Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 169 - Improvement is so slow, so disappointed

Chapter 169 - Improvement is so slow, so disappointed

Chapter 169: Improvement is so slow, so disappointed

A few hours after getting in contact with the base, night fell, and the group returned to base.

Only then did Lu Ze and the others truly relax.

After all, they were on high alert outside, fearing they would be ambushed by blade demons.

The base here was relatively safe.

Then, Gui Yuping, Nigel, and the others had to go discuss with Captain Fuu Lang about the situation.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling hadn’t been able to rest these past two days, so they were sent off to rest.

The two of them sat at the back seats of the transporter s.h.i.+p and closed their eyes. They were fatigued.

The pressure for them these few days was too huge.

Luckily, Lu Ze had been experiencing such pressure extensively in the pocket hunting dimension. He was on the border of death every day. Lin Ling also had two months of experience in the military.

If it was an ordinary new student, they might have collapsed.

At the dorms, Lu Ze and Lin Ling got off and slowly went up the stairs.

“By the way, are your eyes fine?”

Lu Ze thought that she used the G.o.d art quite a lot when they were finding a way out. It seemed quite painful.

“The backlash would last a few more days.”

Lin Ling smiled. “I didn’t overuse it like the first time. I’ve managed it well the last time.”

Lu Ze nodded.

At the door to the dorms, Lu Ze smiled. “Get some good rest. The war might break out tomorrow.”

Lin Ling nodded.

The two opened the door, and before they could go in, a few figures dashed out.

Then, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were dragged into Lu Ze’s dorm and pushed to the couch.

Ye Mu looked desperately at Lu Ze. “Ze, carry me! We’re on the same squad, but why do I feel the difference getting greater and greater?”

Weren’t we all second-grade soldiers?

Why do they feel like Lu Ze was their commander’s commander’s commander?

This was too weird.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed when they saw everyone’s envious glances. Lu Ze said speechlessly, “Luckily, you guys didn’t go. Otherwise, I might really not have been able to protect you.”

Lu Ze rejoiced that Ye Mu and the others left. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to protect them, whether they were getting chased by the black beasts or when they were leaving the cave.

Protecting Lin Ling used up all his efforts.

Everyone heard this and got dazed, but they weren’t slow.

Xuan Yuqi asked, “You guys encountered a lot of danger?”

Lu Ze scratched his head and recounted what he had experienced these past few days.

Then, Ye Mu touched his chest. “Good thing I didn’t go. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be able to feel my heartbeat now.”

The opponents were all core martial state black beasts and aperture opening state masters. Someone as weak as they were would be gone in the snap of a finger.

The others nodded.

Lin Ling’s G.o.d art was almost debilitated. They would probably die before doing anything useful.

“I was envious originally, but now I just want to say it’s good to be alive.”

Ye Mu and the others realized how hard it had been for Lu Ze and Lin Ling and decided not to distract them anymore.

Lu Ze smiled. “You guys can rest early too. Who knows if we would need to join the war? It’s best to rest up.”

Then, everyone had dinner and went back to their room.

In order to celebrate his survival, Lu Ze took out Alice’s food and was very happy.

After eating it, Lu Ze found that he didn’t have too much and immediately became unhappy.

After dinner, Lu Ze went back to his room and took out his phone to tell his family he was safe. Then, he sent a message to the group chat.

He didn’t tell them what he went through these few days. He just said he was out on a mission.

After all, a few days ago Lu Li and Alice told him to be safe, and yet, he acted up.

Lu Ze thought about what Lu Li said before and felt s.h.i.+very. He quickly covered himself with blankets.

Who knew what that dark-hearted person would do once she knew?

Only this blanket could give him some warmth now.

After chatting for half an hour, Lu Ze happily put away his phone.

He looked up at the ceiling, and his eyes flashed.

Since the spirit metal mine was discovered, the battle should probably start in these few days, right?

That would be the true danger.

His power was steadily increasing these past few days. His spirit force cultivation was improving rather fast. After tonight, he should be able to reach abstruse martial state level five.

However, this was still low and not a huge improvement to his battle power.

The main composition of his combat power was his powerful body, mental force, strength G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, and wind G.o.d art.

If he could beat the enemy, he would smash them. If not, he would run.

The most important thing now was to make up for his spirit force cultivation level weakness and improve his G.o.d art.

However, the more mastery you had over G.o.d art, the harder it was to improve it.

And, he was so noob that he couldn’t even beat a beast with G.o.d art crystal orbs on the second map.

Whether it was the huge blue bird, the warhorse, grey lizard, or other powerful beasts, they were all aperture opening states. They were rather a high aperture opening state. It was suicide to fight them with his current power.

But, that small flame was being used up faster than he had imagined. The stronger his fire G.o.d art was, the quicker it was used. In at most a week, the flame would be used up.

Then, he would lose a stable means of improving his fire G.o.d art.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze sighed.

The improvement was so slow, he was so disappointed.

But this only lasted a second, and Lu Ze sat up on the bed.

It was time to enter the pocket hunting dimension to commit suicide.

If he didn’t die once now, he felt uncomfortable.

He entered the pocket hunting dimension.

At this moment, outside the 25th planet, human and blade demon wars.h.i.+ps were gathering.

The entire planet was filled with an atmosphere of war. Beasts seemed to have sensed this and stayed in their homes.

The war was near.