Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 173

Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Chapter 173

Lu Ze looked shocked when he saw how the black scaled leopard slowly recovered.

This was the first black scaled leopard Lu Ze encountered that knew G.o.d art.

The first time!

Black scaled leopards clearly didn’t have G.o.d art. Why would there be one with G.o.d art?

Lu Ze remembered when the beasts came running to the hive of the blue bird boss upon its birth.

… Could some of these beasts actually inherit their G.o.d art?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he smiled.

He felt as long as he was lucky enough, he found another way to gain G.o.d art?

This was great!

The black scaled leopard was pretty much recovered, and it once again roared at Lu Ze.

Although it couldn’t beat Lu Ze, it could still recover. This gave it the motivation to keep fighting.

Lu Ze looked coldly at the black scaled leopard and disappeared.

The black scaled leopard charged at Lu Ze again.



The two kept clas.h.i.+ng in the air.

Half an hour later, the two separated. They floated in the air and looked at each other vigilantly.

At this moment, Lu Ze was covered in deep blood marks. Blood flowed down slowly and dropped on the messy ground.

All his spirit force was used up now. His body was shaking because of using full power for too long. Even his mental force felt a bit hollow.

He moved slightly, and there was a huge pain.

He wanted to cry.

Ever since he became strong, he rarely received such heavy injuries on this map because he could kill instantly those beasts that he could beat. As for those beasts he couldn’t beat, he would be the one killed instantly instead.

It was extremely hard to encounter an evenly matched opponent like this.

It was blood boiling. Lu Ze was happy and pained at the same time.

He looked at the black scaled leopard ahead. Its scales were cracked while its blood kept spilling. Its chi was much weaker than before. It was panting while floating.

There was still black spirit light flowing. However, compared to the initial powerful recovery speed, it took a long time now just to stop the bleeding.

Suddenly, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with ferocity. He was enveloped in wind and fire again as he charged at the black scaled leopard.


The black scaled leopard was originally planning to retreat as this two-legged animal wasn’t so easy to mess with.

However, this two-legged animal charged over again despite its injuries. This couldn’t be tolerated.

The black scaled leopard retaliated.

The two approached each other. Lu Ze punched toward the black scaled leopard’s waist with a much weaker flame and whirlwind.

Meanwhile, the black scaled leopard twisted and slammed toward Lu Ze’s head with its right claw.

Both their eyes flashed with some light.

Plan succeeded!

Lu Ze: I can get revived!

Black scaled leopard: I can recover!

Lu Ze grinned and lifted his left hand to block the right claw.

Bone cracking sounds came. His left-hand bone was cracked.

The immense pain made Lu Ze’s eyes flash with hideousness.

Then, he punched with full power at the black scaled leopard’s waist.

The green and red fist force struck heavily on the waist.

Dense bone-cracking sounds came from the black scaled leopard.

At this moment, a black whip slashed through the air, hitting heavily on Lu Ze’s right hand.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Another bone-cracking sound came as his right hand fell down helplessly.

The tail changed directions and struck painfully on Lu Ze’s chest.

Both of them flew back and landed heavily on the ground.

Lu Ze coughed some blood. That whip was very powerful.

He even broke a few ribs, and his organs began to break.

Both Lu Ze’s hands were broken.

But the wind flashed, and he got up again.

Then, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he charged towards the black scaled leopard.

He wasn’t going to allow it to recover.

As a mature hunter, Lu Ze wasn’t going to make such a mistake!

He was ready to die peacefully after this fight.

He was going to kill this black scaled leopard before he died.

How could he give up this new G.o.d art?

The recovering black scaled leopard sensed Lu Ze’s chi.

It roared with some worry. Its organs were shattered, and its spine was broken. It couldn’t fight at all.

It struggled to fly and flew far.

If it just hid for a while and recovered, it would be fine.

Lu Ze’s wind G.o.d art was inherited from the blue bird boss. His speed was already faster than the black scaled leopard. Now, he was much faster.

In a few short seconds, Lu Ze caught up to the black scaled leopard.

He kicked towards the black scaled leopard’s spine with a flaming leg.



The right leg smashed the black scaled leopard’s last remaining spirit force and landed on its spine.

The black scaled leopard turned into a flow of light and was kicked into the gra.s.s by Lu Ze. A small ditch was smashed.


The black scaled leopard wailed and coughed large amounts of blood.

The feeble black light surged. It clearly tried to struggle again.

Lu Ze mercilessly landed from the air and stomped heavily on its stomach, tearing its organs to pieces.

The black scaled leopard coughed out pieces of organs and stopped struggling.

Lu Ze looked at this and fell beside its body.

Oh my!

He was completely sucked dry.

This was more intense than fighting that male lion.

Lu Ze struggled to watch the black scaled leopard turn to dust as he breathed a sigh of relief.

He smiled. Now, it was time to collect the loot!

Regeneration G.o.d art!

With this, Lu Ze could act cool even in the real world.

He watched five even brighter red orbs and two purple orbs appear. There was also a grey crystal orb.

Lu Ze squirmed over. He couldn’t even stand up nor use wind G.o.d art.

Lu Ze suddenly wanted to cry.

Lu Ze took the light orbs with extreme difficulty before breathing easy.

Luckily, there were no beasts nearby, or he would probably get eaten.

Great, he could die peacefully.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and waited for his injuries to take him out of the pocket hunting dimension.

At this moment, a roar sounded.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and saw three black scaled leopards carefully making their way over.

When they saw Lu Ze, their eyes lit up as they joyfully ran over.

Lu Ze: “…”

When he opened his eyes again, he was back in the dorm.

Was this karma?

He killed an aperture opening state black scaled leopard boss, and in the end, he was killed by a core martial state black scaled leopard.

This was the most humiliating way to die!

He didn’t even die like this when he was a noob.