no records of them on the Xiaer system battlefields!

They were two prodigies that had G.o.d art!

With those two there, if that young human prodigy dared to enter their base, he would be dead for sure.

If such a talented youth died, the human race would be very hurt.

He would take both the spirit metals and that prodigy’s life!

He was really a prodigy!

Sisiliya felt great about himself.

At this moment, the battlefield Lu Ze was at was very joyful. It was two against one and sometimes even three against one.

Lin Ling had long killed that abstruse martial state level eight blade demon and found an abstruse martial state level nine fighting an intense battle.

Ye Mu and the others kept fighting too.

At this moment, two core martial state blade demons flew over. The terrifying pressure immediately slowed down the human attack.

There was a dark patch of blade demon soldiers behind the two core martial states.

Although they were suppressed by their force, the human soldiers looked at them with pity.

Wasn’t it good to stay alive?

Their 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze was here…

Why did they bring so many over to die?

The core martial state blade demons didn’t know this and stared deadly at the human soldiers.

Their mental force swept but didn’t find any hidden powerful human.

Thus, the blade demon on the right waved out a blade ray toward Lin Ling.

She had such power when she was only abstruse martial state level three. Such prodigy couldn’t be allowed to stay alive!