Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 168 - Not Very Envious

Chapter 168 - Not Very Envious

Chapter 168: Not Very Envious

Everyone kept flying forward. When they saw Lu Ze put Lin Ling in front to block their view, they could only take back their evil glances.

At this moment, Nigel took out the communication device, looked at it, and said, “There’s a signal now!”

Then, he made contact with the base.

When Major General Barry received the news that there was spirit metal on the 25th planet, his eyes bulged open.

A few seconds later, Barry frowned and started mobilizing his troops.

Although he didn’t know how much spirit metal was there, he wouldn’t allow the blade demons to get any.

A few short hours later, several s.h.i.+ps flew towards the 25th planet.

The deep dark s.p.a.ce was soon filled with wars.h.i.+ps.

On the first planet, every inch of soil exploded with intense battle. There was a battle among powerful warriors, spirit cannons, secret arts, magic, technology. Almost all the means blossomed on this planet.

This was the place of the most intense battle in the entire Xiaer system.

Nangong Jing, Lin Kuang, Luo Bingqing, and that golden-haired Louisa were resting in some ruins.

Battle flames roared in the runes. There were a few blade demon bodies on the side.

Despite being dead, their bodies still emitted powerful pressure.

Lin Kuang’s face was pale. Large amounts of blood were flowing down his stomach, but his face still carried a smile. “Haha, this was worth it!”

“Gulp….. ahhh~”

Nangong Jing drank and looked at Lin Kuang in contempt. “It’s just one base, and yet, you can get injured.”

Louisa smiled gently. “Lin Kuang attracted quite some firepower for us. Don’t say that Nangong.”

Lin Kuang, who was almost about to explode, calmed down. “I drew most of the attention, okay? Is the ice block so handsome that even the blade demon couldn’t bear to hit him? Why did everyone hit me?”

The white ice in Luo Bingqing’s hand transformed into different animals. He enjoyed playing with this.

He replied to Lin Kuang, “Because you have the most murderous chi.”

Lin Kuang’s mouth spasmed.

Usually, those who had more murderous chi would be targeted more.

However, he had bloodthirst G.o.d art. Of course, his murderous chi was the most abundant. It wasn’t his fault.

At this moment, their communicators rang at the same time.

They stopped chatting and glanced at each other.

Lin Kuang licked his lips. “Hey, is there a new mission?”

The other three looked at his still bleeding stomach, and their mouth spasmed.

This guy would probably still laugh happily even if he died in battle.

They took out their communicators and looked.

Soon, their casual faces changed, and then, they got up silently.

Nangong Jing frowned. Her red face immediately looked sharp.

“No wonder their defenses became weak today.”

Blood surged in Lin Kuang’s eyes. The wound on his stomach instantly stopped bleeding and rapidly recovered.

“Spirit metal mine… I can enjoy a good slaughter this time!”

Luo Bingqing’s face was cold and expressionless. However, it seemed to get colder around him.

Louisa’s smile was still extremely gentle. She narrowed her eyes. “Okay, let’s go.”

Soon, four private s.h.i.+ps flew up from the 1st planet toward the 25th planet.

Lu Ze and the others were still flying toward the base.

Hearing there was a signal, Lu Ze took out his communicator. He looked at Lin Ling and smiled. “Let’s send a message to Ye Mu and the others first. We haven’t contacted them in a few days. I wonder if they considered us dead.”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Can’t you say something nice?”

Lu Ze fell silent for a while and said, “Or perhaps, they never even thought of us?”

Lin Ling: “…”

How was this nice?

Seeing Lin Ling about to explode, Lu Ze stopped talking and started messaging.

At the heaven blue crystal mine base.

Ye Mu, who was helping clean up the mining cave, suddenly felt his phone ring.

Everyone quickly looked over. “Is it Ze and Lin Ling?”

Ye Mu said, “Wait, let me see first.”

He soon started reading the message.

Soon, Ye Mu called out.

Then, his face became very strange. He looked dazed and yet envious. He seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief but still seemed a bit nervous.

Everyone was curious after seeing his facial expression. Tianyuan Qianhua asked unhappily, “What happened? Say it!”

Ye Mu looked at everyone’s hopeful eyes, and his mouth spasmed. Eventually, he said, “Mhm, they are fine now.”

Xuan Yuqi said, “Why did you make a monkey sound? What’s with your expression?”

Ye Mu’s mouth spasmed. His face became twisted.

He slowly said, “Ze and Lin Ling found a spirit metal mine. He said that war is about to start and told us to go back to the base.”

Everyone: “…”

The atmosphere instantly became silent.

Ian opened his eyes in disbelief and repeated, “Ze and Lin Ling found a spirit metal mine??”

Ye Mu nodded lifelessly.

Now, no one laughed at Ye Mu’s strange expression.

Everyone held their heart.

Their hearts couldn’t handle this news.

Tianyuan Qianhua said shakily, “… Didn’t they go to our mining cave to kill beasts?”

Why did they find spirit metal mine?

Ye Mu said with envy, “I want to know too.”

Then, he coughed. “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not actually that envious.”

Everyone sighed speechlessly.

We’re all very envious.