Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 165 - This Kid Isn’t Picky?

Chapter 165 - This Kid Isn’t Picky?

Chapter 165: This Kid Isn’t Picky?

The lifeless Sosotos fell to the ground in a thud.

All the blade demon were shocked, including Gugulis.

Sosotos was someone of his equal, and yet, he died with just one punch?

He didn’t dare to believe this.

At this moment, Lu Ze raised his lips and disappeared in a flow of light with Lin Ling.

Time to run…

Act cool and then run. This was truly exciting.

Although he didn’t know if the senior schoolmate above knew about the spirit metal, Lu Ze felt they probably didn’t.

If they did, they would be retreating first to spread the news, instead of fighting with the blade demons like this.

Clearly, they found this base and was planning to investigate it but was caught?

In that case, he would go report to them about the spirit metal first.

Quite some powerful beings were fighting in the air, painting the sky in all sorts of colors of spirit force.

With all sorts of explosions, it seemed like fireworks.

Lu Ze brought Lin Ling into the sky and waved, “Senior schoolmates and officers, what a coincidence, you guys are here too!”

The battle was still in progress right now. The blade demons felt: “???”

Everyone looked dazedly at the smiling Lu Ze and embarra.s.sed Lin Ling.

Oh s.h.i.+t.

When did these two come??

At this moment, a spirit force slice came toward Lu Ze. Gugulis chased over.

Xilin who was fighting a near blade demon couldn’t resist calling, “Junior schoolmate, be careful!”

This was an aperture opening state level attack!

Other people were planning to help, but they were stopped by their opponents.

Lu Ze raised a brow. His body turned into the wind, and he dodged the attack instantly.

“This speed?”

w.a.n.g Wenze, Xilin, and Andrew widened their eyes.

This guy… was a bit too fast!

w.a.n.g Wenze’s mouth spasmed. This speed was almost as fast as him.

Did this kid’s wind G.o.d art improve again??

In a while, he would be left behind too!!

Xilin and Andrew were speechless. Did this junior schoolmate use hacks?

He improved so quickly. How were these senior schoolmates supposed to survive??

Soon, Lu Ze joined the battlefield in the sky. As a fourth-year senior schoolmate, Gui Yuping protected Lu Ze and Lin Ling behind him to prevent more blade demons from ambus.h.i.+ng the two.

His original understanding of Lu Ze was that the latter was just a prodigy but that speed was indeed scary.

Lu Ze’s understanding of G.o.d art had reminded him of the number one person in his cla.s.s.

This kid probably had the same potential as that guy!

He must not be ambushed here!

Gui Yuping stopped fighting and so did the others. The battle went into a stalemate.

He frowned, “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, didn’t you go do new student missions? Why are you here?”

He was very speechless. This place was at least a few thousand kilometers from the new student missions.

Just what happened for Lu Ze to appear here?

And why did he come out from this strange blade demon mining base?

Did he get lost?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling heard this, and their mouth spasmed.

What new student mission!!

They were innocent. They only got caught up in this.

Who knew the so-called happy new student missions were this hard?

If possible, even Lu Ze wanted to leave.

His heart couldn’t handle this.

He was on the border of death these few days.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other and felt sad.

They were too pitiful. They were chased by all sorts of beasts and blade demons.

Seeing their faces, the humans were confused.

Just what did these two go through to show such a face?

Gugulis ran to a blade demon who was wearing a purple-gold spirit powered armor and used a special type of communication to say something.

Immediately, all blade demon stared at Lu Ze with red eyes, wanting to tear him apart.

This person killed Sosotos??

He might be from that mine cave?

He must be kept here!

But their current formation could only prevent the base from being invaded. It was impossible to keep these humans.

They roared inside their heart, ‘Who spilled the intel?!’

There shouldn’t be this many powerful humans on this planet!!

When the humans saw the blade demon look at Lu Ze with killing intent, they looked vigilantly at their opponents.

At this moment, Xilin had turned into a bulky barbie. She asked, “Junior schoolmate, did you do something to them? Why are they looking at you like this?”

Everyone looked strangely at Lu Ze.

This kid was quite amazing?

He wasn’t picky?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed, and he scratched his head. “Senior schoolmate, don’t frame me. I didn’t do anything to them, okay? I just caught them digging spirit metal!”

What a joke! Their faces were so twisted, what could he do to them?

Everyone nodded, and Xilin smiled, “What, so it’s spirit metal. I thought it was… wait, spirit metal??”

Everyone couldn’t resist widening their eyes as they looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. Then, they looked vigilantly at the blade demon. They would fight to the death to keep them.

This was friggin, spirit metal?!

They just thought there was some special resource here. They didn’t expect it was spirit metal??

Seeing Lu Ze spill it, the face of the blade demon, who was wearing a purple-gold spirit powered armor, became more twisted.

His eyes were filled with violence and craziness as he wondered if he should sacrifice himself to kill these people.

It would cause too much of a commotion, and the humans would definitely find out what happened here.

It wasn’t worth it.