Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 167 - Little Heart Can’t Handle It

Chapter 167 - Little Heart Can’t Handle It

Chapter 167: Little Heart Can’t Handle It

Gui Yuping looked at how angry Babatoya was and smiled but said nothing. Everyone retreated slowly.

Under the cruel gaze of the blade demons, everyone retreated a few kilometers and left the attack range of the blade demons gradually.

When the blade demons and mining base was covered by the sand, Gui Yuping smiled. “This should be fine. Let’s leave.”

Then, everyone sped up flying toward the military base.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling breathed a sigh of relief. They survived another day.

During the past few days, they have been on high alert. They could finally relax a little now.

Gui Yuping smiled. “Come, junior schoolmates Lu Ze and Lin Ling. I’ll introduce you guys to the powerful members of the military.”

According to Gui Yuping, Lu Ze and Lin Ling learned that other than the two fourth-year senior schoolmates and three third-year senior schoolmates of Federal University, there were 12 powerful beings from the military.

Three of them were also aperture opening state, and the remaining nine have approximately the same power as the third-year senior schoolmates.

These seventeen people were of a special squad. After the expedition squads went missing, they were sent to investigate here.

They didn’t expect there would be a hidden blade demon base here with quite some strong blade demons.

If Lu Ze and Lin Ling didn’t appear, who knew how long will it take them to keep on fighting?

Suddenly, Gui Yuping remembered something. He looked strangely at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. “By the way Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, how did you two appear from inside the mining base?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He glanced at the curious and confused senior schoolmates and complained, “Didn’t you guys say the new student missions were easy and fun?”

Xilin blinked and smiled. “Yeah, with your power, new student missions wouldn’t be difficult indeed.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling: “…”

They probably did fake new student missions.

Thus, Lu Ze told them what he had gone through these past few days. The senior schoolmates and military officers had strange looks.

There was actually such a large lair underground?

They really didn’t know.

After all, their original battlefield wasn’t on this planet. The person responsible for this planet clearly didn’t completely know this planet. After all, something as precious as spirit metal wasn’t found.

Clearly, the commanding officer of the 25th planet would be punished.

At this moment, a golden-haired youth who was the lieutenant colonel from the military came to Lu Ze and patted his shoulder while smiling.

“2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, all thanks to you this time. You seemed to be the person who captured Babatos too, right? Now, you found the spirit metal mine too.”

The youth grinned and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “How about it? Come to our prodigy barracks? It’s such a pity for a talent like you to stay in the soft environment of the Federal University. You might as well come to our side. I promise you will be very satisfied. There will be all sorts of battles. You will live every day with excitement!”

This youth was called Nigel. He was from the prodigy barracks, and his power was on par with Gui Yuping.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Was this a battle maniac??

What satisfaction? He didn’t want this type of satisfaction at all.

He already had enough satisfaction every night in the pocket hunting dimension.

Seeing this, Gui Yuping was the first to feel unhappy. “Nigel, do you want to fight?”

Nigel grinned. “Hey, this time Lu Ze did this amazing feat. Do you think the people above won’t fight over him? You can go speak with our instructor.”

As a new student who was still in his entrance test, Lu Ze did all these things. Clearly, those madmen instructors of the prodigy barracks won’t let him go.

Gui Yuping’s breath stopped.

If he went to reason with those madmen instructors, he would be skinned.

Thinking about this, Gui Yuping felt scared. He didn’t dare to go.

“Haha, little brother Lu Ze, come to the prodigy barracks. Sister will take good care of you.”

A very wild beautiful young girl, who has the rank of a major, threw a seductive glance at Lu Ze. The other military officers also started a rant, calling Lu Ze to come to the prodigy barracks.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He didn’t know how to reply at all.

If he rejected it now, would he get beaten up?

At this moment, the senior schoolmate of the Federal University dragged Lu Ze to them and glared at these people. “What are you saying? How can our junior schoolmate follow you bunch?”

Gui Yuping quickly changed the subject. “That idiot Babatoya actually wanted us to hand Junior schoolmate Lu Ze over. Is he r.e.t.a.r.ded?”

The other people laughed too. “He was probably quite angered by 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, right? Whether it was direct or indirect, two aperture opening states died in his hands, and news as important as the spirit metal mine was leaked by 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze just remembered that Babatoya wanted him.

He was very anxious at the time, but he was immediately thrown back by Senior schoolmate Gui Yuping.

Seeing Lu Ze’s strange face, Gui Yuping patted his shoulder. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, do you know about the few times that the human race was almost annihilated?”

Lu Ze nodded. “I’ve studied it in history.”

“Since you know that, then you should know that the human race isn’t very talented. In order to survive, we have to be united.”

“If we easily give up someone who did great good, who else would dare to do things for the human race? If a race does this, its unity would be broken. In less than a hundred years, this race would be annihilated.”

Nigel continued, “Another part is that these aliens won’t be satisfied. Today, they ask for people. Tomorrow, they will ask for planets. The day after, they will ask for the solar system and make us their slaves…”

Nigel grinned. “So, if these aliens dared to reach out their claws, the best way is to break it.”

“In the universe, the only people we can trust is our own race.”

Lu Ze’s eyes went wide.

He knew the human race was united, but if he didn’t come to the battlefield he wouldn’t know it was to this degree.

Gui Yuping smiled. “Let’s not talk about this. This spirit metal mine incident is a huge merit. Junior schoolmate Lu Ze you’re going to be wealthy.”

Everyone else nodded and looked at Lu Ze with envy. “This time, Lu Ze will probably get promoted to the level of a major.”

Then, he looked at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling will probably reach the level of a lieutenant.”

Then, everyone fell silent.

Reaching the level of a major on the entrance test…

What terrifying speed was this!

Their hearts couldn’t take it.

Someone else said, “… This doesn’t include other rewards too.”

Everyone became more silent. They suddenly didn’t want to talk to Lu Ze.

They were scared they couldn’t resist beating Lu Ze up.

Realizing this, Lu Ze silently pushed Lin Ling in front of him.

Lin Ling was Lin Kuang’s sister. These people wouldn’t dare to hit her.

Lin Ling: “???”

Lin Ling felt huge pressure from these people’s glances. She would deal with Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, when they got back!