Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 166 - I’ll Blast First

Chapter 166 - I’ll Blast First

Chapter 166: I’ll Blast First


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, the atmosphere was very silent.

Both humans and blade demons looked at each other with carefulness and killing intent.

Sand blew over the sky and swept away the heavy atmosphere.

At the base, the roars of the black sh.e.l.l beasts and the cries of the blade demon soldiers made the purple-gold armored blade demon’s face spasm.

They needed to send someone down to protect the base!

Three went down before. One stopped the aperture opening state beast. One of the remaining two was killed by this young human!

Thinking about this, the purple-gold armored blade demon sent Gugulis down to clear the beasts again.

Regardless, the base can’t collapse yet.

At this moment, Gui Yuping looked at the beasts on the ground and asked in confusion, “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, you brought these beasts over? You know beast control G.o.d art?”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “No, these beasts are very friendly, especially their boss. I helped their boss clean up his messy room, and they helped me fight blade demons.”


Lin Ling: “…”

Did this guy have no conscience??

Other humans and blade demons: “???”

There were such hospitable beasts??

The blade demons were even more dumbfounded. Just for cleaning up a room?

And they helped this youth damage their base??

This labor was too cheap.

The purple-gold armored blade demon stared deadly at Lu Ze. His voice was coa.r.s.e. “Where is the mine guardian Sisiria??”

He was aperture opening state and was ranked top five when it comes to power at this base!

He wouldn’t be dead, right?

“Sisiria?” Lu Ze blinked his eyes and came to a realization.

That was probably the blade demon slapped flat by the beast boss, right?

Lu Ze sighed. “… that blade demon, who was a powerful being, was an honorable person while he was still alive.”

He tried his best and fought to the death to prevent the black beasts from leaving the mining cave.

The purple-gold armored blade demon’s body shook. His eyes were full of killing intent. “… You killed him??”

If that was it, this young human not only sabotaged their plan but also killed two aperture opening states?

At this moment, the blade demons wanted to tear Lu Ze to pieces.

Meanwhile, the humans couldn’t resist widening their eyes.

This kid actually killed two aperture opening state blade demons??

They’ve fought until now, and not a single person was dead yet!

They’ve been fighting for so long!

How did this kid do it??

Lu Ze quickly waved his hand. “I didn’t, not me. I’m innocent!”

Then, he pointed at the black beast boss. “He did it. If you really want to get revenge, then go after it!”

Lu Ze only provided a little help. He didn’t do anything substantial.

It was best not to take such merit. Otherwise, these blade demon might go crazy after him.

All the blade demons’ eyes flashed. They glanced at the black beast fighting on par with the other aperture opening state blade demons and took back their glance.

The atmosphere fell silent again.

At this moment, Gui Yuping signaled with his hand, and everyone started retreating slowly.

There was no signal here, so they couldn’t send a message. Now, they realized it was because there was spirit metal mine here.

Since their goal was reached, of course, they were going to leave.

Seeing the humans slowly retreat, the purple-gold armored blade demon suddenly roared, and all the blade demon surrounded the humans.

Seeing this, Gui Yuping grinned to the purple-gold armored blade demon. “Babatoya, do you want to die with us?”

Babatoya’s eyes were hideous, but he said nothing.

If they were to kill each other, everyone including the blade demons in the base would die.

The human base would definitely feel the terrifying waves. By then, humans would definitely know about it.

If that was the case, who would transport the spirit metal here?

There were already a few tonnes that were dug out!

Thinking about this, Babatoya felt unsatisfied, but there was nothing he could do.

The benefit was the priority.

What they could do now was to watch the humans leave while they immediately transported back the spirit metal they had dug out.

Gui Yuping also guessed there was spirit metal here, but they had to go back to make arrangements.

Both sides had concerns, so it was hard to fight to the death.

At this moment, Babatoya grinned and pointed at Lu Ze. “You guys can go, but this human must stay or we can all die!”

Lu Ze was shocked.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

The other humans got dazed. They looked strangely at Babatoya.

Then, Gui Yuping sneered. “Since we’re all going to die, I’ll blow up first!”

Then, he used his spirit force to push Lu Ze and Lin Ling into the humans while he charged up to go self destruct.

Babatoya clearly didn’t expect this.

He quickly said, “Wait! I changed my mind! You guys can go!”

He was just testing, and this guy was going to blow himself up??

This was over the top.

Gui Yuping calmed down his spirit light and sneered. “Lu Ze has done great. Our two races have fought for so long. Aren’t you ashamed to use such low means?”

Babatoya was furious, but he resisted it.

He breathed slowly and spoke with intense killing intent. “p.i.s.s off! We’ll meet on the battlefield!”