Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 172 - This isn’t simple

Chapter 172 - This isn’t simple

Chapter 172: This isn’t simple

Lu Ze patted his b.u.t.t and got up. He ran out of the whirlwind immediately.

He would quickly escape before the boss came back!

He left the whirlwind and dashed out for more than ten kilometers before looking back at the whirlwind.

He was very happy. He obtained quite a lot, and he didn’t die!

He actually didn’t die!

He was touched.

He had decided to chant a poem:

I left secretly, just like how I came. I waved my sleeves and took some G.o.d art and runes.

Good poem, good poem!

So artistic! The world was shocked.

Lu Ze left in the night sky with satisfaction.

The second day.

In some place of the pocket hunting dimension gra.s.s plain.

A whirlwind suddenly appeared and tore the surrounding gra.s.s to pieces.

Black scaled leopards howled but stopped short.

Lu Ze looked happily at the large pack of leopards that turned to dust.

He earned so much last night. His wind G.o.d art was almost on par with his fire G.o.d art.

Now that his wind G.o.d art improved, Lu Ze’s power increased more.

He was probably stronger than those who just reached aperture opening state.

He didn’t know exactly know how strong he was.

He picked up the light orbs and was planning to leave when he raised a brow and looked to the gra.s.s on the side.

There were rustling sounds, and then, a black scaled leopard slowly walked out.

Lu Ze was stunned.

It was a solo one?

This was the first time he saw one that didn’t follow a pack.

Lu Ze felt the fierce look of the leopard and felt things weren’t so simple.

Looking at its temperament, it was probably a lonely king?

At this moment, the leopard lowered his body slightly and roared. A violent chi shot out.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. Red and green lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Crystal color flashed too as fire and wind twirled together. He instantly used full power.


This guy had aperture opening state chi?!

This wasn’t an ordinary black scaled leopard.

Did this guy’s genes mutate?

Lu Ze frowned. He became vigilant.

At this moment, black spirit light flowed out of the black scaled leopard’s body as it lunged off the ground.


A huge ditch appeared where the black scaled leopard was. Its body turned into a dark beam that struck at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze clenched his right hand into a fist. Strength, wind, and fire G.o.d art were all activated.

This fist seemed to contain the whole world.

He took a step forward, twisted his waist, and punched out.


The red-green fist force struck out and smashed with the black flowing light.

The wave of power swept by, plowing the gra.s.s that was nearly 1000 meters away.


The black light collided with the fist, and a pitiful howl could be heard. Then, the black scaled leopard came back with the same speed it came forward, scattering large amounts of blood in the air.

Lu Ze grinned.

The leopard appeared too late. If it was yesterday, Lu Ze would at most be on par with it.

But he wasn’t the Lu Ze from yesterday right now.

He was very strong! Very invincible!

The black scaled leopard flipped in the air and spat a mouthful of blood. Its chi was weakened, but it became more bloodthirsty.

He was injured from the previous clash, but the pain activated his ferocity.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He lunged forward.


A thunderous explosion sounded, and the ground Lu Ze stood on sunk. His body shot forward like a rocket.

As a mature jungler, Lu Ze wasn’t going to give up such a good chance of finis.h.i.+ng his prey.

Lu Ze wanted to laugh.

This was the first aperture opening state beast orb.

He could cultivate even faster.

What a good fortune bringing leopard!

Just when Lu Ze felt happy, the injured black scaled leopard’s chi rose up again.

Lu Ze: “???”


The black scaled leopard roared, and its black spirit light grew even denser. Then, it shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

This dumb leopard was like him.

Don’t be scared, just fight!

It was very like him.

The beast and human clashed in the air. Lu Ze’s fiery fists clashed with the black spirit light claw.


Fire waves, wind blades, and spirit force entwined together. The already plowed land was plowed again.

After the clash, Lu Ze looked at this black scaled leopard in shock.

Did this guy use a hack?

Its injuries recovered this quickly?

Even its power increased?

Lu Ze felt his hack was ‘OP’ enough, but this leopard also had hacks?

Lu Ze saw that the shattered sh.e.l.ls of the black scaled leopard were visibly recovering.

Then, its chi recovered again.

Why did this scene feel so familiar?

Don’t worry, let me think.

Lu Ze remembered something.

This… was a G.o.d art, right??

Lu Ze thought of the grey lizard that was eaten last night.

He had seen this G.o.d art before.

At that time, he was still an immature noob hunter.

At that time, he saw the battle between the unicorn warhorse and the grey lizard.

The grey lizard had a regenerative G.o.d art.

This black scaled leopard’s G.o.d art was exactly the same as that grey lizard boss!