Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 170 - They Must Have a Father-Son Relationship

Chapter 170 - They Must Have a Father-Son Relationship

Chapter 170: They Must Have a Father-Son Relations.h.i.+p

Lu Ze appeared in the pocket hunting dimension again.

As soon as Lu Ze appeared, Lu Ze felt the remaining battle chi in the air. Clearly, there was a battle here not long ago.

The wind element and this indescribable element were very chaotic.

Clearly, it was a boss with a wind G.o.d art and a boss with another G.o.d art that fought.

The image of the big blue bird appeared in his head.

He wondered who the other big boss was and who won the battle?

Lu Ze pondered as he looked around. The gra.s.s here was taller than him. Lu Ze felt like he was standing in a green forest.

Through the gra.s.s, Lu Ze found everything was normal.

The wind blew, bringing up the smell of earth. He could hear the distant roar of beasts.

From the sound of it, Lu Ze could tell it was the black scaled leopard’s mating call.

He had been through this before and had a deep impression.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

But since the leopard had the mood to do happy things, clearly the battle here has been over for a long time.

Thus, Lu Ze looked at the direction of the leopard and walked there.

Soon, Lu Ze found a pack of twenty or so leopards rubbing against each other.

Lu Ze sneered as a red light flashed in his eyes.

Then, their bodies were suddenly wrapped by beautiful flames.

Thus, before they could even howl, they were instantly cooked.

A dense meaty smell perfused in the air, dissipating some of Lu Ze’s unhappiness.

How dare they show love in front of the sun? Feel the wrath of a single!

However, this meat couldn’t be eaten.

Lu Ze looked as the leopards turned to dust. His face was full of disappointment.

He picked up the light orbs on the ground and set off on the path of judgment again.

All beasts who displayed public affection must die!


Half an hour later, Lu Ze lay on the ground. He looked up at the white and black snake in the air, who were playing around, and didn’t dare to move. They were a few thousand meters long.

Oh my!


They were just playing in the air, but the chi they emitted made Lu Ze feel that his heart was going to stop working.

They were definitely a few levels stronger than the big blue bird.

No beasts dared to make a sound around them.

Lu Ze was so scared that he sealed off his mental force.

He didn’t know if the two bosses would get too happy and grab him as a toy or something.

As for whether these two bosses were displaying public affection?

Lu Ze guessed they must have a father-son relations.h.i.+p.

Public display of affection didn’t exist.

The two bosses seemed to be in a good mood. They swam around in the air. Every time the black snake’s body flowed past in the air, it left dark and warm lights.

Black and white, light and dark. They were two opposite attributes, but they entwined together so perfectly.

The light and dark seemed to contain some secrets that made Lu Ze dazed.

However, this level of power was too high for Lu Ze.

He was like a primary school kid looking at advanced math from the university.

Despite so, Lu Ze still watched closely. Even if he didn’t know, it was good to act like he did.

A few hours later, the two bosses seemed to have gotten bored. The black snake hissed, and his dark rays flashed.

Then, a fifty-meter long grey lizard was grabbed up.

It reacted and used all of its spirit force to struggle.

Lu Ze silently watched the two huge snakes take away the struggling lizard as he breathed a sigh of relief.

There were benefits to being small.

At least that grey lizard boss looked fat and juicy. Now, it was going to get eaten.

Farewell, grey lizard boss.

Lu Ze happily turned around and once again stepped on the path to judgment.

All those who show public displays of affection must die!

Another few hours later, night fell. However, the beasts were more active instead. They roared nonstop.

Lu Ze carefully sensed the nearby beasts and avoided those with dangerous chi as he went forward.

Last night, he let loose and used his mental force to scan everywhere. In the end, he was caught by a boss.

Thus, from more than ten kilometers away, a boss waved its claw at him.

Then, he was smashed into the ground by a terrifying spirit claw.

Therefore, he was very careful today, in case he encountered a fis.h.i.+ng boss.

He didn’t get much today. Lu Ze wasn’t too happy.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes widened, and he suddenly looked to the right.

Boss growing scene!

He could feel a chi that wasn’t too strong appeared just around the corner. Then, it started to become strong extremely rapidly.

It was just like the blue bird last time.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with joy as he headed towards the place in a flash.

Lu Ze was joyful and surprised, but he didn’t go jump straight on.

There were so many beasts lurking last time. Who knew if there was a boss there?

He carefully went around in a circle and made sure there was no boss with aperture opening state and above.

There were quite some core martial states hiding on the side. They were clearly planning to see if there were any G.o.d arts left.