Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 171 - Freedom-Loving Boss

Chapter 171 - Freedom-Loving Boss

Chapter 171: Freedom-Loving Boss

When Lu Ze went around and failed to find a boss, his lips raised like crazy.

He didn’t know if it was because other bosses didn’t want to do something as low as killing a new boss, or there was some special rule. But since no one came, this was his showground.

He was the only one with a power of aperture opening state level here.

He looked at the direction of the chi. Although he wasted some time, this chi still hadn’t reached aperture opening state yet. He still had a chance.

That’s right, this time Lu Ze didn’t want the leftover G.o.d art items. He was going to kill a newly born boss.

As an adult, of course, he wanted it all.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he turned into the wind and carefully charged at the direction of the chi.

The closer he got, the more Lu Ze noticed how restless the wind element was. Lu Ze raised a brow.

It seemed it was still a blue bird boss.

He just digested some secrets of the blue bird boss’ wind G.o.d art. He felt this whirlwind defensive formation couldn’t stop him.

He could easily go in and kill the newly born boss and obtain the orbs and runes.

Then, he would use them to learn powerful wind divine art and exert his dominance in the following war. He would gain the fandom of countless young girls, marry a beautiful white rich girl, and reach the peak of human life!

Lu Ze thought of the script already and took a firm step forward.

But when he appeared there and saw the multiple times stronger whirlwind, he was completely dazed.

He finally knew why there was no aperture opening state boss coming here to ambush.

Whoever came would die.

The whirlwind constantly shot out terrifying wind blades. Just one of these would kill him.

They were much stronger than the wind blades he saw last time.

Something was wrong with the script.

Wasn’t he supposed to easily go in and kill the newly born boss??

How was he going to go in now??

The wind was getting weaker, but Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed, and he turned to run.

The wind got weaker, but the blue bird reached aperture opening state. It was still getting stronger. He had no chance.

He must quickly leave and not get caught.

If he left now, he could later go steal… cough, take the wind G.o.d art and the runes left behind by the boss.

If he was found here, he would die on the spot.

When he ran for ten kilometers and lay down again, he heard a sharp call.


Then, a blue light shone in the night sky.

Violent winds blew past, and all the gra.s.s and earth were blown into the sky. The beautiful and elegant blue bird boss stood up.

After a few catwalks, the bird looked to the sky. It desired flight.

Thus, it expanded its over 100 meters long wings and flew into the sky.

Watching the blue bird boss disappear into the night sky, Lu Ze had the feeling of his child growing up and leaving him.

Due to this, Lu Ze had decided to inherit the blue bird’s wealth.

After the bird left, the hiding beasts roared and charged towards the whirlwind. The ground was shaking.

Lu Ze grinned. Although he didn’t expect the whirlwind to be a super big one, these core martial state now were no match for him.

He turned into a gust of wind, instantly surpa.s.sing all the beasts and approaching the whirlwind.

Then, like last time, he used wind G.o.d art to direct away the wind blades and slowly entered the whirlwind.

Lu Ze did this in just a few seconds. This was a huge difference from last time.

After all, he had aperture opening state power now.

When Lu Ze got in, he still jumped around. He was very hyped.

The inside was the same as last time, except that the wind was larger than the previous one. There were also two more lines on the rune.

When Lu Ze saw this, he didn’t stop and immediately came before the G.o.d art. He sat down, devoured the G.o.d art, and started learning it.

Lu Ze originally wanted to take the G.o.d art out and use it, but he realized there was no safe place outside. On the first map, there were still rabbit holes.

…. Wait, there should be rabbit holes here too.

Lu Ze thought of the rabbit that killed him with a glance and killed off his bold idea.

Thus, Lu Ze decided to use the G.o.d art for cultivation immediately.

If he was lucky, he would be able to digest the G.o.d art and runes before the blue bird boss came back.

If he was unlucky, he would glare at the bird ferociously. He would die with honor.

He just hoped the blue bird boss would be gentler and use fewer wind blades. Otherwise, it would be too painful.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. A green light flashed in his eyes. He looked at the sky and soon breathed easy.

There was no blue bird looking at him.

Thus, Lu Ze began to digest the rune.

Lu Ze didn’t learn the information in the rune but just chose to remember it. He would learn it outside.

After all, divine art was too hard. If he didn’t use hacks, it would waste some time.

It was probably because he wasn’t talented enough?

Lu Ze was hurt.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes again.

He looked around immediately and showed a smile of satisfaction.

This blue bird was a freedom-loving boss.

It was out for this long and still didn’t come back.