Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 174 - The Script with a Little Detour

Chapter 174 - The Script with a Little Detour

Chapter 174: The Script with a Little Detour

After promising to never make such a mistake again, Lu Ze sat down to digest what he earned today.

Each G.o.d art meant an increase in battle power. The regeneration G.o.d art could allow Lu Ze to have much greater endurance.

He closed his eyes and watched the grey crystal ball.

Inside was an unknown grey substance that kept dividing and gathering.

It changed from different states of matter—solid, liquid, and gas.

This was the military dorm, and Lu Ze didn’t know if there were surveillance, so he used the ball in his mental dimension.

The ball turned into a gust of grey mist that entered Lu Ze’s body. Strange and powerful energy flowed in Lu Ze’s body. Lu Ze’s cells started to vibrate.

Then, his cells started to tear. Lu Ze’s face instantly went pale. The huge pain made him sweat all over. There was even a sliver of blood in his sweat.

This G.o.d art!

The user experience was terrible—it was unfriendly. Even after dying multiple times, Lu Ze didn’t feel a severe pain similar to the one he was experiencing at the moment.

This was a rupture at a cellular level. He could feel it in every corner of his body.

He felt he was surrounded by pain and could feel nothing else.

At this moment, his cells slowly started to repair. Information about regeneration G.o.d art appeared in his mind.

Lu Ze quickly used the purple orb dropped by the aperture opening state leopard and started learning it.

Then, his cells cycled in rupture and repair.

A special life force was born in Lu Ze’s body. He learned a sliver of regeneration G.o.d art.

It was a very basic learning, but it was very precious to Lu Ze.

Destruction and life. This type of G.o.d art was too high level. He could only feel it a little now.

A few hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He clutched his hand into fists and grinned.

Although he learned regeneration G.o.d art, the repair and destruction of his cells made his body stronger.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with grey chi. As long as it wasn’t a lethal injury, he could slowly recover.

He obtained too much this time. His survival was greatly ensured with this regeneration G.o.d art.

He was about to go on the battlefield. This G.o.d art came just in time. He could roam freely on the battlefield.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s smile became inappropriate.

Although his dream took a detour, the eventual outcome could be realized?

He would probably become the dream of millions of girls, just like Luo Bingqing?

Cough… it was still too early. Cultivation cultivation.

Lu Ze closed his eyes again.

Seeing the flas.h.i.+ng red orbs in his mental dimension, Lu Ze sunk into contemplation.

These aperture opening state red orbs were clearly very powerful, but he wasn’t sure if his body could handle it.

After thinking for a while, Lu Ze still decided to devour it.

Without the regeneration G.o.d art, Lu Ze wouldn’t try.

But with it, Lu Ze could test some dangerous ideas.

Even if he was injured, he could recover.

The red orb disappeared from Lu Ze’s mental dimension.

Then, an extremely terrifying power rushed into Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze’s face still wasn’t completely recovered yet from the pain of learning the G.o.d art. It once again became pale.

It was like every cell was being burned in waves. It was better than the tearing sensation but still very painful!

It was so painful he couldn’t even cry.

The only comfort was that this energy could still be slowly digested.

This was also due to his cells being more durable after learning the regeneration G.o.d art.

Lu Ze slowly started to digest this red orb energy.

It was clearly nouris.h.i.+ng his body. Lu Ze could feel his body growing stronger slowly.

His spirit force cultivation level easily broke through to abstruse martial state level five in a few seconds and headed to abstruse martial state level six.

Three hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes as the day became bright.

It was indeed an aperture opening state red orb. The leopard only just reached aperture opening state, but he used the orb for three hours.

He felt if he kept using this...o...b.. he could break through to abstruse martial state level six in less than a week.

Getting out of bed, Lu Ze stretched. His bones made cracking sounds.

When he cleaned himself, his roommates got up. Lin Ling and the others came over too.

The group had breakfast and received news from the HQ telling Lu Ze and Lin Ling to go to the HQ.

After all, these two found the spirit metal mine, they needed to report the information.

The young soldier once again came to the dorms and led Lu Ze and Lin Ling to a meeting room.

Inside, Lu Ze and Lin Ling widened their eyes. They found Nangong Jing, Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, and the other golden-haired young duke girl was here too.

There were also a few rather young major generals.

Although young dukes were major generals too, these major generals were the real generals that led troops to war. Meanwhile, young dukes were those who could fight against tens of thousands and more just alone.

There were also some third and fourth-year senior schoolmates, as well as prodigy barrack prodigies and other military officers.

When Lu Ze and Lin Ling came in, the meeting stopped, and everyone looked at them.

Everyone looked at the two with flashy eyes. Their complexions differed.

Lu Ze had the most attention. He was the one who captured the blade demon prodigy which allowed them to gather quite some intel about the 25th planet.

Then, it was he who brought out the news about spirit metal mine.

This young prodigy probably had aperture opening state power, and he had quite some military merit.

Everyone had an interest in Lu Ze, especially Lin Kuang and Louisa. They were the instructors of prodigy barracks.

Such prodigy should train directly in the military and not grow up in a soft environment like the school.

Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed by being stared at like this.

He knew he was very handsome, but it wasn’t too appropriate to look at him like this.

A middle-aged serious-looking major general said, “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, it’s huge merit that you and Sergeant Major Lin found the spirit metal mine, but the situation is urgent, so we need you to explain precisely what happened there.”

Lu Ze nodded and started speaking.

Of course, he didn’t mention they were chased around in circles by the big boss.

After Lu Ze was done, the major general frowned. “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze and Sergeant Major Lin, can you confirm how much spirit metal was mined out?”

Lin Ling answered, “When we pa.s.sed the mine, a few were newly dug. If the distribution was the same as underground, there should be a few tonnes of spirit metal that wasn’t s.h.i.+pped out.”

Everyone frowned. A few tonnes of spirit metal was not little.

Even a prodigy like Lu Ze only received 1.5kg as a reward.

If they took over this mine, the supply of spirit metal for the Xiaer system military in the next few years would be solved.

For them, this was worth investing resources to fight with the blade demon over the mine.

Plus, they didn’t know if the blade demons s.h.i.+pped back that portion of spirit metal yet. If not, then there was all the more reason not to give up.

Then, the major general let Lu Ze and Lin Ling listen while they continued their discussion.